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Building high performance_teams_101205

  1. 1. Human Resources Specific Interest Group Proudly Presents Pattie Vargas, PMP The Vargas Group Unleash The Potential! Building High Performance Teams
  2. 2. 4 Components to Building High Performance Teams Believe in Team Empowerment Project Managers today must Assume a Leadership Role Invest in Team Development Learn to Manage Conflict The Vargas Group
  3. 3. It’s a new game with new job requirements Have the ability to: Assume a Leadership Role Forge partnerships and collaborative relationships among cross-functional teams Lead and promote change, growth and effectiveness Motivate a varied, cross-functional staff Manage, lead and motivate highly skilled project teams The Vargas Group
  4. 4. Must possess: Assume a Leadership Role Outstanding Leadership skills Proven leadership of technical and non-technical teams Exceptional collaborative, teaming and consensus building abilities Proficiency in staff motivation, conflict resolution and disciplinary procedures Experience in staff management, recruitment and selection, creation of goals and objectives, performance assessment It’s a new game with new job requirements The Vargas Group
  5. 5. Character Traits of a Good Leader Honesty Humility Willingness to Risk (related to individuals) Takes responsibility Relies on standards vs intimidation, charisma or manipulation to motivate Assume a Leadership Role The Vargas Group
  6. 6. Skills of a Good Leader Champion for the Team Staff Management Good Manager Ability to Motivate Assume a Leadership Role The Vargas Group
  7. 7. Building The Team Understand the project goals Set the Ground Rules Develop the project and team charters Recognize the team composition Invest in Team Development “Ignoring the personalities and individual drivers of the members of your project team is like walking through sand in swim fins.” Vargas The Vargas Group
  8. 8. Gain Buy-In Value the individual members Solicit input and then LISTEN Ask for Help Hold effective meetings Recognize milestones and achievements All work and no play …. Invest in Team Development The Vargas Group
  9. 9. Have Fun!  “There may be 50 ways to leave your lover but only 4 ways out of this airplane.” Herb Kelleher  “There are just too many people at work with tight underwear.” Ken Blanchard  “Don’t take yourself so %#$& seriously!” Benjamin Zander  “This place rocks with energy!” John Christensen to Stephen Lundlin Invest in Team Development Energetic, joyous teamwork drives out stress, boredom, burnout and apathy The Vargas Group
  10. 10. The FISH Philosophy Play Make Their Day Be There Choose Your Attitude Invest in Team Development Serious Fun Builds Advanced Teams The Vargas Group
  11. 11. Conflict Happens Learn to Manage Conflict Common Misconceptions Harmony is normal and conflict is abnormal Conflict and disagreement are the same thing Conflict is the result of personality problems Conflict and anger are the same thing The Vargas Group
  12. 12. 2 Types of Conflict Behavior Emotional conflict – A Type - personal, defensive, resentful Cognitive conflict – C Type - depersonalized: surrounding ideas, plans, approaches Learn to Manage Conflict The Vargas Group
  13. 13. Transform A Type into C Type Prepare for conflict Recognize that Dissatisfaction / Unrest can indicate unmet needs Remember the common goal Create a safe environment for open dissension and disagreement Encourage coaching within the team Know when to take it off line Learn to Manage Conflict The Vargas Group
  14. 14. The Role of Vision Believe in Team Empowerment Set a clear vision Align the vision with the mission Cross-functional Teams – recognize the barriers to success Unclear roles and responsibilities – lines of command Unclear goals Disorganized team structure Lack of involvement on the part of team members The Vargas Group
  15. 15. Empowering Actions Believe in Team Empowerment Collaboration Flexibility Unwavering support Distributed decision making The Vargas Group
  16. 16. Motivators De-motivators Be a leader Champion the team’s accomplishments Honesty, humility Willingness to take chances Encourage creativity Fairness Rewards and recognition Fun Weak leadership Take credit for others success Dishonesty Playing it by the book Bending the rules Hidden agendas Compromise Coalitions: Gossip, dishonesty All work and no play Believe in Team Empowerment The Vargas Group
  17. 17. Characteristics of an Empowered Team Potency Meaningfulness Autonomy Impact Believe in Team Empowerment The Vargas Group
  18. 18. Conclusion Project Management = People Management Assume a Leadership Role Investing in the team saves time, money and energy in the long run Conflict is inevitable – but it can be minimized Motivate and empower The Vargas Group
  19. 19. Suggested Action Plan Assess Your Leadership Skills 360 degree surveys, accountability coach Develop the Team What steps did you miss, if any? Deal With Conflict What is your conflict management plan? Empower Your Team Team meeting – check for alignment Are you motivating or de-motivating? The Vargas Group
  20. 20. Recommended Reading  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey  FISH! – Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul and John Christensen  Peopleware – Tom deMarco, Timothy Lister  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – Patrick Lencioni  The Art of Possibility – Rosamund Stone Zander  Tools: Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument  The Vargas Group
  21. 21. Thank you Pattie Vargas, PMP The Vargas Group Unleash The Potential!