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In July 2015, Roker Labs analyzed the quickly growing world of live streaming on Periscope. In association with Dextro, we identified the inaugural class of 2015 Periscope stars. But what about food brands? Which brands are live streaming? What kind of content? Is it resonating? And why food? Join us for delicious dive.

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Roker Labs Food Report - Sept 2015

  1. 1. WELCOME TO THE SHOW! Food & Beverage Brands Enter The Live Stream September 2015
  2. 2. What about the brands? In July 2015, Roker Labs analyzed the quickly growing world of live streaming on Periscope. In association with Dextro, we identified the inaugural class of 2015 Periscope stars.   Which brands are live streaming? What kind of content? Is it resonating?
  3. 3. We set out to look at the FOOD category. WHY? §  Food & Cooking continues to be a massively popular and mobile category across a variety of media platforms – from books and magazines, to TV and digital. §  The food category transcends a number of categories that touch the lives of consumers every day. §  Thanks largely to Millennials, Food & Cooking have pivoted towards new media, with cooking apps, online “TV” programs, delivery services, digital couponing, and heavy social media content sharing. Will this audience pivot to Live Streaming?
  4. 4. Food is Massive and Mobile   Live Streaming is the Next Step!     1.  Food market is increasingly online     4   2. Viewers are moving beyond traditional TV §  food views grew 280% in 2014 §  Millennials watch 30% more food content than other demos §  Food is top category on 3. Insatiable Retailer and VC Interest in Category §  Think QVC, Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, Plated, BlueApron §  Food is #2 subscription commerce sector
  5. 5. We Reviewed The 140 Most Advertised Brands Globally Categories: CPG (Food/Beverage), Retail, Restaurants, Services Nestlé  Drums-ck   Mountain  Dew   Red  Bull   Coca-­‐Cola   Monster  Energy   POWERADE   Pepsi   Naked  Juice   Tropicana   Quaker  Oats   Müller  Yogurt   Stacy’s  Pita  Chips   Doritos   Starbucks   Whole  Foods   Lay’s   Blue  Apron   Plated   DriNaway  Coffee   Try  The  World   Lipton   Dole   Bertolli   Folgers   Nesquik   Yoplait   Pop-­‐Tarts   Chex   Häagen-­‐Dazs   Chips  Ahoy   Ritz   Sour  Patch  Kids   Trident  Gum   Gatorade   Perrier  (Panama)   Chili’s  (Puerto  Rico)   Pizza  Hut  (Venezuela/UAE,  UK)   Chipotle   Pringles   Jif   Tos-tos   Funyuns   Red  Bull   Fuze   Monster  Energy   Applebee’s   Maple  Hill  Naturals   Bolthouse  Farms   KFC  (Arabla)   Domino’s  (Japan)   McDonald’s  (Brazil,  Austria,  Germany)   Coca-­‐Cola  (Venezuela)   Pepsi  Gulf  Coast  Jam   Hy-­‐Vee  (Mankato)   Slim  Jim   Bertolli   Arizona  Iced  Tea   Yoplait   Ball  Park   Gatorade   Gatorade  (Argen-na)   CraN  Coffee   Blue  Apron   DriNaway  Coffee  
  6. 6. BY THE NUMBERS… 140Total Number of Brands Reviewed by Roker Labs Total Number Of Reviewed Brands Using Live Streaming 15 62 Total Number Of Reviewed Brands on Meerkat Total Number Of Reviewed Brands on Periscope Total Number Of Reviewed Brands Using Both 65 7 *data accurate as of 8/29/15
  7. 7. Here’s how savvy brands are engaging with uber-connected customers through Live Streaming…
  8. 8. §  What if the brand you “Liked” or “Followed” just all of a sudden, started giving away stuff? §  Mountain Dew started live streaming and showed their customers some cool swag. §  Fans who liked/commented on the Mountain Dew Periscope stream got thanked in real time, and received Mountain Dew gear by mail. §  Mountain Dew aficionados simply had to tune in! Takeaway: Start a conversation with your customers in real time. Give ‘em stuff.
  9. 9. In an effort to get closer to their consumer, Starbucks simply gave customers a tour of their coffee roasting plant, live streamed on Meerkat. Takeaway: Bring your customers inside. Go behind the scenes. Show them where you work!
  10. 10. §  Nestle collaborated with online influencers to produce a series of live streams for the #FirstDayOfSummer Drumstick ice cream campaign. §  Periscope personalities streamed classic summertime themes (like backyards and beaches). §  Paid media included Promoted Tweets on Twitter to drive viewership. §  100 Twitter influencers also tweeted about the product §  Drumstick also live streamed 15 to 20 scenarios from iconic summer locations.   Takeaway: Align yourself with authentic influencers, paid media and timely content.
  11. 11. §  Red Bull created an air of exclusivity: The party where everyone wants to be! §  Live streams on Meerkat from music artists as well as poolside, give off an aspirational “fly on the wall” vibe. §  Multi-platforms amplify live streams including Twitter and Snapchat. §  Social sharing with dedicated hashtags encouraged further conversation and a peek at an “exclusive” event. §  Brand becomes like the event: aspirational and essential to the hottest party in town! Takeaway: Allow customers to crash the party! Create a shareable “Velvet Rope” sensation.
  12. 12. §  Wendy’s tapped YouTube sensations Rhett & Link to promote Fruit Tree Chillers. §  Employed YouTube live streaming webcam technology and a microsite to enable Rhett & Link to chat with fans in real time. §  Fans engaged with duo who created songs & skits about this engagement. §  YouTube recorded the songs and skits then sent them, via links, to fans. §  Live streams through Periscope captured the duo creating the songs and skits. Had an “always on” feel. Takeaway: Use talent and platforms that speak to your core audience.
  13. 13. §  Frito-Lay tapped Periscope to help promote an interactive game show called ”Doritos Roulette Live” as one component of a layered social media blitz. §  Campaign spanned multiple social media channels with the team game on Twitter; winner announcements on Vine; promo images on Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook; and video advertisements on YouTube. §  Multi-platform appeal and “shareability” of content attracted both the targeted male demographic along with younger coed consumers. Takeaway: Launching a new brand? Add live streaming to your marketing mix.
  14. 14. §  To conjure up the stylish appeal of St. Germain liqueur, they created "Peep Show,” which they live streamed suggestive content, simulating old-fashioned erotica with burlesque- style lingerie. §  Created by noted film & music video director, Floria Sigismondi. §  Four live shows, filmed on an iPhone, were available to Periscope viewers for 24 hours. §  During the shows, viewers were able to Tweet their suggestions for the next scene via Twitter. Takeaway: Be clever! Create content that gets people talking and sharing.
  15. 15. §  Nationwide “Taste The Change” promotion hyping new menu included a live streaming broadcast/concert via Periscope from Times Square. §  Tagged tweets of consumers were displayed on billboards in Times Square and streamed/tweeted/posted nationwide. §  Hosted by Vincenzo Landino, a popular live video and Twitter personality, and featured music acts Jason Derulo and X Ambassadors. Takeaway: Broadcast across the country… and around the world!
  16. 16. §  As an advertiser on the MTV Video Music Awards (the "millennial Super Bowl“), Taco Bell sponsored the live streaming segments via Periscope. §  MTV pushed out a live streamed Taco Bell-sponsored pre-show concert the day before the VMA’s. §  Backstage interviews and Q&A sessions with bands like Walk the Moon were live streamed and wrapped with six-second pre-roll ads and sponsored messaging from Taco Bell. §  They were boosted with Promoted Tweets on Twitter. §  Like most live events, creative and targeted social posts were crafted on the fly and live streamed. Takeaway: Live Streaming = Real Time Excitement
  17. 17. •  What exactly is live streaming? How “live” does live have to be? •  Is it social media? Can we combine with our social efforts? •  What platform/s should we use? •  Who else is doing it? Competitors? Other companies? •  Who’s our audience? Are they actually watching now? What segments? •  Should we do actual “shows” for our customers or ads? •  Are there any numbers or real-time analytics to see? •  Can we do this ourselves or do we need our agency? •  What are the costs involved? Resources and teams required? •  What’s our plan and how do we get started like these other brands? What Are Food Marketers Asking Right Now? Live Streaming is a new channel. Marketing is now live. Are you ready?
  18. 18. THANK YOU New York | Los Angeles @RokerLabs