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Think Slides Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Copyright@T
  2. 2. Presentation Communication Empowerment Copyright@T
  3. 3. Copyright@T
  4. 4. Different Countries America Europe Asia Different Cultures Different Communication Methods Africa Australia Copyright@T
  5. 5. Know your Audiences Realize Their Culture Avoid Mistakes Copyright@T
  6. 6. Copyright@T
  7. 7. Think Business Think Client Think Communication Think PowerPoint Empower Communication Copyright@T
  8. 8. We remember less than 10% of what we hear verbally Templates Successful meeting using visuals - Provide visual unity 40% - Add pizzazz - Save time Retention in Message 30% Presentations 33% 67% 20% 10% Successful meeting without visuals Verbal Only Verbal Presentation Presentation With Visuals Copyright@T
  9. 9. Copyright@T
  10. 10. Copyright@T
  11. 11. Copyright@T
  12. 12. 2. Pick the Appropriate Design 3. Plan the Slides Pick Plan Layout and Content Prepare 4. Present the Idea 1. Prepare the Across to the Client Content Well Present 5. Perfect The slides as per client requirements Perfect Copyright@T
  13. 13. Copyright@T
  14. 14. PowerPoint Improvement & Enhancement Content Driven Basic PowerPoint Presentations Focus on Client Requirements Light Animated Presentations Focus on Soothing Visuals Heavy Animated Presentations High End Visuals for Marketing Audio/ Visual Presentations No Presenter Required, Voice Driven Movie Aided Presentations Use Video To Support the Matter Copyright@T
  15. 15. Presentations Cater to specific Client need Improvement Harmony with Rework Content and And Enhancement Communication Features Audio Aided Professional Themes No Presenter Required And Totally Email Driven Professional Colors Slides Content Driven Copyright@T
  16. 16. Contract Initiation Template Slides Details Design Final Touches and Acceptance Client sends the Maintenance Requirements Contract is finalized and the type of slides required decided The Template Finalized by the client Work on the slides begin Final Touches are made to the slides. Final animations are applied, The rework is continued till the client accepts the final presentation Work on the slides begin Copyright@T
  17. 17. Prices based on Client sends the Focus is on No changes to average Textual and We Enhance the speed, text animation or development Graphical Slides visual/layout screen time of 3.5 Content improvement and transitions. minutes per consistency. slide @ $100/hour. 1-49 Slides 50- 99 Slides 100- 199 Slides 200+ Slides $ 5 Per Slide $4 Per Slide $3.65 Per Slide $3 Per Slide Copyright@T
  18. 18. Copyright@T
  19. 19. Copyright@T
  20. 20. Copyright@T
  21. 21. Copyright@T
  22. 22. High End Graphics and Animations Prices based on an Use of Animated and estimated development Clipped Images to suit time of 30 minutes per the content slide @ $60/hour. Graphics- an average of one per page- selected Constant Feedback and by The Presentation communication with Team to support the client content. Use of Professional Content developed by Templates made client, with editorial exclusively for the input from The client ThinkSlides Team. Copyright@T
  23. 23. Japanese Bow down to greet Germans remain upright while greeting Arab men tough each other Arab and Indians have the largest vocabulary in gestures American and British restrain facial expression In China people do not write in Red Ink and do no use the number 4 In Saudi Arabia the law prohibits the wearing of neck jewelry Copyright@T
  24. 24. Clear Value Key Players Data Clear Key Players One To Value Postcards Friends Dimensional Data Many to Vertical one One to One Strategy Many Broadcasting Work Shops Mails Channel Conferences Promotion One toMailing Alliances Vertical One Strategy Partners Mailing Many to One to Self Mailing Print Media Many Seminars Letters one Emails Sponsorship Increased Road Shows Increased Target List Clients Target List Phone Lead Mailing Events Referrals Branding Nurturing Vendors Marketing Database Marketing Database Copyright@T
  25. 25. Extensive use of Microsoft Speech Engine Unique Music Aided Presentations movies voice Audio Use of Voice to Supplement Visual Presenters Sound Video Clips and Flash ,movies to Support Content Copyright@T
  26. 26. Tata’s Ms. The Mamta Dream Delays Banerjee The The The Promised Political Surety Sanand Land Turmoil One The The The Offer Lakh Car Farmers Withdrawal Copyright@T
  27. 27. Copyright@T
  28. 28. Copyright@T
  29. 29. Are your Do you have audiences not difficulty finding understanding Professional what you want graphics? to convey in presentations? Are your audiences bored by your presentations? Our comprehensive one-of-a-kind program provides creative techniques and time-saving strategies to help raise your presentations to the next level. The Power Presentations Seminar is designed to help professionals more effectively use Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations that get noticed. Copyright@T
  30. 30. • 2 Hour Workshop: Rs 1500 • Half-Day Workshop: Rs 3000 • Full-Day Workshop: Rs 7000 : Copyright@T
  31. 31. Copyright@T
  32. 32. Visit us at Copyright@T