MBI Touchpoints as Presented at the 4As Conference


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  • Today’s media consumer is living proof that considering one medium at a time is not enoughEstablished for-profit company in mid-2008…To provide a range of media and advertising research services in multi-media measurementExclusive relationships with BSU and IPABSU pioneered use of observation for media research; further developed with Sequent PartnersWhy? Simply exceeded consumers’ ability to tell us what they do. And “Integrated planning requires integrated research”
  • What are the right circumstances and the best times to advertise car child-safety features? When the family is all together, feeling relaxed, traveling in a car What else are young professionals doing while they eat lunch at their desks? What kind of mood are they in? Are they alone? Are they online shopping? Reading a newspaper or magazine? Are they on Facebook? And what are they eating? When and where are smokers when they’re most anxious and needing a cigarette? When are they most likely to feel guilty about not being able to quit?
  • MBI Touchpoints as Presented at the 4As Conference

    1. 1. TouchPoints© Powered Context Planning And The Transformation Of Media Planning<br />1<br />Transformation 2010 <br />2010 AAAA Leadership/Media Conference<br />
    2. 2. Thanks For Inviting Us To Talk About Transformation<br />2<br />And thanks to the AAAA and ANA for pointing out what needs to be transformed:<br />Survey: Metrics Biggest Integration Obstacle KarleneLukovitzWhile 59% of client-side marketers are satisfied with their companies' progresstoward integrating traditional and digital media, most also agree that inadequate metrics continue to be the biggest impediment to honing the media mix, a new survey of 294 Association of National Advertisers and American Association of Advertising Agencies members has confirmed. "Agencies and clients alike need to work together to educate internal and external constituents to demonstrate the value of well-thought-out multichannel approaches," summed up 4A's president/CEO Nancy Hill. <br />2009<br />
    3. 3. Information that is more…<br />Q.<br />What Kind Of Metrics Will It Take For Well-Thought-Out Media Integration?<br />3<br />A.<br />Comprehensive<br />Granular, and<br />Accurate<br />than ever available so far.<br />
    4. 4. 4<br />Taking Consumer-Centric To A New Level<br />What Is Going On In Joe’s And Anne’s Lives?<br />But so are the following:<br />Yes, media are important in their lives…<br />Who they’re with… <br />They’re not just <br />M18-49 and F25-54<br />What they’re doing…<br />What they buy, own, and use<br />Thousands of products and brands<br />When they’re doing it <br />What kind of people they are <br />Even how they feel <br />Where they are<br />Good mood <br />Bad mood <br />Relaxed<br />Alert<br />Lifestyle & Psychographics<br />Can’t we measure all of this, for the same people?<br /> Yes we can, and with the combinations. The Context.<br />© Media Behavior Institute 2010<br />
    5. 5. USA TouchPoints© Is Assembling Micro Data On A Macro Scale<br />5<br />By collecting and integrating 3 different kinds of information from the same people.<br />Complete MRI data used for targeting and segmentation as well as print currency<br />10-Day diary information similar to IPA TouchPoints©in the UK<br />Full day observation like Video Consumer Mapping Study in the US <br />
    6. 6. Previously Advertisers And Their Agencies Needed To Choose Between…<br />6<br />Small but interesting studies with lots of detail for a few consumers <br />Huge databases with virtually no human beings at all, where everything is reduced to a number<br />OR<br />Now let’s look at two people who show how we can cut across these two options<br />
    7. 7. 7<br />TheContextIn Which We Can Understand People Like Joe And Anne<br />Consumer characteristics<br />Categoriesand brands<br />Locations<br />Withwhom<br />Mediaexposure<br />Life activities<br />Demos+<br />Demographics<br />Psychographics<br />Lifestyles+<br />
    8. 8. IPA TouchPoints© Is Transforming Media Planning In The U.K.<br />8<br />2006<br />2008<br />2009+<br />IPA TouchPoints Survey 1<br />TouchPoints 3<br /> TouchPoints 2<br />Largely based on PDA-based 7-Day Diary<br />2 Databases<br />The Hub Survey<br />Gives a unique view of a <br />“Week in the Life” of the consumer and how media channels fit into their daily lives<br />The Integrated Planning Database<br />Fusion hub andchannel planning tool<br />Delivers new and fresh insights<br />Acts as a gateway across data sources<br />
    9. 9. IPA TouchPoints© Integrated Planning Database<br />9<br />Proprietary Data<br />The <br />IPA TouchPoints©<br />Hub Survey<br />The first industry-wide multimedia planning system<br />Fuses to all major currencies through the Hub Survey<br />TouchPoints© is not an alternative to currency research systems; it is a way of the integrating them <br />
    10. 10. It’s About Audience, Data Integration, And Context Analysis<br />10<br />Learning From IPA TouchPoints© Users in the UK UK Media Planner’s Quotes<br />
    11. 11. IPA TouchPoints© From An Idea To Leadership In 5 Years<br />11<br />Created based on the needs of its agency members, and launched in 2006<br />By 2009 supported by 50 companies in the UK, including 19 of the top 20 media agencies<br />World Federation of Advertisers applauded IPA TouchPoints© as “a breakthrough” in holistic measurement, “the most accomplished example,” and one which “responds to the WFA’s Blueprint criteria”<br />After Giovanni Fabris completed a thorough 17 country overview of “holistic” research systems for the ARF, he chose to talk first and most about IPA TouchPoints, “the original hub approach initiated by the IPA.”<br />
    12. 12. Looking West, IPA TouchPoints© StruckAn Exclusive Deal For The U.S.<br />12<br />With a new company formed in 2008 expressly for multimedia measurement<br />The company was new but the team involved also brought 5+ years of multimedia measurement experience.<br />
    13. 13. Multimedia Measurement Has Been Coming Of Age On Both Sides Of The Atlantic<br />Observation <br />Ball State University<br /> eDiary<br />IPA TouchPoints<br />13<br />
    14. 14. Ball State Pioneered The Observational Method For Media Research<br />14<br />Dana smart keyboards equipped with a custom “media collector” program<br />2,000 days already observed<br />Data are generally logged to file every 10 seconds<br />The data is unprecedented: comprehensive, granular and accurate<br />
    15. 15. An Example From The World Of ESPN’s Sports Fans<br />15<br />
    16. 16. Observation Demonstrated Real-Life Complexity By Being Both Granular And Comprehensive<br />16<br />Any Media Exposure Can Be:<br />Concurrent With Another Life Activity<br />Concurrent With One or More Other Media<br />TV & Video<br />Games<br />Meal prep &eating<br />Household activities<br />Work<br />Audio<br />Personal needs<br />Or Concurrent with Both<br />Exercise<br />Shopping<br />Care of another<br />Computing<br />Phone<br />Traveling/Commuting<br />Organizations& Other<br />Religion<br />Print<br />Education<br />Environmental/Other<br />Social activities<br />
    17. 17. Ball State Has Been Working With Sequent Partners Since 2005<br />17<br />Our joint work on the CRE’s Video Consumer Mapping Study was particularly high in profile<br />The consumer at the center of a complex media environment<br />
    18. 18. The VCM Study Was Highly Influential<br />18<br /> “The results of the video consumer study may intrigue advertising clients ahead of the upfront season for ad sales. The researchers found that the number of minutes with media is almost identical for every age group.”<br />“The study will no doubt give ballast to broadcasters and cable companies, which have labored to convince advertisers that viewers are not skipping ads as much as conventional wisdom suggests they do. One finding could send chills across backers of other traditional media outlets.”<br />“The findings provide an eye-opening benchmark for the media and advertising industries that are struggling to understand consumer media behavior for media plans.”<br />“Conducted over a year, the Consumer Mapping Study is the largest of its kind. <br />The CRE decided that the only way to objectively find out how people consume media throughout the day was to use a consumer-centric approach that was truly media neutral.” <br />“While ad agencies and industry associations have looked at consumer’s TV habits previously, this data is creating a buzz on Madison Avenue because it comes from a single source and is so comprehensive.”<br /> “In addition to looking at how video is consumed today, the researchers peer into a crystal ball known as a Media Acceleration Study.”<br />Source: The Council For Research Excellence Video Consumer Mapping Study 2009<br />
    19. 19. The Company Was Created To Align Resources For A Powerful Combination<br />Ball State observation research timeline<br />Middletown Media Studies II<br />Middletown Media Studies I<br />Media Acceleration Project<br />Video<br />Consumer<br />Mapping Study<br />Council for Research Excellence<br />Pilot Study<br />2004<br />2007<br />2005<br />2006<br />2008<br />2009<br />Initial exploration of linking eDiaries and observation<br />BSU Relationship<br />With MBI<br />US<br />Network specific(e.g. ESPN)<br />New Syndicated Multi-Method Multimedia Opportunities<br />Establishing the company<br />2008<br />2009<br />Global TBD<br />IPA TouchPoints timeline<br />Licensing deal with IPA<br />UK<br />2004<br />2007<br />2005<br />2006<br />2008<br />2009<br />TouchPoints 1<br />TouchPoints 2<br />TouchPoints 3<br />19<br />
    20. 20. 20<br />Key U.K. and U.S. Learning And Methods Are Truly Complementary<br />IPA TouchPoints© has demonstrated<br /><ul><li>The ability to empirically link currency databases
    21. 21. The insights from continuous and comprehensive “week-in-the-life” eDiary data</li></ul>Observation data adds<br /><ul><li>The 10-second”day-in-the-life” granularity
    22. 22. Actual time spent
    23. 23. Concurrency data </li></li></ul><li>Becoming Even More Comprehensive NowVia A New Strategic Partnership<br />21<br />When we asked the questions where can we find…<br />A top quality face-to-face sample?<br />A very broadly used targeting and segmentation system?<br />A currency research provider who understands the value of a media-neutral third party? <br /><ul><li>We kept coming up with the same answer:
    24. 24. The result: TouchPoints© is built directly upon a widely used and trusted planning resource</li></li></ul><li>z<br />Consider the potential from taking a portion of MRI respondents through the USA TouchPoints© eDiary<br />And the potential from then observing a portion of those<br />How 3 Information Sources Can Contribute A Multimedia Research Foundation<br />22<br />MRI Respondents<br />USA TouchPoints© Diary<br />Observations<br /><ul><li>This is exactly what the syndicated USA TouchPoints© service will be
    25. 25. A powerful combination for context planning insights
    26. 26. And a strong hub for currency fusions</li></li></ul><li>We Have Already Started<br />23<br />MBI is working with MRI on a joint product designed to transform the way media is planned and bought<br />It will be syndicated and continuous<br />Our recently completed pilot exceeded all expectations<br />We have already taken two of the next steps envisioned by IPA TouchPoints in the UK<br />A continuous measurement model<br />A mobile phone eDiary platform<br />
    27. 27. To Prove There Are “Apps for Everything”…<br />24<br />We’re delivered a new app first to an iPhone, but we can run this on any kind of mobile device<br />Source of images: apple.com<br />
    28. 28. There Is Now An App For USA TouchPoints©Built On Apollo Mobile’s Market Research Platform<br />25<br /><ul><li>We own theiPhones, and we put them in the hands of recent MRI respondents for 10 days each
    29. 29. Data can be uploaded automatically over the phone’s data connection – daily, hourly, or more frequently as needed</li></li></ul><li>We Eliminate Functionality Other Than The TouchPoints© App <br />26<br />And One-Button Calls To A Helpline<br />
    30. 30. We Focused On Providing A Great User Experience – Tested In Lab Conditions<br />27<br />Simple navigation<br />Clear reminder of the time period covered<br />Icons bring ideas to life, making it friendly<br />Clear reminder of where people are in the diary<br />
    31. 31. Questions Cover A Wide Range Of Media-Related And Other Behaviors<br />28<br />Where<br />With Whom<br />Activities<br />Media<br />
    32. 32. Questions Cover A Wide Range Of Media-Related And Other Behaviors<br />29<br />Communication<br /> Search<br />E-Reading<br />
    33. 33. 30<br />Consumer characteristics<br />Categoriesand brands<br />Locations<br />Withwhom<br />Mediaexposure<br />Life activities<br />Demos+<br />Demographics<br />Psychographics<br />Lifestyles+<br />
    34. 34. 31<br />Anne’s Weekdays<br />Share of total eDiary entries<br />Consumer characteristics<br />Categoriesand brands<br />Locations<br />Withwhom<br />Mediaexposure<br />Life activities<br />47 years oldSocial workerHH 100-150K2 kids <br />Average mood: 76 (1-100)<br />Average alertness: 68 (1-100)<br />
    35. 35. 32<br />Joe’s Weekend Days<br />Share of total eDiary entries<br />Consumer characteristics<br />Categoriesand brands<br />Locations<br />Withwhom<br />Mediaexposure<br />Life activities<br />29 years oldSales, no kidsHH 100-150K<br />Average mood: 90 (1-100)<br />Average alertness: 71 (1-100)<br />
    36. 36. 33<br />Beer/Ale User Weekends<br />Share of total eDiary entries<br />Consumer characteristics<br />Categoriesand brands<br />Locations<br />Withwhom<br />Mediaexposure<br />Life activities<br />73% maleAvg. age 34<br />Avg. HH size:3<br />HH 40-45K<br />55% part time<br />Average mood: 77 (1-100)<br />Average alertness: 48 (1-100)<br />
    37. 37. Asking And Answering New Questions<br />34<br />When IsThe Whole Family Together? <br />Can I reach people while they eat lunch at their desks?<br />When Are They In The Mood For My Anti-Smoking Message? <br />
    38. 38. From Planning To Buying – No Translation Necessary<br />35<br />Fusing observation and eDiary data with currency databases links context planning to buying <br /><ul><li>Fully applying the insights of context planning in the buying and evaluation process
    39. 39. Provides an unimpeded and efficient alignment between planning and buying metrics </li></li></ul><li>What MBI Will Deliver<br />36<br />Media Brands<br /><ul><li>Fact-based look at consumer exposure and engagement with their brands across platforms
    40. 40. to inform strategic brand management, audience development and valuing cross-platform packages</li></ul>Advertisers and Agencies<br />A media insights and planning system offering …<br /><ul><li>Provides an unimpeded and efficient alignment between planning and buying metrics </li></li></ul><li>Why Does It Work in the UK?<br />37<br />Seamlessly Integrates Planning And Buying <br /><ul><li>New Insights Carried Through the Process
    41. 41. Aligned Metrics</li></ul>No More Ideas Lost In Translation -<br />No More W25-54!<br />
    42. 42. USA TouchPoints© Pilot With MRI Respondents Exceeded All Expectations<br />38<br />Participants Feel They Are Providing Accurate Information In An Easy Enjoyable And Timely Way<br />Over 80% of the MRI respondents who were approached agreed to participate in the pilot <br />Over 90% of participants completed entries for every half hour for 10 consecutive days<br />80% felt they were able to provide reasonably complete and accurate information… “always or almost always”<br />8.1 average on a 10 point scale where 10=“Extremely enjoyable”<br />Nearly real time data entry and not too time-consuming: 90% of entries took 90 seconds or less<br />
    43. 43. 3 Ingredients We Consider Essential For USA TouchPoints© Success<br />39<br />Having proven multimedia measurement systems<br />Being marketplace driven<br />Having credible media neutrality<br />We want and need your guidance!<br />
    44. 44. Thanks To Our Partners And Resources From Around The World<br />40<br />Headquartered in the world capital of media and advertising<br />Kathi Love MRI<br />Alice K. Sylvester MBI<br />Jacqueline Thong Ubiqi Health<br />Rolfe Swinton Apollo Mobile<br />Apple introduced a transformational mobile, the iPhone <br />FINLAND<br />Finland is a hot bed of mobile technology<br />LONDON<br />CUPERTINO<br />NYC<br />MUNCIE<br />Lynne Robinson IPA<br />Belinda Beeftink IPA<br />IPA pioneered TouchPoints© in the UK<br />Mike Bloxham <br />BSU and MBI<br />Michael Holmes<br />BSU<br />Ball State pioneered modern observation of media behavior<br />
    45. 45. 41<br />Demonstrating the USA TouchPoints© Diary <br />in the MRI Suite Today and Tomorrow<br />Thank you!<br />www.mediabehavior.com<br />