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    S emestral review social studies i S emestral review social studies i Presentation Transcript

    • 1 6 11 162 7 12 173 8 13 184 9 14 19 205 10 15
    • 1. This wordd comes from theZapotec words “DANI” & “ZU” DAINZU
    • 2. What does the word“YAGUL”mean? DRY TREE OR STICK
    • 3. This temple was dedicatedto all the Zapotec Gods PANTHEON
    • 4. How many days are inthe PIYE calendar? 260
    • 5. The famous “MIXTECKNOT” is located in thisRegion MIXTECA
    • 6. Where is located thestate of Oaxaca? In the SouthWest
    • 7. How many TOWNSHIPSare in the state of Oaxaca? 570
    • 8. Oaxaca is bounded inthe west by the state of … Chiapas
    • 9. How many recognizedethnic groups are in the stateof Oaxaca? 16
    • 10. This range runs alongthe Coast South Range
    • 11. This region is characterizedby its humid atmosphere and forits beautiful beaches COAST REGION
    • 12. It’s a theory or story of theorigin and development of theuniverse or the solar system COSMOGONY
    • TANGIBLE HERITAGE13. It is the legacy of PHYSICALartifacts and attributes of agroup or society, which areinherited from past generations
    • Natural Protected Area14. It is a portion of land orsea, of the national territoryrepresenting variousecosystems where the naturalenvironment has not changed
    • HERITAGE15. It is something that comesor belongs to one by reason ofbirth, an inherited lot or portion
    • 16. It is the confidence in the truthor existence of something BELIEF
    • Tangible Heritage Intangible Heritage• An sculpture of Francisco • Tamales Toledo • Monte Alban• The Guelaguetza • Tlayudas are very famous• Bani Stui Gulai • Santo Domingo’s Church• A song written by Macedonio • The municipal city hall Alcala • Yagul An sculpture of Francisco Toledo , Tamales, Monte Alban , The Guelaguetza , Tlayudas are very famous , Bani Stui Gulai , Santo Domingo’s Church , The municipal city hall, A song written by Macedonio Alcala , Yagul
    • 18. It is cultural material, is atradition transmitted orally, fromone generation to another Oral Traditions
    • 19. In Huajuapan theycelebrate “the massacreof the goats” MIXTECS
    • VALUES20. The ideals, costumes,institutions, etc. They may be positive,as cleanliness, freedom, or education,or they can be negative, as cruelty,crime, or blasphemy