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A study on Advertising

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Media Planning

  1. 1. Advertising
  2. 2. The Media Planning ProcessMedia Planning and Strategies
  3. 3. Media PlanningComplex processMany options todaySupport mediaAdvantages and limitations to eachmedia…
  4. 4. What is media planning? Series of decisions involved in delivering the promotional message to the prospective buyer and user of a product. “Plan – Process”
  5. 5. What does a media plan include? Objectives Strategies Media Choices Media Schedule
  6. 6. Basic Terminology Media Plan Specifies the media in which advertising messages will be placed to reach the desired target audience Media Class A broad category of media such as television, radio or newspapers Media Vehicle A particular option for the placement of media class
  7. 7. Steps in media planning Information collection Set media objectives Determine media strategy Select media classes Selecting within classes Media use decisions
  8. 8. Media Planning Collection of information Situation analysis Creative Marketing Total market Strategy Strategy History costs profits Theme Dist pattern Selling Message Market Sale Targets Research Rival pattern Nature of prod Product Marketing mixWhat comm Mark prob Analysis
  9. 9. Media Objectives Set goals for media placement –Translate marketing objectives into goals media can accomplish
  10. 10. Media Strategies General guidelines to control planners use and selection Strategy helps to ensure good messages get placed in right media to have as much impact as possible
  11. 11. Selecting media classes Which broad class best fulfils criteria. Inter media comparisons with audience size
  12. 12. Selecting media vehicle& media use decisions Best media – which vehicle with max “reach” Broadcast – sponsorship, scheduling, placements Print – no of ads, format- treatment – gatefold, bleed Other media – decisions peculiar to them
  13. 13. Challenges to media planning Insufficient information Inconsistent information Accuracy in effectiveness Time pressure
  14. 14. Developing media plan 1. Market analysis 2. Establish media objectives 3. Media strategy development & implementation 4. Evaluation & follow up
  15. 15. Market analysis & targetidentification To whom shall we advertise What factors influence the plan Where should we promote When should we focus
  16. 16. To whom shall we advertise Target audience Index number – percentage of users Demographics, geographic, psychographic
  17. 17. Factors that affect plan Internal – media budget, management abilities External – economy, technology, competitive factors
  18. 18. Where to promote Geographic markets CDI and BDIBDI – Percentage of brand to total sale/ percentage of populationCDI Percentage of product category total sale/percentage of total populationHigh bdi – high CDI
  19. 19. When to promote Aperture Right mood and right time
  20. 20. Developing and implementingmedia strategies - factors Media Mix Target market Over exposure Geographic coverage Creative factors Flexibility Budget
  21. 21. Scheduling Strategies Continuity Bursting Flighting Road blocking PulsingContinuityFlightingPulsingJan Fe Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
  22. 22. Media Strategies – critical elements Reach and frequencyReach is number of people that will be exposed to a vehicle or schedule at least once during a given period of timeFrequency is average number of times an ind within ta is exposed to a media vehicle in a given periodGross Rating Point = Reach X frequency
  23. 23. Media Strategies – critical elements Length or Size of adsElectronic – 10 to 60 secondsPrint – full page or one col inchDepends on creative elements, media budget and competition
  24. 24. Media Choices Determine which medium is appropriate for message Three facts – media mix, media efficiency and competitve media assessment
  25. 25. Media Choices – media efficiencyand competitive media CPT/CPM Cost to reach out to thousand members of an audience using a particular medium Competitive Media AssessmentShare of Voice – any advertisers expense relative to overall spending in a product category
  26. 26. 4 Ms of Media Planning Market Message Medium Money
  27. 27. Computers in media planning Reach frequency analysis Adplus – media plannig Adware – media costs Media plan inc – reach frequency multireach Nielsen Savie – ad express People meter
  28. 28. Thank you!!!!!!!!!