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FLEXcon Images Including FLEXmark floor art
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FLEXcon Images Including FLEXmark floor art


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  • This is Klem’s floor with Floorart.
  • Carhartt: Beyond White: Brushed polyesters,/Deck Plate/Holographic/Plushprint/Wood for shelves and POP displays
  • Carhartt could use our unique films like Timberland and P & G. Timberland used a brushed silver film laminated to sentra to create this display. They were actually looking at using real aluminum. Saved thousands on shipping costs while creating unique durable display.P & G incorporated the same silver film into the clam shell of the razor to keep the same look.
  • This large surface graphic like Floorart draws attention to this area for the female shopper.During the Floorart campaign Carhartt female shopper was moved to purchase more. Details at the end.
  • NYC Paul Mitchell Salon; Men’s area is transformed with our films.
  • Brands are using their own assets to brand themselves and special events with lifestyle images. The is the Mutual of Omaha building in Omaha, NE. This is a low tack used in their atrium and wall spaces. The event is the US Olympic trials that were held in Omaha this past summer.MOO is not a Olympic Sponsor but it sure looked like they were.
  • Spot Floor Graphics increase Sales 7-16% for the specific product. Source Newsamerica Market: Floor talk program. FLEXcon films
  • Carpet graphics like floor graphics can change the environment.
  • When Brands execute a Table Top programs sales increase by 16 for the product they are advertising. You are now seeing this in the Convenient Store market and BarsYou can see that Timberland is trying to do some advertising at this point.
  • Our door walkway product in NYC.
  • Complete transformation
  • FLEXcon is working with many stadiums ,arenas and brands to help create a unique environment for the Luxury suite owner. We are combining all technologies .
  • Outside of retail
  • Outside of retail
  • Begin with the floor
  • Achieving multiple goals: highlighting certain products – Carhartt for womenCarhartt wanted to highlight their women’s clothing line as part of the overall graphic. This graphic was placed in front of the women’s section for Carhartt. The average monthly increase in sales of Carhartt women’s clothing for the three-month-period was 68.15%. That compares with an average monthly sales decrease of 14.48% for their ladies department offerings in general.
  • Achieving multiple goals:Retailer:According toJessica Bettencourt, Klem’s General Manager,“The floor transformed our store. It made a huge visual impact and really brought life into the store. The branded zone concept was a great success for Klem’s and our relationship with Carhartt. “Hundreds of customers commented on the floor and its attractiveness,” she reports. “The amount of traffic directed to Carhartt was impressive, with many customers asking staff for the ‘coat in the picture on the floor’. We’re excited and plan on taking advantage of more branded zone advertising in the future.”Carhartt:Tim Waldschmitt, a Carhartt Sales Representative in the Northeast, says that “the use of a branded zone and floor advertising proved to be an unusually effective promotional tool, and it went a long way to reinforce Carhartt’s desired brand image. It was a pleasure to explore this at-retail ad concept both with Klem’s and a service-oriented company like FLEXcon.”
  • Creating a emotional connection with store/brand.Bottom Line Attracts More Brands Based on Carhartt’s results at Klem’s and the FLEXcon’s floor art™ solution, interest is growing in the branded zone at-retail advertising strategy, and major brands such as Caterpillar, Scott’s, Ace Hardware, Henry’s/Big Rock Sports, and Buck Knives have sent representatives to Klem’s to study the Carhartt visuals and the effectiveness of the project. As of early 2009, several are now exploring branded zones of their own within the store, and Klem’s is considering creating branded zones for its private-label offerings. Like the customers of Carhartt products, the advertising strategy employed by Klem’s and FLEXcon proved to be a hard worker and multi-tasker. The themed environment simultaneously enhanced the appearance of the store, created an indelible brand image in the consumer’s mind, and – most important – generated impressive sales lift.
  • Slide explains itself.
  • Explained above.
  • How do you want your retail space to look? Look at the shelf, channels , peg-boards and floor.
  • This is live rendering for Okuma/Big Rock Sports who is considering the use of all of the technologies that you have seen in this presentation to enhance their zone.Shelf-ART, Floorart, Channel strips, Wood grain products etc.
  • Transcript

    • 1.
    • 2. Innovations in Self-AdhesiveShelf branding with shelf-ART™
    • 3. Innovations in Self-AdhesiveDisplays
    • 4. Carhartt Display Enhancement
    • 5. Carhartt Display Enhancement
    • 6. Innovations in Self-AdhesiveWindows and Walls
    • 7. TRANSFORM
    • 8. TransformingtheEnvironment
    • 9. Innovations in Self-AdhesiveTransforming Floors
    • 10. Innovations in Self-AdhesiveTransforming Carpet
    • 11. Innovations in Self-AdhesiveTable and Countertop Branding
    • 12. Innovations in Self-AdhesiveTransforming Unique Outdoor Surfaces
      NYC Manhole Cover
    • 13. Create Branded Zones by
      Combining Multiple Applications
    • 14. Envelope the Customer in the Theme
      and Create Emotional Connection
    • 15. Station Domination
    • 16. Station Domination
    • 17. New Products to Create At-Retail Branded Zones
    • 18. TransformIndoor Surfaces(before)
    • 19. Transform Floors
    • 20. Moving the shopper with FLEXmark® floor art™
    • 21. Inspiring the shopper with
      FLEXmark®floor art™
    • 22. Strengthening Relationships with
      FLEXmark®floor art™
    • 23. FLEXmark® floor art™ Features & Benefits
      Transforms Large Surface Areas
      Creates branded zones in-store
      Enhances the shopper’s experience
      Emotional connection to the brand and retailer
    • 24. Accomplish Branded Zones to Meet Marketing Objectives
      Enhance the Shopper’s Experience and Create Connection to Brand
      Empower the retail environment
      Prolong lingering time
      Create emotional connection to brand
      Strengthen shopper’s relationship with brand
      Give brand an edge over the competition
    • 25. Floorart in action: Trade Show
    • 26. Floorart in action: Trade Show
    • 27. Floorart in action
    • 28. Floorart in action
    • 29. Floorart and Carpet Graphics: Trade Show
    • 30. Floorart in action
    • 31. Floorart in action
    • 32. Like this?
    • 33. or like this?!!
    • 34. Consult a FLEXcon representative to learn more.
      THANK YOU!
      Michael Chevalier
      New Business
      Development Manager
      (402) 991-0011
      David Peecook
      Sales Representative
      (Local to Carhartt)
      (810) 955 6170