Is there anyone trying to find a cure for tinnitus and hearing loss


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Is there anyone trying to find a cure for tinnitus and hearing loss

  1. 1. HYPERLINK "" Is There Anyone Trying To Find A Cure For Tinnitus And Hearing Loss? - Some Effective Ways to Get Rid Of Tinnitus<br />I want to know, is there any active research being done on tinnitus like it is done on aids, cancer obesity and others? I just wonder why they don't have a cure for this medically. Modern medicine is getting so advanced. The doctors can replace a cut hand, replace a heart, but they can’t transplant ears. Why Is it so?<br />If you are suffering with tinnitus and have been searching online of some tinnitus remedies or treatment options that you can use to reduce that load noise in your ears, then there is a good chance that you have come across websites where questions like this are being asked.<br />This one was asked by this guy who really wondered why there was not so much research going on tinnitus since he really wanted to get rid of this condition. I have been there before and I know exactly how you feel. In this article I will try to give an answer to this question, and also give some few recommendations that you can use to try treating or reducing your tinnitus. I will also provide links to websites where you can find advanced tips and tricks for curing tinnitus.<br />The truth is that doctors cannot as for now transplant ears because the organ of hearing is located inside the skull inside the hardest bone in the body (the temporal bone). It is hard to get to. Also tinnitus is a very abstract thing so it is hard to study, hard to find a cure for, and hard to live with. It is not simply something that needs to be fixed.<br />There are many forms of tinnitus as well. Many people have tinnitus all their lives that have normal hearing before. What causes that? Others it is likely caused by exposure to loud noise, and it often accompanies high frequency hearing loss. Some medications also cause tinnitus as a side effect. Stopping the medication may stop the tinnitus or you may be stuck with it.<br />There is prevention for tinnitus but if you are already infected it gets really difficult to be cured. It usually affects the brain. That is why the best remedy is prevention. You have to get the tetanus vaccine if you can.<br />There is also this great natural tinnitus cure guide that helped me a lot when I was struggling so hard to cure my tinnitus, or at least reduce that maddening noise that came from my ears. This guide is called the Tinnitus Miracle Guide.<br />I have recommended this guide to a good number of friends, family members and loved ones who were suffering with tinnitus and most if not all of them significantly reduced or completely cured their tinnitus, just by using the recommendations in the guide. The tinnitus miracle guide is a must try for any tinnitus sufferer who is fighting with this condition and would want to make use of natural methods to greatly reduce the noise and maybe completely stop it.<br />Click here ==> Tinnitus Miracle Review, to read more about this program, and see how it has been helping thousands of people round the world with their tinnitus.<br />