Tcs It Wiz 2009 Finals With Answers


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TCS IT Wiz Delhi 2009 Finals

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Tcs It Wiz 2009 Finals With Answers

  1. 1. TCS IT WIZ 2009, Delhi Finals QUIZMASTER : GIRI ‘PICKBRAIN’ BALASUBRAMANIAM DATE : 31ST OCTOBER 2009 VENUE : IIT DELHI Round One – TWITTERING [Direct Orals; +10/0; Passable] 1. In May 2005, Brian Chase anonymously posted a fictional hoax regarding the assassination of the US President. This controversial episode eventually led to what? Verification/moderation of information posted on Wikipedia. 2. The key with the number 5 on it on a mobile phone keypad is dented. Why? For the blind to navigate and dial numbers easily. 3. Justin Frankel created a skinnable, multi-format shareware, which he called ‘Nullsoft’ or ‘nothing to do with software’. How do we better know this today? Winamp. 4. What is the concept behind Blackle? A website powered by Google Custom Search, which aims to save energy by displaying a black background and font color for search results. 5. This was started in 1988 originally at Mumbai as a non-profit association with specific focus on IT software and services. Registered under the Indian Societies Act, its Head Quarters are now in Delhi. What? NASSCOM. 6. Which visual computing lab focusing on services like gaming has provided the special effects for films like Dhoom 2 and Tare Zameen Par? TATA ELXSI.
  2. 2. Round Two – TAGGING [Direct Orals; +10/0; Passable] 1. The computer scientist John McCarthy coined which term? Artificial Intelligence. 2. Name this computer named after a young woman. Apple Lisa, after Steve Jobs’ daughter. 3. What are these? (A slightly changed question) Google Chrome themes.
  3. 3. 4. Identify the gadget. Amazon Kindle. 5. Identify the device (a different picture used). GPS Tracking collar for pets. 6. Identify. Google Wave.
  4. 4. Round Three - @TCS [Buzzer Round; +5/-5; Round exclusively on TCS] 1. TCS launched a business solution called Provider Performance Insight for i. Hospitals ii. Banking iii. ??? Banking. 2. In a first of a kind move, TCS became a partner for a Cricket team. Which team? Rajasthan Royals. 3. TCS has tied up with which networking giant? CISCO. 4. In which of the following states did TCS obtain a contract for SWAN (State Wide Area Network)? i. Andhra Pradesh ii. Karnataka iii. Maharashtra Andhra Pradesh. Round Four – CROP IT [Direct Orals; +10/0; Passable; Connect using the given clues – Visuals/Words] 1. Connect: i. Thomas and John Knoll ii. A creek iii. Buzz Word iv. Aldus Adobe. 2. Connect: i. Phoenix ii. Gecko iii. Namoroka iv. A video clip Mozilla Firefox. 3. Connect: i. Braeburn Capital ii. One To One iii. Al Gore iv. Snow Leopard Apple. 4. Connect: i. The Power of We ii. NAVTEQ iii. Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Re (Audio) Nokia.
  5. 5. 5. Connect: i. Harvard ii. Rahul Dravid iii. Connect U iv. April 6th Movement Mark Zuckerberg. 6. Connect: i. Better By Design ii. FUSION2 iii. Cool n Quiet iv. Superman Theme (Audio) AMD. Round Five – SWODS [Buzzer Round; +5/-5; Work out the name by adding up the clues] 1. The name of a gadget/device. Movie - Fruit - Black + Berry = Blackberry. 2. The name of a person. Slang term for this – Type - Bill + Gate = Bill Gates.
  6. 6. 3. The name of a person. Name – Segment - Steve (Austin) + Jobs = Steve Jobs. Fourth question discarded as winners had already been decided. The Final Standings: Winners………………………….. DPS, NOIDA First Runners Up……………… Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi Second Runners Up………… New Era Public School, Mayapuri Joint Fourth…………………….. Bluebells, DPS Vasant Kunj and DPS RK Puram
  7. 7. SHARING IS CARING The Tree of Knowledge Help It Grow Compiled By: Shreyans Jain Do Visit: ‘The Nothing Official About It’ Indian Quiz Forum