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  • Good afternoon and Welcome to Talent Connect here in fabulous Las Vegas!! This flight is boarding and en route to the Land of ‘Proactive Talent Sourcing’…if you are not planning to head there, please exit the plane quietly  . More on that in a moment, first just a quick introduction of who we are… Hi, I am Roli Saxena, Global Director Product Consulting at LinkedIn. I am joined here with Mark Freeman, Regional Manager on the team. Our mission of the product consulting team here at LinkedIn is to drive customer success via education, technology and services. One of the great things about working here is that we get the opportunity to work with all industries and verticals across the globe, giving our team critical insights on how to tackle the challenges of the industry. Prior to LinkedIn, most of my experience has been with Marketing and it is exciting to see the convergence of Talent Acquisition with Marketing to create a stronger function. Mark? Mark’s intro: Hi guys, my passion is all about driving innovation in the talent acquisition industry. I love when we’re moving forward! I started as a recruiter many years ago and moved into developing cutting edge practices and systems that we can all leverage to drive the industry forward. Happy to be here in Vegas with you all, I’ve lost many a dollar here but I got a better feeling this time around.  Thanks Roli… OK guys, so before we get started….let me share with you a quick video to kick us off….
  • OK – so raise you hand if you can relate to this situation!!! Clearly we have some sky high expectations, and little understanding of the partnership needed to succeed. What do you think the hiring manager really want here? Best Candidate ……to start as fast as possible How do we do that? Today we’ll be chatting on a industry concept that is here and now called proactive talent sourcing . If done right,…..this will enable your team to change the guessing game into a ball that is in our court….we can own and advise the businses in ways we never thought possible.
  • Let’s start with defining the concept of proactive talent sourcing. We know the best companies are doing this today, but let’s try to define it in terms that are more tangible.
  • Proactive talent sourcing is the skill of identifying, pipelining, and engaging with candidates before the job is available. If you think about it, many of you are my very well be excelling with this in some capacity. Consider your own companies for a moment… Perhaps we are good at this, or that,…..maybe we are strong at talent sourcing after the job is available( as traditional sourcing departments can deliver), or perhaps the pipelining part by using a system or set of processes to manage. Maybe we are strong at the brand outreach and prospect engagment….the list goes on and on. But soon as challenges rise in our labor market, companies will need to start about how to converge these concepts into a single strategy before we run the risk of being left behind. We’ve found this is one of the clearest signals of our best in class customers. With that, let’s talk about what is on all of our minds right now..
  • Why does it matter?? This strategy takes work…why is this worth an investment to my team? What is this strategy in response to and what prize is in it for us if we succeed?
  • First let’s talk about the situation we are facing over the next decade. This word wall is symbolic of the sentiments in the economy and the industry as pulled from a July 2012 McKinsey Global Insittude Study on key facets talent acquisition is facing today…. On one hand there is ‘War on talent’ and on another hand ‘unemployment’ On one hand there iare scarcity of resources and hard to fill positions, on the other we have the largest number of unemployed youth….. How do these highly contradicting sentiments all co-exist…..? In the past three decades, technology and globalization have reshaped economies around the world, unleashing sweeping changes in our markets. Fast forward to today and we have a global labor market that has taken shape, bringing tremendous benefits—as well as dislocations and challenges. During this time, advanced economies were able to raise productivity by investing in technology and tapping new sources of low-cost labor, while creating new high-wage jobs for high-skill workers. Strains in this global labor market are becoming increasingly apparent—especially in the aftermath of the “Great Recession.” Joblessness remains high, and there are expanding pools of the long-term unemployed and other workers with very poor employment prospects; youth unemployment is approaching crisis proportions. Let’s zoom in on one of the more pressing statistics from the study we all face…
  • Based on current patterns of educational attainment and demand growth, it was estimated that by 2020, there will be a potential shortage of about 38 million to 40 million high‐skill workers. So when many think about the ‘war for talent’, heightened competition comes to mind. But in actuality, it’s the skill shortage that is causing the war….talent becomes even more so a precious resource.
  • Another key labor market trend is that it is predicted we will have a potential surplus of 90 million to 95 million low‐skill workers around the world. Think of the wall of noise this creates on our career opportunities as workers who do not have the skills required are applying for jobs that may not be a fit. Before long, we risk spending too much time reacting to mismatched applicant flow that becomes a real point of pain for our teams.
  • To summarize, labor market trends confirm that taking action now is a must. And not just to get ahead and trail blaze anymore….but for talent acquisition teams to adapt and survive with what is coming ahead. This is why proactive talent sourcing matters. Now…however doom and gloom this feels, don’t despair.  With some quick and easy practices we can get there. And what are the stakes?
  • Well, they are high, and the reward is lucractive for teams that can do it the right way and focus hard. Before we get in to how we do it, let’s take a look at some of these very real and reachable benefits of a proactive talent sourcing plan that works well. They include… A large impact on core metrics that matter to us all and hit the bottom line – time to fill, cost per hire, quality of hire, and so on – these are all impacted greatly by looking ahead and moving talent off the shelves fast. Empower and enable your team to take on more challenges – this reduces the risk of high turnover that our function suffers from, a challenged employee is a happy one as they learn the skills to prepare for tomorrow. Thought leadership, innovation, and recognition in the industry – become best in class, as our own talent acquisition team here at LinkedIn puts it – don’t stop until ‘best on planet’. Lastly, stronger internal partnership opens up more opportunity, resources, better, more accurate forecasting…. Eventually you can establish a great trust element where your teams are seen as the experts with an invaluable service they provide.
  • So, with that – now Mark and I will share with you three simple ways you can start to build Proactive Sourcing capabilities in your teams… And we’re going to do that by going back to how we define the concept in the first place and breaking the definition down into actionable sections.
  • First, focus on the skills you have on the team. We’ve heard this before, but our people are our greatest asset. How we invest in them makes all the difference in the world. Consider a moment and reflect on where your company has invested resources in training your talent acquisition team. What specialties, topics, areas of expertise are they? Are they process gurus but lack the traditional skillsets that gives them strength on the phone? Can they close candidates? Do they know how to pipeline, or share their professional brand online? Let’s chat more about that now.\\…
  • Ensure your team is set to succeed an have the skills to win this ‘War on talent’ while ‘managing the overload of unqualified applicants’ We mentioned a skill gap in the labor market earlier, but wjat we have seen in our engagements with our customers is that there is a skill gap in talent acquisitions we are facing ourselves Most teams have recruiters who are solid order takers, reactive, focused on the requisitions on hand coordinators of recruiting process…..but to win the war on talent, what you need are more talent advisors or consultants who can partner with the business to anticipate the talent demand, engage with the right candidate pool and build relationships with them so when there is an requisition on hand, they can fill it with the right talent quickly.
  • To transform your teams to Talent Advisors, you need to invest in your people…… Educate Don’t just train on ATS, tools, and process! Train them on being a strong Recruiter….Be a good sales person that ‘Sells Careers’ and not ‘Jobs’; Effectively talk to the employer brand promise Not afraid of engaging with candidates – picking up the phone or on social Media Invest in building talent marketers and brand ambassadors Build top brand by owning digital real-estate Define social media outreach strategy (metrics and schedules) Ace the elevator pitches – your brand and the careers you offer Allocate Time… Building these skills take time and a lot of practice… a leader of your org….Make time to transition…..Change is probably not as hard is as being left behind.
  • Pick one actionable skill per month Engage with target candidates on social media Pick social media channels Type of engagement – updates, blogs etc.. Identify an owner to drive the effort Expert or high performer looking for a challenge Set measurable and achievable targets One update per week; one blog per month etc. Allocate time for education and practice Brown bags or 15 minute- Friday bashes… Run a competition and celebrate successes!!!
  • Thanks Roli. Well, so now that we have invested in a team of talent advisors, let’s zoom in and take a closer look on how to identify target top talent. It’s a wonderful team when your team of experts are moving deliberately on the talent they need to get ahead…it will change the game for them professionally. With this they can truly make the most of their time and investment. What we’d like to stress here though is the science behind finding that talent. How can we stay cutting edge? We’d like to talk about an asset near and dear to our hearts – right Roli?
  • Data. There is lots of data all around us….how can we leverage? In working with customers across our industries and verticals, we’ve found a common characteristic in top talent acquisition functions that we’d like to share. So, we mentioned talent advisors or consultants earlier as a best in class model, but how do we build that credibility further with our hiring managers and business partners? Data is one of the best and quickest ways we can leverage insights to guide our decision making and give our partners a taste of talent consulting. For example, creating proactive targets with a workforce forecast . Push to get this critical information from our business partners so we can source down the company's key needs and skillsets. Lots of companies do this off the cuff but as a function this step is critical to steer our time and resources in the best possible way. Another recent trend is using talent pool insights to start having the conversation of talent supply and demand so it’s not a guessing game. Hiring manager has a lofty expectation for 5 PhD’s with supply chain management skills in Las Vegas? We can scout ahead and calibrate the hiring manager’s expectation to what the market looks like. Also, we can take a peek internally at your own employees skills to find strengths and gaps as well. At LinkedIn we offer a quick and dirty version by using LinkedIn Recruiter to query our database that anyone with a license can do, or you can chat with your relationship manager to learn more about some of the custom insights we’ve been doing here for customers that want to go all the way with this. Lastly, Understand Competition - Understand competitors going after the same talent, go out and learn and benchmark your industry peers and competitors. There’s some really innovative stuff going on, be in the know.
  • So, since we are talking talent pools – as mentioned in LinkedIn Recruiter it is really simple to get a sense of what a large sample of the market looks like. Why not for any kick off call you may be having with a hiring manager, make it a habit to come prepared to advise them with a quick audit? For example, a hiring manager wants a director of sales with SAAS experience in San Francisco. Instead of talking about possibilities and guessing….we can advise our hiring manager immediately that we around 900 possibilities we’re indexing, discuss the breakout among any amount of filters, and kick off a sourcing strategy that thinks ahead and has a clear dimensions to it. Once a team has taken the conversation to this level, the partnership is ready for the next step - even more powerful is of coming armed to this same kick of call with a proactive slate because we knew this was a priority for the company we forecasted. This changes the traditional hiring manager partnership completely. We’re now the experts. Speaking of experts on leveraging data, we mentioned competitive insights earlier, why look any further?
  • So we’ve gotten much more strategic about how we find and identify top talent as priorities for our business, now what? The engine we create for pipelining and engaging now beccomes really important – and this is a step that is often overwrought with processes and procedures to manage this workflow…which is great because it shows the kind of care we are looking at in making this work well. But what we want to share today is some things we’ve heard from some of our best customers – and that is really about keeping it simple but focused on value. Know the value or end state, set that as a goal, and build around that an easy to adopt and sustainable groove for the team to get there. There’s a set of lessons we’d like to share that are actually tips and best practices from other industries that talent acquisition can take a cue from…Let’s take a look…
  • I started my career in the manufacturing setting, I loved it. The focus on efficiency to influence maximum production output to me provides an incredible model for talent acquisition leaders looking to spruce up their team. The juxtoposion of ‘just in time’ manufacturing concept to talent pipelining is a relatively new one, Jim Schneyder from Pepsi used this term to describe how their team looks at pipelining. And I think it makes a lot of sense… When it comes to looking ahead to stock your shelves with talent, focus on what skills should we pipeline? The highest skill need, the highest volume of jobs – this gives us our best bang for our bucks. Where do you find candidates? Maximize your time at the top fishing holes – for example – proactive sourcing using tools like LinkedIn Recruiter to look ahead for your top prospects, career events, taking advantage of hiring manger networks, and the concept of silver and bronze medalists mining from your applicant tracking systems. I love this concept…but imagine Michael Phelps…everyone knows about him as the top in class athelete but what about 2 nd through 10 th place? I’ll double down on this in a second. Lastly focus on how do you manage your pipeline? Well, I must admit a sort of natural bias here and I’m not a sales guy…but from my perspective….when it comes to easy to adopt features, in one single platform, that gives you fresh profile data at all times without the need for maintenance…LinkedIn Recruiter is a great bet. Let’s take a look at an example using the silver and bronze medallists best practice.
  • Let’s start with a fun look at the concept before we hit LinkedIn Recruiter. It’s 2008. You know who won the gold – we all know Michael Phelps. But what about how the other finalists are doing today? These guys are all world class with some seriosu talent - can’t leave them behind, go back and take another look. For all we know they’ve picked up whole set of new skills. For a fun example of that….let’s take a look at Moss Burmester who came in 4 th from New Zealand. Again, world class guy….what is he doing now?
  • Moss from 2002-2010 was as we mentioned on the Professional Swimming team of New Zealand. That much we know. Fast forward to 2011, he’s now a project manager of an environmental enterprise company picking up a more diverse skillset as Moss’s interests and career changes. The best thing about Recruiter is that this is all real time captured, none of this will catch your team by surprise. So anyhow, here’s the tagging feature in recruiter now that allows us to classify this talent for a later closer look. Let’s zoom in on this tagging concept.
  • In recruiter it all starts with an idea, a use case. For our example, we’re looking at silver and bronze finalists that are scattered in our ATS from years and years back, but have never been cultivate further or recycled in our pipeline. That can change with an easy import single file or in bulk to LinkedIn recruiter. This opens up insights, keeps their profile fresh and current, and keeps all data and information locked to your company to own.
  • Taking this further in a more tangible way, in recruiter it starts with opening up project folders . Here’s some samples to give you an idea. Once we’ve put talent in our folders to sort of section off or bucket our prospects…. tag s gives recruiters a way to group like characteristics together so that later on down the line we can find what we are looking for much, more effectively. These examples are just some ideas you can use, it’s completely up to you. I do recommend getting your team involved with their input and ideas on how to set these up. Lastly, status gives us a sense of progression among the prospect path….in other words, where are we at on the road to becoming a candidate. In this example, we are setting the bronze and silver medalists last known disposition and using that as the starting ground of where we are at with tons of room to nurture in our pipeline. This will effectively recycle some of most valuable leads… This is just one idea but we’ve learned this year that there are new innovative ideas popping up everywhere that are simple, effective, and drive wins for the talent acquisition team.
  • So….manufacturing can teach us quite a bit about production, we know that. So back to our other industry lessons. Marketing is a huge component in our world now. How our teams engage as professionals on the front line matters. This is where our brand diffuses in our social networks and things go viral….it is a gigantic opportunity. Nearly every single inmail your team sends isn’t just about the content, it’s about what kind of professional brand impression they make. We’ve talked to some customers with killer outreach content, strong employer brands too….but having the talent acquisition team take advantage of their digital real estate with a great profile and presence on the network can be a large chokepoint and often tripping point. Here’s a marketing tip – define your themes, types of engagement you want, and get them on a regular rotation or schedule.
  • One of the tips out of the consulting playbook is how to build effective leverage and partnerships with your clients. Some of the best examples of this comes from companies whose talent advisors leverage their hiring manager’s involvement and challenge them to help drive thought leadership and really crystalize career opportunity. Quick story: This happened to me recently here at LinkedIn when one of my partners from talent acquisition that was helping me meet our hiring needs took a completely new tact and direction with our status calls. Instead of talking about her efforts, and defending the work she had done - she challenged me in a very tactful way what talent is on deck, what it will take to get their attention, and how I need to help nurture the pipeline and get top talent interested. The very next day I was sharing articles and content in target groups, inmailing and connecting with those interested to chat, and sharing opportunity in my network. It felt like my mission almost reflexively…but it was more of a result of some true consulting. As you can see in this shot, Roli is sharing some content in her alumni group as well as some career opportunity in her network using this very same concept. It can be incredibly effective when talent acquisition and the business partners partner in this way.
  • To sum up our proactive talent sourcing plan at the highest level – it all comes down to: First – your people. Invest in them, back to basics tride and true for years, new advanced skills, marketing skills, consulting and advising abilities, remember – talent advisoris. Secondly – data driven insights. Workflorce planning targets, talent pools, competitive intelligence. This industry has so much room to run here to raise our game and influence our business partners. Lastly – pipeline and engagement. Recall our industry learnings…manufacturing gives us a tight and efficient production process to gives us true just in time talent. Marketing gets us becoming the brand ambassadors we have to be to bring the best. And consulting stresses partnerships, creating leverage from our expertise, and true partnerships with our clients. Put it all together, and then remember the prize folks.
  • if we apply some investment now, this is what we stand to gain. Think about what what would be looking back over the work – the success and relief on how you can prepare and transform your team for tomorrow. What a feeling….! Well that’s all we got. Thanks so much to a wonderful audience, I really appreciate all your time and we’re going to have a fun couple of days - I look forward to spending time with some of you on the floor! (FINAL TRANSITION) Back to you Roli to close up with a final thought and some Q/A
  • To close, we wanted to share a little bit about oudInr team at Linke, and we invite you to partner up with our team to drive innovation together! Go over bullets Thank you!
  • Roli: Now let’s have some Q&A
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