Beginner's guide to user acquisition for mobile apps and games


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With over a million apps on iOS and Android, the biggest problem that developers face is User Acquisition. A quick guide to help indi developers on user acquisition and the most cost-effective ways to do it

  • With such a huge number of apps present in the app market , it is very important to optimize the app to stand out from the crowd. Check out for more information and insights on App Store Optimization.
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  • Thanks for the nice overview of the UA landscape. Another app discovery platform you may want to check out is Drippler. We curate the apps presented to users based on their device and their interests. The result is not only higher conversion, but also higher retention of the users (i.e. higher LTV). Let me know what you think if you get a chance to check it out.
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  • Beginner's guide to user acquisition for mobile apps and games

    1. 1. User Acquisition for Mobile Apps Rohit Nair, Head –Knowledge Gaming, Games2win
    2. 2. Why should an app acquire users?
    3. 3. 1) Visibility!!
    4. 4. Great Launch + Sustained downloads for a longer period
    5. 5. 2) Stability of downloads Download numbers are relatively consistent after a particular rank is established . (-10% to +10% )
    6. 6. 3) Generate Revenue User acquisition is most important after LTV (Life time value) of a game has been determined. More downloads = More Money
    7. 7. How many downloads are ‘Valuable’?
    8. 8. Free downloads required
    9. 9. Paid downloads required
    10. 10. Free downloads per category
    11. 11. How do we acquire users??
    12. 12. Three Parts of User Acquisition • Install Volume • Conversion Rate % • User Quality
    13. 13. Jargons explained 1) Conversion Rate (CR)(X axis): Clicks/Installs 2) User Quality(Y axis): User Quality scores are calculated by analyzing the number of sessions, in-app events, purchases and retention 3) Volume(Bubble size): New users’ volume
    14. 14. 1) Search
    15. 15. Search Search here means mobile web search and not appstore search. Pros • Best Quality of users (as they are looking for a game) Cons • Low Quantity • Low Conversion Rates Comments: • Use Adsense for Mobile to advertise on Google Search (Highly untapped. Low volume but great Quality users) • User CPC campaigns
    16. 16. Search (Appstore search) Pros • High Conversion Rates • High Quality of users Comments • Dependent on Download volume (+velocity) + Ratings : nothing else!  • Appstore SEO like web search depends heavily on download traffic as much as hygiene Must use: ,, searchman to compare and name apps and keywords
    17. 17. 2) Ad Networks
    18. 18. Ad Network Buying CPC CPI
    19. 19. Ad Networks Pros • Deliver strong volume Cons • Conversion rates lower • Quality of users lower Comments: • Best suited for Mass market apps and Games • Always use CPI against CPC
    20. 20. Available Networks (listed in the following slides)
    21. 21. LTV Optimizers LTV Optimizers help you to get the best return out of multiple ad networks by splitting total spend and analyzing the returns. LTV-Optimizers are easy to use and just need an SDK installed into your app
    22. 22. What apps should try CPC (Cost per Click) Facebook MoPub Mmedia Admob
    23. 23. What we should try CPI (Cost per install) Flurry
    24. 24. Facebook Advertising Believed to be the most cost effective Install mechanism Average CPI in the US around $2
    25. 25. Flurry’s Appcircle allows you to target specific type of users $0.50 - $3.00 seem to be the standard CPIs across industries and Ad networks!
    26. 26. 3) Incentivized Traffic
    27. 27. Incentivized Traffic Pros • Highest Conversion rates Cons • Conversion rates lower • Quality of users lower Comments: Best suited for Mass market apps and Games
    28. 28. Incentivized + Non Incentivized Due to the Low quality of users acquired from Incentivized , these companies are now moving to Non Incentivized user acquisition (like any other ad network) NativeX and Tapjoy now function as normal ad networks + provide acquisition depending upon the level of activity in the app
    29. 29. 4) App Discovery Platforms
    30. 30. App discovery Platforms
    31. 31. App Discovery Platform Success Stories
    32. 32. Final Comments 1) User acquisition is not a science, it’s an art 2) User acquisition cannot be mastered with a single campaign, this is an iterative process till you figure what works best for YOUR app 3) App discovery platforms are expensive but a great start to any app launch 4) Talk to agents of different networks to get the best deal and figure what will work for YOU