How to use social media to increase your traffic by 70%


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How to use social media to increase your traffic by 70%

  1. 1. When you think social media you think a social interactions group of people chatting and having fun. Today on I am going to show you how to use the social media power to increase your traffic by close to 70%! And today age its very easy to get a large amount of targeted traffic flowing to your business or website like crazy. With the use of social media getting an increase of traffic by 70% is child play! Ok Ok enough talk let me show you how you can increase your traffic by 70% using social media!!! Twitter The first thing first if you dont already have a twitter account you should go ahead and make one . here a link to twitter: 1) The first thing you should do after you created your twitter account is to go head and go look up the authority’s or people and Companies and your specific industry or niche 2) After you got the authority and people and your niche! you now want to go look at there profile. ” As you can see below that search engine land is an authority and the “Seo” niche!”
  2. 2. 3) The 3rd step is to click there following list! Here’s why. common sense tell me the reason people following search engine land is because 1) they interested an seo or 2) They interested and online marketing. ok now that we know that common sense tell us this a very high targeted list of followers! Than we move to the 4th step call hijack social! What this pretty much is simply 4) Now that you click who following your authority or companies and your niche it should look a bit
  3. 3. something like this.
  4. 4. 5) Now that you have a whole list of potential leads,clients,etc what you going to do now is follow the list I recommend you follow 100-200 per day! 6) You will start to notice that around (20-50%) follow you back. After a few day you can go ahead and start manually unfollow the people who didn’t follow you back. 7) Start to get a little active! start building trust. Start participating. Facebook The same thing go for facebook! Finding who the authority an your niche and or finding people that have the same ideas or same thought and start sending friend request! 1) Start sending friend request to leaders in your industry. From my experince a large sum of the request you will send will not get approve. around 20% of request i’ve sent was approve! “Still A good Number If you driving targeted traffic that could turn to leads” 2) After you send a good amount of friend request. And you have a good number of friends and your list. what you should start doing is to engage with your audience. by which dont just go and send your links., you should build up a little bit trust first! than start slowly promoting your product or website!
  5. 5. 3) Find when must of your friends are online! If must of your friends are online around noon! Than post the best content around noon! Why because you will get more engagement 4) Start comment and liking your friends comment! also when you like a post by one of your friend.send him a message ! you like on of he’s post! 5) Start asking questions that you know can start a discussion! The question should be related to your niche or industry! 6) Usally after 1-2weeks of promoting on facebook. you should see more friend request coming in. Dont turn away any friend request! they maybe that 1% that you been looking for! 7) After you spend at least a month promoting on twitter and facebook and building up your presence on both social media site! it shouldnt be to hard to increase your traffic by 70% And let’s not forget, If you’d like to be considered to hire me to help you with your online marketing, apply at, I’ll be selecting a company shortly. Link to article: