Digital signage in spain


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Una visión del digital signage en España en 10 minutos

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Digital signage in spain

  1. 1. Digital Signage in Spain Spain is different? Status and future focus Roi Iglesias – Essen – June 2010
  2. 2. Digital signage in Spain Who´s Roi Iglesias? - Simple: Digital and Retail Media Expert Marketing Manager at Altabox Altabox is a digital media company specialized in digital signage (project management). Specialties: software and digital contents. Kentia Digital Signage: spanish leader DS software: music and video Digital Signage Blogger – Blog focused on digital signage ideas, trends and keys. All the articles are writen with one objective: Creativity… because Audience is King. Contributor Ooh-tv Spain – Everyday digital signage news. News about all digital signage projects and companies worldwide. Not opinion, information.
  3. 3. Digital signage in Spain I. Digital Signage in Spain: Advertising and Corporate Networks 12.000 screens Digital advertising display market Now: Metro Madrid, Metro Barcelona, Airport Barcelona, Big Outdoor Next!: Metro Bilbao, Metro Valencia, Airports, Billboards… 22.000 screens Digital signage corporate channels Biggest: Canal LAE (lottery) with around 66% networks do 4500 screens not allow third Growing!: supermarkets (1200 screens), party advertising banks (1400 screens), automobile (300 screens), malls (1000 screens), pharmacies (1300 screens)… Roi Iglesias Source: Posterscope
  4. 4. Digital signage in Spain II. Advertising Spend in Spain last year Ad Spend Unconventional Media 7,078.100.000 € POS and Merchandising: 1,500.000.000 € Growing! Outdoor Advertising: 518.000.000 € Ad Spend Conventional Media 5,621.000.000 € Decreasing! (survival) Source: INFOADEX Roi Iglesias
  5. 5. Digital signage in Spain II. Advertising Spend in Spain How are going things in digital media? (2010) Social Media Spend will grow to 14 million € (Zenith Vigía) Internet Ad Spend will grow to 700 million € (expected IAB) Marketing mobile grow to 20,7 million € (2009) Last year (2009) Digital media grows 4,9% (2009) to 654 million € (IAB) 11,6 % of total advertising spend in Spain Roi Iglesias
  6. 6. Digital signage in Spain III. What are we doing in Spain? Shows TOTALmedia: Third Edition: Digital Signage Show in Spain. Viscom Sing: Visual Communication and Digital Signage (evolution to offer more solutions to trade marketers) Association: TOTALmedia creates AEDISI, a Spanish digital signage association. Will start to work in a few months with specialized committees. Studies LaSalle Technova: Situation of Digital Signage in Spain (88 companies envolved) Conferences: are organized around 5 conference events. Most specialists, although some focus on trade marketers and advertising agencies Roi Iglesias
  7. 7. Digital signage in Spain IV. Digital Signage Trends in Spain Contents From around 90 DS companies, only 13% work digital signage contents Most of the content broadcast in digital signage networks in Spain are TV or powerpoint files Assocations Think big. We needto play in the big leagues, along with advertising professionals Now the DS is and endogamy circle, but does not cross the barrier to the final customer, agencies and the media agencies Interactive Audience is King. We don´t speak with the public. There is no dialogue In Spain was not being implemented interactive systems, but begin to emerge
  8. 8. Digital signage in Spain IV. Digital Signage Trends in Spain Measurement Advertisers call for data, but currently has no network audience measurement systems We need measurement systems in existing networks. We need to involve research companies that audit the effectiveness and efficiency of our networks Metrics Establish metrics for digital signage allows us to provide security and return on investment for advertisers and customer We will work to professionalize the industry and position the digital signage as a communication and advertisingtool, not simply a technological tool Do not be endogamous… the paper is not dead/ digital signage is not everything/ is the evolution of instore and outdoor media Roi Iglesias
  9. 9. Digital signage in Spain Thanks! Do you want more info about DS in Spain? Feel free to contact me at We may be able to build together the digital signage in Spain ... and enjoy our excellent cuisine and gastronomy. You're invited! Special Thanks to… Digital Signage Expo and Platt Retail Institute for this great event