The Hottest Day of the Year
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The Hottest Day of the Year






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The Hottest Day of the Year The Hottest Day of the Year Document Transcript

  • The Hottest Day Of Summer By Hunter Bennett It was the hottest day of summer… It felt likesunburns. I decided to relax inside. I went to visitKade, he lives in rock port. Is that cool? The nextthing I found out is that I could stay the night… 2days. It was so fun! Then he came over to my houseto watch a movie, despicable me. He is nine now. Istill get to see him sometimes.
  • The Best Day Ever By Aubrey Brown It was the hottest day of summer. We were outside drinkinglemonade. We were so hot. Treyton was running all over the place. He ismy brother. He is 2 years old. He would not stand still So we played in thewater. We would go down the slide into the pool. It was fun. We went toRock Port after that. We played in the pool. They have a big deck. Theyhave everything in there. I am usually the last one in the pool. All of asudden a big boom! I was scared to death. I got out as fast as I could I ranon the porch. My brother was asleep. We karaoked. It was midnight whenwe got home. I stayed up really late. It was like 4:00 in the morning. Islept till 12:00 in the afternoon. Then Maddy spent the night it was thebest hottest day of summer. P.S. I burnt like toast.
  • On The Hottest Day Of Summer By Thomas Danielson It was the hottest day of summer. I stayed inside and played the Xbox 360Connect. I played Cars 2. We unlocked some new characters, I played Kameo. Idon’t like to play motorcycles. I had fun playing games.
  • The Hottest Day Of Summer By Madison Driskell It was the hottest day of summer… Iwent to my friend’s house and we played inthe water and then we went to the pool.When we come back to her house weplayed dress up. Then it was time forsupper. Then after supper we jumped onthe trampoline. Then we took a shower andwent to bed. The next day we rode on themower. We put the wagon on the back ofthe mower. We went inside when it startedto get dark outside. Then we went to bed. The greatest day of my life
  • By Camille Gibson It was the hottest day of summer .It’s that hot! Idecided to take a drink and cool off. I went to get icecream too. I was so hot. We went to in the ocean. We hadso much fun except it was so hot in the summer. Thatwas when we went to Hawaii. It was so hot I felt like Iwas In Texas was in hated it! We went parasailing butit was so hot. We went to a hot tub it was awesome. The end
  • It Was the Hottest Day of Summer By Cheyenne Gray It was the hottest day of the summer I wasso hot It felt like I was in Egypt. I decided to goinside. But the air conditioner was broke. Thenext thing I knew I was back outside. It was stillhot but it was even hotter out there. Finally, Iwent to the pool. I had lots of fun there. It wouldhave been more fun with friends or family butnobody went with me or even stayed. I guess Ihad fun anyway. I just went down the slide andof the diving boards. The End It Was the Hottest Day of Summer
  • By Jordan Graf I was at Jayden‘s house. We smelled he’s the flowersin his garden. They were beautiful and then I cameback to his house. It was really hot that day and then Iwent into his house and we played a lot in his house tomy house the next day. Then it was really hot the nextday so I could not go to his house I couldn’t go to any ofmy friend’s house because it was. My birthday and allmy friends were there. It was awesome and I had fun! Ihad a bouncy house at my birthday.
  • Summer By Devin Guajardo It was the hottest day of summer… Itwas like an oven baking me. I decided tostay in my freezer for 10 minutes. Thenext thing I knew, I was frozen solid! Mymom found me and defrosted me. FinallyI was sweating a bunch, AGAIN!THE END
  • It Was the Hottest Day of Summer. By Keely Horton It was the hottest day of summer. It was so hot it felt like anoven. So I went to go swimming. It always cools me down when I amhot. I like to see my friends at the pool. We like to play Marco Polo. Myfavorite snack to get at the pool is ice cream . . . chocolate ice cream. Itcools me down too.
  • Summer Fun By Skylar Horton It was the hottest day of summer. I wentto a lake. We had fun. We bought stuff. Wehad a ride in a boat.
  • The best day ever! By Ashlynn Meyer It was the hottest day of summer…. We were playingwith our dog Callie. Garrett and I chased Callie around.Then Mom and I took Callie on a walk. We got back fromthe walk to find out that Dad and Garrett had steak andbaked beans to eat. We ate outside because it was thehottest night. It was almost time to go to bed but Garrettand I caught fireflies. Then we put them in a jar. Mom andDad said it was time to go to bed. So Garrett and I went tobed. It was so fun. The End!
  • The Hottest Day of Summer!!!!!! By Autumn Murry It was the hottest day of summer … And we went tothe airplane show. It was very hot. Mercedes had acamper that had air conditioning. It was cool. Then wehad food… good food. Then we had a snow cone. Thatwas good too. Then we went inside an airplane. Then wehad a snow cone again. We saw Morgan and Mercedes’sdad’s airplane. It was COOL! And then we talked aboutairplanes. We had fun. Then we had to leave and thatwas not fun.
  • The Best Summer Ever By Mercedes Parshall It was the hottest day of summer. We went toWorlds of Fun. Our first ride was the biggest ride in thepark. We rode the Mamba it was fun! It felt like youwere going to flip over. When we were done we went on awater ride. We got really wet. We were glad because itwas really hot. Then we went on a scary ride, TheBoomerang it went upside down and there was a hugehill. It really hurt my back. Then we went back to theRV and got our swim suits on and went to swim. It wasso fun!
  • Was The Hottest Week of Summer. By Morgan Parshall It was the hottest week of summer and my familydecided to go to World of Fun. I got to ride the Mambaand the Boomerang. I did not like the upside down part.I also got to ride the Viking Voyage. That same day I -went to Oceans of Fun. I really liked The Wave Pooland there was this one ride called the Monsoon. I gotreally wet on that ride. I hope you can go sometime andI hope I can go again too.
  • The Best Summer Ever By Brynnan Poppa It was the hottest day of the summer and mygrandma and grandpa came down so we decided to havea picnic with them and my cousins. It was really fun. Ihaven’t been able to see them in a long time so it wasreally fun. We all decided to play on the monkey bars.Then my mom came and said my cousins were goingto spend the night. That’s when I got excited and wedecided to go home from the picnic. The end!
  • The Hottest Day Of Summer By Nina Ramirez It was the hottest day of summer. It was so hot I felt like Iwas melting. I decided to go inside and the next thing I knew Iwas in bed. My sister woke me up. She let my dog lick me on theface. My dog’s names are Sophie, Maestro and Tico. We asked ifNova could come we went to pick her up then we went home. Mymom let us go swimming my sister hit me and made my nosebleesd. My mom came out and brought me Kleenexes and then Igot in the pool again. My mom let my dog in the pool. He swamto me and tried to jump out. He was mad at mom. He ran insideand hid. It was hot but it was fun!
  • On the Hottest Day of Summer By Ella Rolf It was the hottest day of summer andmy sister my brother and I were slidingoutside. I would catch my brother and mysister would take him up the stairs. Aftera little we started to swing. We wouldtake turns pushing my brother. Then wegot on the trampoline and started to jumpwe also did flips. We went inside and toldour mom it was so, so hot. We said it wasthe hottest day of summer. We told herabout sliding, swinging, and jumping.
  • My Awesome Summer! By Maiven Sammons It was the hottest day of summer. It was so hot that it felt like I wason the beach. So I went inside and said “man it is really hot”. So I went toplay games. I played my favorite one. I got done playing. My house was socold. I shivered a lot all day. So I covered myself and saved my energy.The cover was covered with fur I was comfortable. Then I practicedkicking the ball back and forth. It was fun. Then it was night and I stayedup all night. The next day I was so tired and passed out.
  • The Hottest Summer Ever! By Bryli Staten It was the hottest day of summer! It was so hotthat I had two popsicles and I was still too hot. Ihad to put lots of sunscreen on because I have redhair so I burn too easily. I went in to get my thirdbottle of water and it was only ten in the morning.I am so tired of the hotness I wish it was 70° not110°. Actually I want school to start because it hasair conditioning, well some of it does. Then I took abig gulp of my water and half of it was gone. The end!
  • It Was The Hottest Day By Grant Turnbull It was the hottest day of summer.It was so hot I felt like going home.I decided to go on a walk. When I gothome I was so hot I felt like I couldchug down a whole gallon of water.
  • Summer By Jayden Umberger Zane came over for a couple dayswe took him home. My mom said wecould stay there for 2 days. Zane’sbrothers and I caught two catfish aneleven pounder and a ten pounder.
  • Summer Fun By Alli Yates It was the hottest day of summer. We went to awater park! It had some rides and there was a bigroller coaster. It went straight down. Then we wentto the water park. We went to the wave pool, thanwe went down the big water slide! My raft got stuck.Then we went to the lazy river and swam, than wewent home. It was a fun day!