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J Rgraphicdesign Portfolio

  1. 1. Jean Rojas-graphic design jrgraphicdesign@comcast.net Library mouse pad for giveways Used Photoshop to create collage of images. Created final design in Illustrator.
  2. 2. Jean Rojas-graphic design jrgraphicdesign@comcast.net Library Foundation fundraising campaign 18x24 poster Softened facial features and blurred background using Photoshop. photo Created final designed in InDesign. Original
  3. 3. Jean Rojas-graphic design jrgraphicdesign@comcast.net Library welcome brochure: 2 sides, full color, three panels Created concept for new library brochure; searched, recommended and prepared photos; used Photoshop for special effects on front cover. Created final design in InDesign and prepared final for vendor.
  4. 4. Jean Rojas-graphic design jrgraphicdesign@comcast.net GRATIS Sistema de bibliotecas del Condado de Pierce Información & Imaginación Library retractable banners, approx. 3 ft. by 7 ft. Banner 1 - worked with photographer at photo shoot, selected and prepared images in Photoshop. Banner 2 - manipulated dragon art in Photoshop to swirl through banner, prepared proofs for the Youth services department and prepared photos using Photoshop. Banner 3 - worked with Diversity department to create a banner using flags, used Photoshop and Illustrator to create images and prepare photos. All finals created in Illustrator per vendor instructions.
  5. 5. Jean Rojas-graphic design jrgraphicdesign@comcast.net Library Reads campaign event program: 2 sides, full color, four panels Created concept for PCReads event brochure; used Photoshop to create mask for front cover image; manipulated clip art in Illustrator to create top and bottom borders. Created final design in InDesign.
  6. 6. Jean Rojas-graphic design jrgraphicdesign@comcast.net Pi e rce Co u nt y R E A D S 2 0 0 8 Enjoy your “No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” cookbook with recipes from Botswana, Africa, and neighboring countries. The recipes gather the rich flavor of teas, cakes and pumpkin soup, which are a mainstay throughout the book series. Bush tea Bush tea is an herbal beverage made from the rooibos plant (Aspalathis linearis), also called “red bush,” a legume, which grows in the mountains of South Africa. This non-caffeinated, herbal tea is now widely available in teabags under several brands including AfricanTea, Kalahari, Republic of Tea, Celestial Seasoning and Tazo. If made with honey, the tea is called honeybush tea. “Rooibos, Honeybush and African Black Tea.” http://www.africantea.com, Aug. 26, 2007. Pierce County Reads give away for program event: a 14 page cookbook Submitted concept, selected images, manipulated clipart to create borders. Created final design in QuarkXPress. Prepared file for vendor full-color printing.
  7. 7. Jean Rojas-graphic design jrgraphicdesign@comcast.net m y Library Syste ding Pierce Count Rea 2009 Summer Summer Rea ding Sponsorså Be Thanks to our em Library Syst erce County join with Pi nesses who a t ive to local busi e joy of read ing. Our thanks discover th e children to Cre to encourag onsor Platinum Sp wa y land-Spana Rotary Club s of Pierce Coun ty g Harbor Mi d-day • Lake wood • Park rrows @ Your Tacoma Na Library Pierce County • Gig Ha rbor AM • Gi town #8 • Clover Park coma Down uth Hill • Ta Puyallup So ma Sunrise Puyallup • South • Taco rth • Tacoma Tacoma No sors Silver Spon ion America ’s Credit Un nk Columbia Ba ulson, P.C. berton & Co Dwyer Pem ion Harborsto ne Credit Un on o Constructi John Korsm Rainier Pa cific Bank thopaedic Tacoma Or Bronze Spon sors Program Des Brown & Br own Insura nce Please see inside pa nels for progra m schedules. Ages vary and criptions American RV Great s Be Cartoon Cr registration may be requir ed. Call your Program Spo Pediatri cs Northwe @ nk Your Pierce Co mmercial Ba Create pe eative library branch for details. Our thanks to nsors Summer Read local busines Pierce Co unty Library Th ses who join wit e Puppet Th to encourage h Pierce Cou ing op le, places children to dis nty Library Sys your imag and thing eatre Presen cover the joy tem s ts Schedule of E ination, a pencil! Ha sheet of wh using “The Ginge rbread Bo of reading. ve ite paper Disappeari y” and “Pa Ages 6 an fun with cartoonist d up. Frank Fra and a zee. ng Much Noise Pancakes; ” “Rump .” Ages 6 and up. ul Bunyan elstiltskin” ’s and “Too Platinum vents - 2009 Catch a Song Sponsor , St Puppets in th Rotary Cl Turn it Inside retch a Song, e Round ub s of Pierce Out! 00 Watch a liv ely travelin County child’s name Enjoy aw ard-winn g .or • 253-536-65 in the rou g nd by Pupp marionette pupp Eric Od tylibrary ing singer, coun ets Please et show RD! • pierce ine e in id Catrow. ’ concert song writer and poet a All ages. . GET THE CA sill ss an rockin of brain- trations by Dav a d CSLP and Ups All ag ission. high-participation tart. Illus stretchin Copyright © ted without es. perm District. creation cel g Rhyme and Re ork is prohibi Use of the artw p with the Puy allup School ebration . Enjoy storie ad wi th Mother Go in partnershi ose This progra m is offered Creative Crea to develop s, songs, rhy Clover Park Relay TTY 711 Join the zo tu res, Creative pre-reading mes and ac tivities • Gig Harbo r AM • Gig Washington o and find Homes Ages 3 – 6 with an skills. Lakewood • Parkland-S Harbor Mid-d 4/09 (25M) and how we out about an adult. panaway • ay throughou can help wildlife ne imal homes Puyallup So Puyallup uth Hill • Ta t the world ar our ho mes and Summer Stor Tacoma Na coma Down Zoo & Aq ! uarium. Ag Presented by Point es 6 and Defiance Get creati ies and Crafts rrows • Taco ma North town #8 Registratio up. ve with cra • Tacoma n required and song fts, stories, South • . s. Ages 3 Tacoma Su – 6 with an rhymes nrise The Creativ adult. e Conju ring Magic Sh Summer Stor Celebrate summer rea ow ies fo r Babies and Silver Sp inventions , amazing ding with science stu Participate wi Toddlers onsors toys and rhymes, kn th your child and America’s magician Jef f Evans. magical ma nts, wack y ee bounces enjoy book Ages 6 an yhem with Ages 0 – , songs an s, ac tion Credit Unio d up. 3 with an adult. d more. Columbia n Got Art? Bank Dwyer Pem Be Creative berton & Co County Lib @ Your Pie rce Read and Harborsto ulson, P.C. Call your rar y this su librar y bra mmer. Win ne Credit Union for details! nch Visit your librar y an John Kors Registratio Ages 6 an d record bo d pick up mo Constru n required up. oklet. your readin g Rainier Pa ction . • ollec t a C sticker at cific Bank the librar y e Rock Music read for 20 minutes. ach time y Tacoma Or Rock out 4 Ki ds and Familie • lace a st P ou thopaedic @ the Lib rar y with s record bo icker on al l th a high-ene rgy music Reces oklet marke e circles in your rea Seattle tea al group ma s Monkey, and fill in d your readin “Read 20 minutes ding Bronze Sp chers ! All de up of thr ages. ee • ring it to B the library g log. ” onsors The Magic Su supplies las to claim a Brown & Br t). When prize (whil own Insura itcase™ total of 10 hours, yo you have rea e Great Amer nce Explore the includes a u will earn d for a and art pro world throu gh clues, free pass a to Point De prize, which ican RV jec ts with artifacts, sto Aquarium Pediatrics No company Liv ries or Northwe fiance Zo for children e Paint LLC, a cre (while sup st Trek W o& ildlife Park, rthwest . Ages 6 an ative arts plies last). d up. • ill out a Pierce Com F prize draw mercial Ba POP! A Come visit the lib ing slip eac nk dy Noise Explosi rar y for a h time you Learn to be a rip-roari on or T-shir t. chance to win a tote bag of sound, ng reader • ach m E Charlie the wi Noise Guy. th the zany czar piercecoun onth durin g the summ All ages. tylibrary er, go to reading, to .org, keyw pri ord: summ puppets an nt out more ac tiv er piercecou GET THE CA RD! d a puppet ity pages, ntylibrary .org • 253-53 script. This progra 6-6 500 m is offered Copyright in partnersh © ip with the Use of the CSLP and Upstart. Illus Puyallup School Dis artwork is trations by trict. prohibited Washington without per David Catrow. Relay TTY 711 mission. YS 4/09 (70M ) Youth Services 2009 Summer Reading booklet Booklet - 16 pages, full color cover, black and white inside pages; Schedule - four panels, full color. Artwork images provided by summer reading vendor. Selected primary colors and fonts for summer reading campaign. Manipulated artwork to create campaign pieces - bookmarks, schedules, posters, ads, banners, flyers and posters.
  8. 8. Jean Rojas-graphic design jrgraphicdesign@comcast.net Librar y System Pierce County inal.qxd: Layout 3 4/17/08 9:39 AM Page 1 2008 Su mmer Reading Booklet-f SR 2008 ding Sponsors Than ks to ou r Summer Rea with Pierce County who join of reading. local businesses cover the joy Our thanks to children to dis Library System to encourage sor Platnium Spon Pierce County Parkland-Spanaw ay • Sumner Rotary Clubs ofod • Puyallup • Puyallup South Hill • Qualicum Beach, British Columbia ewo ia • Mid-Day • Lak British Columb Harbor AM • Gig Harbor ma Sunrise • Courtenay, Clover Park • Gig ma North • Taco Narrows • Taco n #8 • Tacoma Tacoma Downtow rs Silver Sponso erican RV ner • Great Am ntier Bank-Sum k bia Bank • Fro Commercial Ban t Union • Colum o Const ruction • Pierce art- Spanaway America’s Credi • John Korsm Express • Wal-M Harborsto ne Credit Union em Ocean Trailer thopaedic • Tot k • Tacoma Or Rainier Pacific Ban rs Bronze Sponso in Motion k • Montessori n • Heritage Ban ton, & Coulso Dwyer, Pember • Pediatrics NW mpany, Inc. • Albers & Co The Puppet Thea Neil Walter Co mpany Favorite tales, r Ages 5 and up and newMedia old Sponso ter Library Dire “Stone Soup Bonney Lake ctory Platinum Spo ” and “The Pierce Coun nsor Parkland/Span Three Little 18501 90th St. ty Library Tillicum Library away Library Tue Pigs” E. • 253-863 -5867 2008 Summer Buckley Library Tue Jul 8 11 a.m. Buckley Pierce County Librar Reading Peninsula Lib Jul 8 Wed Jul 2:30 p.m. 123 S. River Ave. • 360-8 y Pierce County University Pla rary ce Library Thu 9 Jul 10 2 p.m. DuPont Pierce 29-0300 County Librar Library System 10:30 a.m. South Hill Lib rary Thu Jul 10 1540 Wilming ton Drive • 25 y Mon Jul 2:30 p.m. 3-964 Rotary Club 14 11 a.m. Eatonville Piehington Relay TTY 711-4003 Clover Park s of Pierce Co unty Sumner Library Wasrce Coun • Gig Harbo and 1 p.m. 205 Center ty Library Lakewood • r AM • Gig Tue Jul 15 St. W. • 36 4/08 (24M) Harbor Graham courary library.org • 253-536-6 500 11 a.m. 0-832-6011 Parkland-Span Puyallup • Puyallup South Mid-Day rce Libnty Graham Pierce aw Tacoma Narro ay • Sumner • Tacoma Hill D! • pie GET THE CAR Eatonville Lib Wedwithout permission. and 1 p.m. County Librar ws • Tacom Do ofrary artwork the is prohibited Jul 16 10:30 a.m. 9202 224th St. E. • 253-8 y a North • Tac wntown Courtenay, Brit om Key Ce Use Lib Wed Jul ish Columbia a Sunrise tart. Copyright © CSLP and Ups nte r rary 16 47-4030 Steilacoom Lib Thu 2:30 p.m. Key Center Pie Qualicum Bea ch, British Co rary Jul 17 10:30 a.m. 8905 KPN • rce County Lib lumbia DuPont Library Thu Jul 17 253-884-22 rary Lakewood Lib Tue Jul 22 2:30 p.m. Lakewood Pie 42 Silver Sponso Bonney Lake rary Library Tue Jul 22 10:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m. 6300 Wilda rce County Lib ire Road S.W rary America’s Cr rs Summit Library Wed Jul . • 253-582 edit Un 23 10:30 a.m. Milton Pierce -6040 Columbia Ba ion Orting Library Wed Jul County Librar nk 23 1000 Laurel y Frontier Bank- Thu 2 p.m. St. • 253-922 Sumner Jul 24 -2870 Great Americ 2:30 p.m. an RV “T he Three Billy Orting Pierce Harborstone County Librar Cr John Korsmo edit Union “The Town M Goats Gruff” and 202 Washing ton Ave. S. y Co ouse and the • 360-893-26 Pierce Comm nstruction Sumner Library Country Mou Parkland/Sp anaway Pierce 61 ercial Rainier Pacific Bank Tue se” 13718 Pacific County Librar Bank Milton Library Jul 29 Ave. S. • 25 Tacoma Orth Tue 11 a.m. 3-531-4656 y opaedic Peninsula Lib Jul 29 Peninsula Pie Totem Ocea rary 2:30 p.m. n Trailer Exp University Pla Thu Jul 31 rce County Lib Wal-Mart -Sp ress ce Library 10:30 a.m. 4424 Point Fos dick rary anaway South Hill Lib Thu Jul 31 Drive N.W., rary 253-851-3793 Gig Harbor Mon Aug 4 2:30 p.m. Bronze Spon Parkland/Span away Library 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. South Hill Pie rce County Lib Albers & Co sors Lakewood Lib Tue Aug 5 15420 Merid rary mpany, Inc. rary 11 a.m. ian E. • 253-8 Dwyer, Pember Tue 48-8686 ton, & Coulso Aug 5 Steilacoom Pie Heritage Ban n 2:30 p.m. rce County Lib Friends of the 2950 Steilac Montessori in k Libraries spo nsor many of oom Blvd. • rary Motion these free pro 25 3-588-1452 Neil Walter Company grams. Summit Pierce Pediatrics NW County Librar 5107 112th St. y E. • 253-536 -6186 Media Sponso Sumner Pierce 1116 Fryar Av County Librar y r e. • 253-863 -0441 Tillicum Pierce County Librar 14916 Washing ton Ave. S.W y . • 253-588 University Pla -1014 ce Pierce Co 7315 27th St. W. • 253-5 unty Library 65-9447 GET THE CA piercecou ntylibrary.o RD! Copyright rg • 253-536 Washington © CSLP and Upstart. Use -6500 Relay TTY 711 of the artw ork is proh ibited with out permissio n. YS 4/08 (56M ) Youth Services 2008 Summer Reading booklet and program schedule Booklet - 16 pages, full color cover, black and white inside pages; Schedule - four panels, full color. Artwork images provided by summer reading vendor. Selected primary colors and fonts for summer reading campaign. Manipulated artwork to create campaign pieces - bookmarks, schedules, posters, ads, banners, flyers and posters.