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10 free software for your business
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10 free software for your business


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10 Free Software for your business. From backup to Content Management Systems to Customer Relationship Managers

10 Free Software for your business. From backup to Content Management Systems to Customer Relationship Managers

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  • 1. 10 Useful Free Software For Your Business Rohit Thakral
  • 2. Few words about us © Target Integration Ltd DatabaseManagement IT Support Membership Management Software Domain Hosting IT Consultation Document Management Content Management System Web Applications ERP Solution Website Design Web Hosting Infrastructure Management CRM Solution Website Development Software Development Customer Relationship Manager Email Hosting Web Hosting Infrastructure Software Custom Software Development Server Management Backup Solution Web Audit Newsletter Solutions E-Commerce Solution SEO Maximization
  • 3. 10 Free Software for your business 1. Integrated Utility Software 2. Office suite Software 3. CRM Software 4. Blogging Software 5. Email Software 6. Financial Software 7. Internet Browsing Software 8. Data Backup Software 9. Call/Conference Software 10. CMS Software © Target Integration Ltd
  • 4. 1. Integrated Utility Software Mailing/Calendar/Chat/Document sharing and task management © Target Integration Ltd
  • 5. Google Apps →Proven cost savings →Mobile email, calendar and IM access →50 times more storage than the industry average →Information security and compliance →Full administrative and data control © Target Integration Ltd
  • 6. 2. Office Suite Software Word Documents, Spread-sheets, Presentations, Database and Drawings © Target Integration Ltd
  • 7. Open Office → You can perform word processing (Word), spreadsheets (Excel), presentations (PowerPoint), drawing (Paint), databases (Access),... → No licence hassles → Easy to use → Runs on all most all the versions of Windows/Linux and Mac machines (No system compatibility issues) → Fully compatible with all the Microsoft Office documents making it easier to share with other MS users © Target Integration Ltd
  • 8. 3. CRM Software CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) © Target Integration Ltd
  • 9. CiviCRM →Contact Management →Record and manage information about your clients/prospects etc. →Membership Management →Event Management →Track Interactions →Mass Mailing © Target Integration Ltd
  • 10. 4. Internet Browse Software Internet Browsing with more secured and personalised way © Target Integration Ltd
  • 11. Firefox →Firefox is a safe, faster and even fully customizable Web Browser →More secure than any other browsers available in the market →Multiple operating system platforms →It’s highly customizable and can be personalised as per your needs and choices. →Huge gallery of add-ons and plug-ins is available © Target Integration Ltd
  • 12. 5. Blogging Software Blogging for more beneficial and known business outputs © Target Integration Ltd
  • 13. WordPress → No technical expertise needed, it has a great admin section. → Themes, layouts, graphics and design are already available (menu bars etc.) → You can use it for affiliate websites, sales websites, review websites, directories and more. → You can have the facilities such →password protected area, →FAQ page, →Google Analytics, →a contact page without exposing your email, → adding media (image, video, audio) and much more © Target Integration Ltd
  • 14. 6. Financial Software An integrated package for your financial CRM, Mass Mailing and ecommerce needs © Target Integration Ltd
  • 15. vTiger →Web-based, Easy to use, Intuitive →Integrated with your CRM application →Plug-in available for outlook synchronisation →Banking module for transactions and financial management →Sales Force Automation – Lead Management, Account & Contact Management, Opportunity Management, Sales Quotes →Inventory Management - Products Catalogue, Price Books, Vendor Management, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders © Target Integration Ltd
  • 16. 7. Call/Conferencing Software Voice call, conferencing and sharing has a new definition with Skype © Target Integration Ltd
  • 17. Skype →you can even get this technology on your mobile phone! →Free Skype to Skype domestic and international calls to your business partners/clients →Exchange files, photos, documents →Have a conference call with anybody and any where in the world →Share your screen with other users © Target Integration Ltd
  • 18. 8. CMS Software Content Management System for your eye catching, feature rich and state of the art website © Target Integration Ltd
  • 19. Joomla/Drupal → Most user friendly CMS available out there → Very easy to modify content, including images and multimedia, and organizing and managing important data. → Thousands of extensions/plugin are available and being developed as we speak → Joomla is well supported by a community of developers and service provider → Some of the main features includes – →Dynamic Forum/Poll/Voting booth for on-the-spot results →Dynamic form builders →Image and multimedia galleries →E-commerce and shopping cart engines →Forums and chat software © Target Integration Ltd
  • 20. 9. email Software e-mail client that's easy to use, giving you effective e-mail © Target Integration Ltd
  • 21. Thunderbird →You get to use a full-featured e-mail client →Switching is easy no need to be afraid of loosing your current e-mails and e-mail account settings →Thunderbird comes with loads of handy features like HTML mail formatting, support for RSS Feeds, quick search functionality, a spell checker and advanced message filtering. →Built-in Bayesian junk mail filter →Anti-Phishing Protection © Target Integration Ltd
  • 22. 10. Backup Software Data is business success, take action before its too late. © Target Integration Ltd
  • 23. Duplicati →Backing up data is particularly important for businesses →Duplicati comes with a simple wizard and loads of back up option to choose from →It has a proper GUI where you can watch the progress of backups and the backup that are in queue. →It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Linux. →Not only does this software allows you to schedule a backup and restore data it also can be set up for notifications of successful/non successful backup runs © Target Integration Ltd
  • 24. Thank You Rohit Thakral +353 86 722 1111 © Target Integration Ltd