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Logic Fruit Technologies
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Logic Fruit Technologies


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  • 1. LOGIC FRUIT TECHNOLOGIES July 2012Your Partner in System Design © 2010 Logic Fruit Technologies All
  • 2. COMPANY OVERVIEWAbout • Since the time of establishment in Nov 2009, Logic Fruit Technologies has been providing System Design Services, with Expertise in High Speed Serial Protocol Design. The services included FPGA Development, Board Bring up, Embedded and Host level SW development and Validation. We have expertise in DSP Development . • The team comprises of Highly Skilled and Experienced Engineers from reputed Institutes like IIT and NIT. FPGA Development Software Embedded/Middle Layer/GUI Integration & ValidationCore Competence Business ModelsEXPERTISE ON STANDARDS / DSP Have years of experience on working serial protocols like PCIe, HDMI,DigRFv4, OBSAI, MIPI – Dphy, Mphy etc. WiMAX (802.16e), LTE (4G), and Wi-FI (802.11n • Our Engineers • Completely • Milestone based work for you managed by payment onsite and Logic-Fruit team • Royalty basedSOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE offshore and in based on fixed payments a mix of cost. With >100 years of combined development experience onsite/offshore spread over Embedded software and desktop based model, we applications charge them by the Time and MaterialsFPGA DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE Flexible Consulting Fixed Price Have owned complete cycles of FPGA development from Model Project paymentspecification to Board. option >75 Years of experience with High density FPGADEBUGGING/ TROUBLE SHOOTING Have expertise in using debugging tool like Chip-
  • 3. CORE VALUESVision Mission• To be known as the exclusive system design partner for Our Mission can be summarized as below: engineering space. • Strengthen ourselves as a preferred partner for Test and Measurement industry. • Provide expert domain knowledge and leading technical consultancy to achieve clients’ business results in the embedded/Semiconductors domain.Values EthicsThe greatest potentials for the growth of any company are We believe in a core set of ethics to promote high standardsgenerated by a commitment to high corporate values. The of practice at workplace:values that we firmly believe in and that drive us: •Integrity and Transparency•Client focus •Fair employment practices•Leadership by Example •Diversity and inclusion•Excellence •Health and safety•Respect •Environmental protection•Communication
  • 4. SERVICES Execution ExperiencePCIE GEN3 ANALYZER (AXIE PCIE-GEN3 PROTOCOL TEST DPHY EXERCISER SOLUTIONBased) - COMPLIANCE –Royalty based (FOR DSI AND CSI-2) -• FPGA consultant to complete project execution • Contributed as FPGA and Software• FPGA/ SW Integrations efforts • Test case implementation in FPGA consultant• FPGA development for additional • Test case implantation in software • FPGA/ SW Integrations efforts features • Validation/debugging the test case • FPGA development for additional behavior with customer’s Device features under test • Creating verification and validationPCIE GEN3 EXERCISER - • Discussion with PCI-SIG members environment for various test cases• Software and FPGA consultants to• Firmware, host software design and development DPHY ANALYZER SOLUTION (FOR• Initial board turn on DIGRFV4 PROTOCOL DSI AND CSI-2) - COMPLIANCE SUIT - • Contribution as FPGA and Software• Supported Hardware-FPGA- software Integration • Formulated the test cases from consultants DigRFV4 specification • Firmware, host software design and• Implemented PCIe LTSSM test case for Automated testing • Implementation of the test case in development software • Supported Initial board turn on • Validation of the test cases on • Hardware-FPGA-software different devices under test IntegrationHDMI PROTOCOLANALYZER/GENERATOR - • Created verification and validation environment• Development of HDMI protocol analyzer/generator CPRI PROTOCOL FPGA• Ported a HDMI ASIC on PROTOTYPING – FPGA, doing HDMI processing of Porting of CPRI protocol from ASIC digital data to FPGA• Integrated the old HDMI compliance • Working at 10Gbps tool into new solution • Providing Expertise solutions in• Supported all 64 VIC + 4 4k2k FPGA and DDR interface formats
  • 5. DSP RELATED EXPERIENCEDSP related experience Implementation of PHY layer of wireless standards that include WiMAX (802.16e), LTE (4G), and Wi-FI (802.11n).Language: MATLAB, C++, Verilog . Tools: ModelSim 6.4, Xilinx (XST 10.3), Plan-Ahead. Target Device: Virtex5Responsibilities:Algorithm development, Fixed Point Implementation and Architecture definition using MATLAB and C++.Algorithm Design and RTL implementation of IPs including, -Signal Processing Blocks like DFT, FFT, and Filters. -Forward Error Correction Blocks like Viterbi Decoder, LDPC Encoder/Decoder, and Inter-leaver. -Matrix Processing Blocks like Matrix Inverse, QR/SVD Decomposition. -Video Compression and De-Compression blocks like DCT, AES, Entropy encoding. -RTL Implementation, Functional Verification and Code Coverage using Modelsim and CygwinSynthesis and timing analysis/simulation using Xilinx XST.Placement/Routing on FPGA using Plan Ahead.Porting, Debugging and Testing of entire design on FPGA. Ultra High Data Rate Wireless Video Transfer DeviceOutline: In this project an FPGA prototype for wireless transfer of uncompressed video using UWB (Ultra Wide Band) and Wi-Fi(802.11n) MIMO-OFDM technologies was designedLanguage: MATLAB, C++, Verilog. Tools: Cygwin, ModelSim, ISE. Target Device: Virtex5Responsibilities:Wireless frequency planning, standardization and testing.Defining system level architecture for the baseband.Designing of different signal processing algorithms for wireless communication like AGC, Packet Acquisition, IQmismatch, Time Synchronization, Frequency Synchronization, Channel Estimation, PAPR reduction etc.Performing System level BER simulation and fixed-point simulations.Defining RF specifications like ADC/DAC bit width LO phase noise, LNA noise floor, receiver sensitivity, etc.Preparing hardware specification document and generating test-vector for Verilog blocks.Co-verification of RTL using test-vector generated by MATLAB.Debugging of RF and Digital boards.Successful demonstration of wireless video transfer at a distance of 10 feet.
  • 6. KEY DIFFERENTIATORSFPGA Software •Experts in Implementing high speed standards on •Expertise on concept to product development FPGA based platform •Experts with system design involving HW & SW •Experts in Synthesizable Protocol IP Development. integration •Experts working with Xilinx Virtex series and Altera •Experts in desktop applications/tools for protocol Stratix series analysis •Handled High-Speed design running at 250Mhz, 80% •Expertise on VS-2008 with C++, C#, WPF etc. of FPGA full. •Software engineering with expertise on protocols •Handled multiple clocks domain in FPGA, Multi-Gigabit •Expertise on reverse engineering/ platform porting Transceivers •Experts in DDR IP’s like DDR2 and DDR3 •Experts in debugging with ChipScopes, Signal Tap and LA •Experts in StrategyDevelopmentsynthesis, Place & Route and achieving Timing closure Efficiently Custome Meet speedy r customizatio Satisfacti Customer n Requireme Compact, lean on Effective EMS nt operation size management Efficient product engineering capability Experienced, skillful Competitive Cost production Team
  • 7. TEAMManagement BiosSANJEEV KUMAR, Co-Founder• Sanjeev Kumar started his first venture in his school days and extended the same passion for entrepreneurship as well. Sanjeev, an hardware engineer from heart is driving innovation and exploring new business and technology. His role is to develop and promote company’s future technology leadership.ROHIT JOSHI, Co-Founder• Rohit Joshi takes care of global delivery. He has overseen the operations from the inception of Logic Fruit. He is involved in policies and strategy formulation, projecting company’s capabilities to external stakeholders, business community and society. Rohit is a embedded software expert. Rohit has lots of experience and passion for using technology for empowering businessesANIL NIKHRA, Co-Founder• Anil Nikhra is responsible for the formation, monitoring, and management of Logic Fruit policies and strategies, negotiating and assisting with management turnaround, and solving legal related issues with advice to Board on matters of function and operation. Anil has earned ample technical experience in embedded and desktop application . Anil is a leading thinker and practitioner helping clients recognize the impact of new technologies on their business models. Technical Team3530 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q425 Others20 25%1510 IIT/NIT/DCE 75% 5 0 FY 10 FY 11 FY 12
  • 8. CLIENTS & PARTNERSClients 1) Agilent Technologies (US and Europe) 2) BitIfEye Digital Solutions (Europe) 3) Freescale India 4) Questtech (US)Strategic Partners 1) DByDx (India) 2) IP-Nest (Europe) 3) InStryde (US)
  • 9. CONTACT Logic Fruit Technologies appreciates your partnership! Rohit Joshi Phone: +91 9910 357 158 Logic Fruit Technologies 806, 8th floor, BPTP Park Centra, Sector 30, Gurgaon, Haryana, India PIN – 122 001 www.logic-fruit.comYour Partner in System Design