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  • A recent poll from PCmag.com has revealed that around half of its readers would have admitted to ‘ditching’ Facebook.com in favour of Google’s new social network, Google+. Of 6,238 voters, 3,091 (50%) said ‘Yes, Google+ Rules!’ indicating that they would leave Facebook. Unsurprisingly, the second most popular response was ‘I’m undecided; G+ is still a new platform’ with 1,303 votes.Given that Google+ is still not readily available to the public, it’s probably a little too soon for social networking users to pledge their allegiance and the general consensus it seems, is that users are waiting for the general release of the site to judge its relevance and influence. The introduction of Google+ business pages could also be a determining factor of G+ success as the anticipation surrounding the feature alone could encourage businesses to sign up.PCmag’s poll also alludes to the future of Google+''s user base with 12% (733) of users saying that they haven’t yet been able to sign up to the site (as it’s still in limited field trial). This indicates that all of those users would have attempted to sign up and give the new network a try.Just 7% (428) of users have said they will remain loyal to Facebook.com while 11% (682) don’t participate in social networking at all (‘Screw social networks. Why don’t you call me?’ as PCmag words it.)
  • Before you jump to any conclusions about Google+ slowing down, note that this data ends the day before Google introduced the new Google+ iPhone app, which is currently the top downloaded free app in iTunes
  • Techies are no doubt steering the initial growth of Google+. Early adoption for a lot of networks comes from people working in the technology industry and with India has the second most users on Google+ (We have lots of software engineers, don’t we ). The compilation seems to be done based on the information in the ‘About’ tab because a lot of categories can be clubbed into one even though that wont change the mix of technology folks leading the Google+ bandwagon.
  • Going by the representation of technology companies, I wondering if Google+ can become the Enterprise Social Network. Since a lot of employees would already be acquainted with Google+ with their personal accounts, the inertia to adopt it for collaboration at work place should come easy.It is still early days and more statistics will emerge as Google+ usage increases with time. One thing is sure, the growth is stupendous even though it is currently dominated by technology folks for now.
  • Fb vs g+

    1. 1. What is social networking?? Networks get things done!
    2. 2. What is social networking??
    3. 3. Social Network Rankings1. 4.2. 5.3. 6.Reference : http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/social-networking-websitesLast Updated : August 15th, 2011
    4. 4. History of Facebook• Founded by Harvard student Mark E. Zuckerberg in 2004 along with his roommates Dustin Markovitz and Chris Hughes.• The site was called “thefacebook.com”• Mark was accused for stealing the idea of Facebook by 3 Harvard seniors.• Open for only Harvard students  anyone above 18 years of age  anyone above 13 years of age.• August 2005  officially called Facebook• Banned: Peoples Republic of China, Vietnam, Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Syria, and Bangladesh
    5. 5. • 2005 survey : In supported colleges, 85% students had Facebook accounts and 60% logged in every day.• 90% students are undergraduates and 76% do not click on its ads.• 1.5 million photos uploaded daily• 80% groups on Facebook are “Fun related”
    6. 6. History of Google+• Google  envious of Facebook’s 500 Million users and its integration with Bing.com• Failure of Google Buzz  Google’s social networking site• 14th July, 2011 10 million users, limited user trial phase• Within 4 weeks  25 million users• Within a day Google+ iPhone application created.• Record of 25 million users within a month (Facebook took 30 months to accomplish it)Reference: http://europeancourier.org/test/2011/08/10
    7. 7. Growth Rate of Google+Google+ currently has above 32 million unique users.Mark Zuckerberg is the most followed user on Google+More than 2,50,000 followers.
    8. 8. Facebook Users by Countries – top 10 (inmillion)United states of America – 146.6Indonesia – 33.9United Kingdom – 27.5Turkey – 24.8Philippines – 20.8France – 20.3India – 18.8Mexico – 18.8Italy – 17.8Canada – 16.6Facebook does not seem popular at all inChina, where there are only 0.3 million users.
    9. 9. Top Facebook users in Indian Cities Mumbai has the highest Facebook user base in India with 3.7 million FB users (18th in the world), while Delhi (1.6 mln)Top 5 city in use of G+ Bangalore (1.3 mln) rank 36th & 38th respectively.BangaloreNew York Interestingly Chennai has 1.2 million FBMumbai being no.3 users showing 101.64% penetrationNew Delhi no.4 (among internet users). So at anLondon average, every Chennai internet user has atleast 1 profile / page on FB. Pune comes in at 6th position with 830,000 Facebook users.
    10. 10. Male Population Dominates Google+Facebook usage in India is highly skewed towards males (71%) – with only 29% of users beingfemales!
    11. 11. Top 10 Occupations On Google+ Occupation Percenta ge Engineer 29% Developer 17% Designer 14% Software Engineer 12% Web Developer 5% Writer 5% Software 5% Developer Programmer 5% Photographer 4% Teacher 15%
    12. 12. Top 10 Companies Represented By Google+ Users Company No. of People Google 9704 Self-Employed 6949 IBM 5081 Infosys 3989 Accenture 3792 Tata Consultancy Services 3620 Freelance 2009 Microsoft 2856 Apple 2482 Cognizant Technology 2417 SolutionsThe numbers are not a lot to draw any meaningful insights but good to seeInfosys, TCS with high numbers there. Gmail being a ubiquitous mailingsystem could be a huge reason why many would be driven to sign-up on thenetwork.
    13. 13. WANT vsWanting something means thatyou currently desire to possess it LIKEor experience it.Intent search Liking something just means it pleases you, whenever its around or whenever you experience it Content search
    14. 14. Highly Targeted Advertising With Google Plus,Ie what you want & what you likeGoogle is poised to fuse search intent (what traditional search engineadvertising is based on) &user behaviour (social indicators from users).there is a lot of new potential for extremely specific targeting based on user-submitted data, too.
    15. 15. Google Plus Adoption by Businesses / Brandsmight be slow initially, but over a period of time, it will surely catch on.Business/ Brand public profiles will be integral part of SERPs (Search EngineRanking Pages) and will be tightly integrated with search engine. This willattract lot more traffic to the brands & businesses than probably whatFacebook or Twitter do today.Having said that, a lot will also depend on how open Google Plus makes itselfto developer ecosystem. They need to release the APIs at the earliest to ensurethat apps are build around it. And looking at how well Google has put up theApps Marketplace,we will soon see a large developer ecosystem around Google Plus.So, Brands & Businesses need to move fast and start making their presence felton Google Plus. Some are already on it – MTV India is the first Indian Brand onGoogle plus !
    16. 16. marketing ploy by Google where they’ve asked their employees tocirculate these images or they’ve been created by anti-facebookerswho’ve been waiting for someone to do come up with something thatcan rival FB.
    17. 17. development of G+ has finally got Google, the omnipresent status.Google had every trick in the book, from Google Docs, Google Earth & Gmail toimage sharing Flickr, video sharing YouTube & a blogging portal in Blogspot; a truly global social networking site was the only thing that was missing. WithG+, it seems circle is complete. Although, some would argue that Google alreadyhad Orkut, but as mentioned, Google really wanted a GLOBAL social networkingsite and according to their Google Earth, the planet has 200+ countries and not justIndia & Brazil. Hence, G+.Reality Check – Google+ is the fastest growing website but still it’s far fromcatching up with Facebook’s 750+ million users. And Facebook is just one stepaway from Gmail once @facebook.com mail id starts working in its full fledgedavatar.
    18. 18. Thank you for patient hearingWe would like to have your participation for some Q & A
    19. 19. Google’s name was derived after which word ???A) go- girlB) gogoolC)goggle
    20. 20. Mark Zuckerberg comes at what rank in forbes billionaires rich list A) 3rd B) 7th C) 44th D) 52th Ref: http://www.forbes.com/profile/mark-zuckerberg
    21. 21. Which actor’s Photo was on original facebook homepageA) Marlon brandoB) Al PacinoC) Morgan freeman