Hybrid radio


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Nick Piggott (Chairperson, RadioDNS, Bristol, UK)
Michael Hill (Managing Director, UK Radioplayer, London, UK)
Andy Buckingham (Creative Technologist, Global Radio, Bristol, UK)
Sebastian Kett (Consulting Engineer, SWR, Germany)
Tobias Wallerius (Hardware Architect, Visteon, Germany)

With hybrid radio, your radio is getting cleverer. From additional visuals in the kitchen to cars that never lose the signal of your station, we look at the future of how your radio looks: and discover broadcasters who are doing hybrid radio now on a variety of devices.

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Hybrid radio

  1. 1. #RDE13 Hybrid Radio FM, DAB+ and IP - all together Nick Piggott Chairperson, RadioDNS Project James Cridland Moderator radiodns.org @RadioDNS Presenters Demonstrations • Nick Piggott - What’s Hybrid Radio? • Just outside the door • Sebastian Kett - Hybrid Radio in Germany • Visteon - Hybrid Radio in Car • Tobias Wallerius - RadioDNS at Visteon • RadioTAG - Interactivity for Radio • Andy Buckingham - TAG for Hybrid Radio • Automatic Broadcast - IP Streaming Switching • Michael Hill - UK Radio Player Hybrid Radio Prototype • Nick Piggott - Hybrid Radio Progressradiodns.org @RadioDNS radiodns.org @RadioDNS Broadcast - Mass-market - Economic coverage - Free-to-air Combining Broadcast Radio - Not interactive - Personalisation is unrealistic and The Internetradiodns.org @RadioDNS Transmitter in Bournemouth, England: (cc) James Cridland
  2. 2. Internet Broadcast or Streaming doesn’t scale well (tech/cost) Internet Perfect for one-to-one communication - personalisation - transactions - enhancements Server Room at CERN (cc) Torkildr @ flickr radiodns.org @RadioDNS “Hybrid” Radio Broadcast Broadcast works for the mass market and Low Cost, Ubiquitous, Free Internet The Internet adds “The Back Channel” Enhanced content, Personalisation and Transactionsradiodns.org @RadioDNS radiodns.org @RadioDNS Connecting Broadcast & IP Manufacturers ! Converged, connected devices ! FM / DAB / DAB+ / HD Radio ! LTE / 4G / 3G / WiFi / Wired ! Re-package Broadcast Radio - make it look like “like an app” ! Audio over reliable broadcast ! Meta-data and enhancement data over IPradiodns.org @RadioDNS radiodns.org @RadioDNS
  3. 3. The Technology of RadioDNS • No new technology • A new application for DNS (Domain Name Service) • Uses existing identifiers to make an Internet connection to the radio station • No Patents, Licences - it’s Open Sourceradiodns.org @RadioDNS• Simple “web-friendly” way of delivering visuals alongside radio. • Navigation by Station Logos and• Click-throughs possible, to enable e- Descriptions, not just frequencies commerce and direct response • Allows “service following” Automatic• Easy to do, looks modern switch between stream & broadcast • The Single Station Preset radiodns.org NME Radio slideshow, (cc) Folder Media Ltd RadioEPG on a Nokia mobile phone (cc) James Cridland Streaming Apps 2500 2000 Stream 1500 1000 500 0 MB#for#80#hours#listening radiodns.org @RadioDNS
  4. 4. RadioDNS Hybrid Radio • Use FM or DAB Radio – not Streaming 2500 • Deliver additional content over IP 2000 Stream FM+IP HD+IP • Less buffering, much less data consumption 1500 • Benefits incumbent radio broadcasters 1000 • An App-like Experience for FM or DAB+ Radio 500 0 MB#for#80#hours#listeningradiodns.org @RadioDNS radiodns.org @RadioDNS FM-Streaming Switching Live Demo outside the room HybridRadioinGermany ARD(Project(Office(Digital(Radio Sebas:an(Ke= Radiodays(Europe Berlin,(Mar(18th(2013 DigitalradioinGermany Digitalradioishybridradio + Great(variety((football(radio,(culture,(religion) + Just(digital(radio(is(aTracCve(stateLofLtheLart(radio + 13(naConal(programmes + Digital(radio(is(a(new(product(with(new(content( + More(than(60(ARDLprogrammes + It‘s(easy(to(use(on(a(great(number(of((reasonable(priced)(devices + 27(regional(commercial(programmes + 23(local(commercial(programmes( + Internet(and(broadcast(technologies(go(hand(in(hand( (in(Bavaria) + Hybrid(is(equivalent(to(„seamless(media(experience“ + Total(coverage + 81,9%(area(/(90,1%(populaConTotal(coverageRev:(Apr/2013 State(borders(©(Federal(Agency(for(für(cartography(and(geodeCcs,(Frankfurt(on(the(Main(
  5. 5. Reasonablepricing Reasonablepricing+ Revo(AXiS(XS + TechniSat(DigitRadio(500 + DUAL(Radio(Sta:on( + PHILIPS(AJB7038D (RRP(299,L(€) (RRP(259,99(€) (RRP(199,99(€) (RRP(119,99(€) Seamlessmediaexperience Seamlessmediaexperience ARD‘sdigitalradioservices DigitalradioinGermany
  6. 6. DigitalradioinGermany DigitalradioinGermany Conclusionsandbestpractices + Digital(radio(is(a(stateLofLtheLart(radio(product + Provide(your(product(on(all(available(distribuCon(channels( (This(gives(more(freedom(to(the(device(industry(and(helps(bringing(prices(down) + RadioDNS(makes(your(product(go(hybrid DigitalRadioinGermany (It‘s(an(easy(to(implement(and(applicable(toolLbox(for(broadcasters(and(industry(alike) ARD(Project(Office(Digital(Radio + And(always(think(about(the(listeners(:L) Michael(Reichert (Because(we‘re(creaCng(products(…(not(technology) 4.45pm@WhiteRoom Agenda !About Visteon !Benefits of RadioDNS Our Family !RadioDNS Technology Integration of Businesses !Visteon’s DemonstratorsHalla Visteon Climate Control !Outlook Electronics Interiors RadioDNS at Visteon Tobias Wallerius, Visteon Innovation & Technology GmbH Yanfeng Visteon 37
  7. 7. Visteon Electronics Today Visteon Visteon Overview Cockpit Electronics Portfolio !Electronics group products (selection):! Hardware and software solutions to Audio & Infotainment !Audio Head Units deliver information and connected car !Infotainment features to the driver through intelligent !Audio Components user interfaces. Jaguar XJ, Global Ford C-Car ACCH Ford Cross-Car Radio! Employees: –5,900 consolidated (11,000*) Information & Controls !Instrument Clusters !Displays! 31 facilities in 15 countries* !Climate Controls !Decorative Control Panels! 2012 revenue: –$1.2 billion consolidated ($1.9 billion*) Renault Clio, EU VW MIB-G Radio Ford Sony Radio* Includes joint ventures. 38 39RadioDNS Benefits RadioDNS Closes Gap & Enhances Radio 1/2! Colour displays become available even in B-segment vehicles !Some DAB stations already transmit cover art and broadcast meta data which can be displayed on radio – some do not !FM not able to deliver cover art or graphic information Source: Renault Source: Dacia Source: Ford –HMI experience between DAB and FM is inconsistent Renault Clio R-Link Dacia Logan Ford Fiesta Sync –Gets worse if reception of DAB is lost and radio links to FM " consumer! FM and DAB broadcasts look better on your receiver does lose picture display –Broadcasters can bring corporate identity to the receiver through visuals !Solution is RadioDNS, makes user experience more consistent –Radio does more look like an app !RadioDNS also can enhance DAB broadcasts of stations who do not want to! With little effort, the radio station can look better in the car invest in additional data bandwidth (EPG and slides) –Bigger displays are utilized better –Content to display !With RadioTAG, a new unique feature is added to DAB and FM 40 41RadioDNS Closes Gap & Enhances Radio 2/2 RadioDNS Technology Integration DAB FM Fallback !Visteon did integrate RadioDNS into two demonstrators Seamless radio experience !Project outcome –Even low end radios (limited processing capacity) can be enabled with RadioDNS (through the help of a smart phone) –Can be fully integrated into higher end radios Gap closed by RadioDNS 42 43
  8. 8. RadioDNS Demonstrator 1 RadioDNS Demonstrator 2!Based on a current production radio !Based on a development radio platform!Implements RadioDNS functionality with !RadioDNS full integrated the help of a smart phone!Broadcast data is transmitted via Bluetooth to the phone!Possible solution for a wide range of receivers 44 45Radio in FM mode Radio with RadioDNS 46 47Outlook!RadioDNS closes a technology gap between traditional broadcasting systems and Internet Radio, which is not ready for in car use yet!With the help of RadioDNS, the corporate identity of a station can be brought to in car displays!Broadcasters can benefit from the trend that bigger color displays are available in low segment cars!Same content can be used for FM and DAB www.visteon.com 48
  9. 9. Andy Buckingham Team Leader, RadioTAGradiodns.org @RadioDNS 51 52 53 54 55
  10. 10. radiodns.org56 radiodns.org @RadioDNS Michael Hill, Managing Director
  11. 11. Android codebaseRadioDNS for platform lookupRadioVIS for slideshow imageryGoogle Voice API for speech recognitionRadioplayer metadata for programme info
  12. 12. IT JUST WORKS @radiomikehill michael.hill@radioplayer.co.uk Nick Piggott Chairperson, RadioDNS Project Thanks to Flickr users edisg, howzey, Sean Rogers1 radiodns.org @RadioDNS Technology Standards RadioVIS launches • Updates to RadioVIS and RadioEPG nationally in started UK and • Continuation of RadioTAG Germany development • More prototypes exhibited 70m listenersradiodns.org @RadioDNS radiodns.org @RadioDNS
  13. 13. Hybrid Radio EPG • Strategic alignment of Service Information • Collaboration between IMDA and RadioDNS to create a single standard for hybrid radio devices • Co-ordinated by James Cridland, and announced at CES 2013radiodns.org @RadioDNS Global Interestradiodns.org @RadioDNS