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The KEY TRAINING used to help ministry leaders and teams design and clarify their ministry game plan.

Deciding WHAT needs to be done and what DOESN'T need to be done is essential. This training (and offsite process) helps teams say yes, no and not yet to their strategic focuses.

The key part of the training is a 7 step process that focuses on the HEALTH and strategically focus on what matters most.

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_MINISTRY__Practical Leadership

  1. 1. Practical Leadership Effective Leadership
  2. 2. Be the dropand not the ripple.
  3. 3. How is your ministry1 making disciples of all nations?
  4. 4. The Church only has ONE job
  5. 5. Disciples MAKE Disciples
  6. 6. 2Are peoplematuring?
  7. 7. 3Is your processfor making disciplessimple & effective?
  8. 8. next steps?
  9. 9. Discipleship obstacles?
  10. 10. 4Can people use their gifts sustainably?
  11. 11. When & Why
  12. 12. How are leaders developed?5
  13. 13. the rs in eighty ade ose dre d le – th aits: hun ell er tr , our he f y finish five ed w charact nce“Of t ight ing God, ob edie l bib le e e follow ith e co unse h ad t timacy w ceiv all h ty, in ility to re li umi d the ab h fait h an rs” othe from xwe ll ma j ohn
  14. 14. i ty li odhu m ng what ogu evi bout y eli s ab say 1
  15. 15. g od esse d in to matu wi s >>th pri nti ma cyin ti 2
  16. 16. ce eny hto diitentl rig be s s con to do singchoo 3
  17. 17. f thd ai g go tin hent rus n w eve 4
  18. 18. dom g f rom wis t he rs om o lea rnin ist enin el fr g & nslc ou 5
  19. 19. Are you focussed on the health of your ministry?6
  20. 20. 7 Steps to Growth
  21. 21. ONE assumption
  22. 22. a healthy body grows
  23. 23. THE question
  24. 24. What is preventing us from growing?
  25. 25. A Formula For A Healthy Ministry - OverviewThe QuestionWhat is preventing us from growing?A Formula For A Healthy MinistryThe QuestionWhat is preventing us from growing?Brainstorm & OrganiseWhat groupings do these issues connect naturally in?PrioritiseWhat is the most important issue to remove from our business in the next 12months?StrategiseIn what way way we will remove these issues from our business?Action & CommunicationWho will do what by when? What resources do we place where? Who needs toknow?Revisit Quarterly & AnnuallyMaking sure we review and renew every year
  26. 26. What ispreventing us from growing?
  27. 27. 1brainstorm
  28. 28. organise 2
  29. 29. prioritise 3
  30. 30. 4 strategise
  31. 31. 5 communicate
  32. 32. 6 act &implement
  33. 33. 7review & refine
  34. 34. 7What have you said NO to?
  35. 35. The two mostpowerful words in the world
  36. 36. a not to do not list to do
  37. 37. Next week?Next month?Next year?