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Common sense
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Common sense


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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  • A plan is merely an aspiration, destination Where are the mile stones Where are the vehicles Example: Last year’s budget, month on month failure to achieve targets, meet revised projections
  • Late sittings, 7 day weeks, best efforts Smart efforts Any solution Vs. elegant solution Examples of good application: 24 hours work order, KAMS, Generating contractors bills, MUL – no store
  • Is our leadership team jelling Do we trust each other Can we see the others’ point of view
  • Taking a system wide view or are we thinking in silos End to end look My life depends on the job Would you, as an entrepreneur have acquired a customer eg. VOIP Would I requisition for 400 post-it pads
  • 1. Always aim higher. But by how much?
  • Sweeping under the carpet does not help. Neither does fixes. Fixing vs. solving PONC, RCA, Attack the cause How do you ensure it will not recur, as part of your effort to solve the current problem
  • We did do the consensus stuff Do we get up from meeting too soon, and not attacking the how
  • Milestones Dashboards
  • Delay in decision making is not acceptable Is our system rewarding the non-decider?
  • From-inside view out to outside-in approach Escalation is very important
  • Yatta raja tatha praja EC has to lead by example. All of us are closely watched every day
  • Transcript

    • 2. We are performing to the desired level…( ! ? !) So , how do we ensure a future of even greater glory?
    • 3. Opening hypothesis
      • Common sense isn’t all that common
    • 4. I need your indulgence. Just for once, to preach.
      • Please humour me for the next 20 minutes
    • 5. Thirteen (not so) new thoughts (13 is a lucky number !!)
    • 6. 1. Dashboard your life ..
      • We really do what is in our eye span of 134.5 o
      • The rest resides somewhere in the back of our nuts. And we need 360 o to function.
    • 7.
      • Intent and Goal are very different PLAN is not equal to DELIVERY
      Never close meetings with an intent statement-only when an action plan is ready, get up and go-and not before .
    • 8. 3. If you do not know the why ..the purpose…you will not reach the real goal . You just might reach some destination and then wonder why you went there in the first place.
    • 9. 4. Effort alone is not enough Watch the output God is in the (execution) details ESCALATE/REACH OUT/HANDHOLD
    • 10. 5. Synergy/cooperation are not just catch words…they work. No one can do it alone . Think…. Why else do we have an organisation !
    • 11. 6. Think like businessmen. BTW , our u.o.m on the P&L is Rs./Rs./Rs. NOT deliveries, ratios, percentages,etc. etc.
    • 12. 7. Dr.Murphy IS omnipresent. Provide for slippages. There has always been entropy in the universe. You are only human. SO : TARGET+DELTA=SALVATION
    • 13. 8. Band-aid management does NOT work . There will always be problems. RCA them and fix them permanently. Remove all carpets !!
    • 14. 9. The WHAT is the easy part … the HOW is the key . 5W (25%) and 1 H (75%) --- what the devil is this?
    • 15. 10. In-process measures are very very very critical indeed. Try navigating without a compass. And, by the way, drunks do finally reach home too.
    • 16.
      • Bureaucracy is a disease. But, oh so reassuring and comforting ….…...TEAR THROUGH………
      Guess what! The big-time god we worship is speed-with-quality. Right? Don’t worry about the CYA angle.
    • 17. 12. See the customer’s perspective - always …. CONTORT, IT’S FUN… It does not take a great deal of genius to see the world only from your own desk.
    • 18. 13. Walk the talk ... Remember the consumer is not an idiot. And neither is your subordinate .
    • 19. No new wisdom here … But why, why, is common sense not really all that common.....
    • 20. THINK ABOUT IT
    • 21.
      • Headlights @200 m
      • Human vision
      • Confidence
      • Lessons from a street vendor in common sense