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  1. 1. Proud and Happy Sponsors
  2. 2. Thank you all for participating in the First Online IT Quiz by Quizzing.in . We received an overwhelming response and to thank everyone , we’ve increased the prizes. Instead of the earlier promised Top 2, we will now award the Top 5 with Digit and NoMoreQueue gifts. NoMoreQueue.com loved the event and is now providing Movie Discount coupons to 50 Lucky Winners!! The Top 5 for the First Online IT Quiz by Quizzing.in are: •Abhishek Nag •Anup Kumar Alevoor •Ashwin P •Nitin Rao •Sachin Ravi
  3. 3. Which company has recently launched this tablet/mobile device in the UK and is soon to release in the U.S (as on July 31, 2010)? Dell Dell has launched a 5 inch Tablet called Streak.
  4. 4. 'Bada' is a new mobile phone operating system by which company? Samsung Other operating systems in the mobile industry are: Symbian- Nokia Android – Google Windows- Microsoft
  5. 5. Identify this gentleman-one of the greatest founders of all time. Paul Allen Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gaates
  6. 6. John Abraham, Genelia D'Souza and Abhay Deol are brand ambassadors for which company? LG John, Genelia and Abhay are endorsing the LG Cookie (mobile phone)
  7. 7. Identify the brand from the visual Twitter
  8. 8. Identify the initiative/organization/company OLPC- One Laptop Per Child
  9. 9. Which company's logo can be represented by 8 U's and was acquired by Oracle earlier this year? SUN Microsystems
  10. 10. Identify the game from this visual HALO 3
  11. 11. Which company produces processors called i3, i5 and i7? Intel
  12. 12. Which of the following leaders succeeded the lady in the image as the CEO of a major IT company? Ursula Burns The lady in the picture is Anne Mulcahy- the ex-ceo 0f Xerox . Ursula Burns succeeded here to head Xerox.
  13. 13. If India uses - .in , China uses - .cn , Australia uses - .au , what does USA use? USA does not have a TLD like India, China and other companies. They are provided and expected to use .com (dot com) .US (dot US) is a TLD which is mainly used instead of .gov by the US government and Academia.
  14. 14. One word answer for the Visual connection below Bhuvan Bhuvan was the name of Aamir Khan’s character in Lagaan and Bhuvan is the 3D Satellite Mapping technology provided by ISRO (whose logo is seen above)
  15. 15. 'SYMC' is the NASDAQ Ticker of which IT company? Symantec Symantec is the largest maker of personal computer security software founded in 1982 by Gary Hendrix
  16. 16. Identify the in-the-news Logo WikiLeaks
  17. 17. Which term was first mentioned by Ben Hammersley in the Guardian newspaper in a February 2004 article for the new medium? Ben described it as a portmanteau of 'Playable on Demand' and Broadcasting. PodCasting
  18. 18. Proud and Happy Sponsors