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This is a presentation I gave at a workshop convened by Mission Models Money. Attending were the senior mt of the five national performing arts companies in Scotland. December 3rd 2008

This is a presentation I gave at a workshop convened by Mission Models Money. Attending were the senior mt of the five national performing arts companies in Scotland. December 3rd 2008

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  • 1. Some organizations are stuck. Others move quickly. In a changing world, who's having more fun? Seth Godin in Tribes MMM Horizon Scanning workshop with @bigfive | Glasgow Rohan Gunatillake | NESTA | December 2nd 2008, a Tuesday
  • 2. who I work for innovation collaboration relationships collaboration
  • 3. <web> Connect moving conversations to collaborations integrating web and world ungeeking the nation since 2008
  • 4. i wrote an article for MMM
  • 5. are you sitting comfortably?
  • 6. open innovation | user-led innovation
  • 7. online narratives
  • 8. peer-to-peer ownership
  • 9. rapid prototyping
  • 10. tightening your tribe
  • 11. open innovation | user-led innovation
  • 12. The people with the best ideas don't work for you
  • 13. crowdsourcing courtesy of web 2.0 tools
  • 14. It's not hard to find your crowd nowadays
  • 15. innovating with them is another matter
  • 16. but the crowd will only take it for so long
  • 17. Hello I'm Sackboy. I'm made of wool. And I've just revolutionised video gaming.
  • 18. Playability at all levels of engagement
  • 19. Unprecedented customisation and communities
  • 20. open innovation | user-led innovation Which of your processes are suitable for opening? How well do you know your partners' appetites? What is the crowd dynamic across The Big Five?
  • 21. Online narratives
  • 22. Inventive delivery methods from expected sources
  • 23. and the more traditional
  • 24. the magic of the live experience will never be replaced
  • 25. but it will be augmented
  • 26. and the newest of the new?
  • 27. Some questions: Are you happy with just being very good or do you want to be interesting as well? How well are you curating a 360°experience of your work? Are you in conversation with the cutting edge practitioners in the performing arts?
  • 28. peer to peer ownership
  • 29. P2P is no longer a dirty word
  • 30. Disintermediation rules OK
  • 31. Production models with massive ambitions already exist
  • 32. Web has also re-acquainted us with shared ownership
  • 33. Some questions: What are the opportunities for the audience as investor? (cf MMM NAFI work) How can the growing appetite for peer-voted, democratic models be applied to your productions?
  • 34. rapid prototyping
  • 35. Models abound for web-based innovation processes
  • 36. Models abound for web-based innovation processes
  • 37. Some are ongoing initiatives
  • 38. Others are standalone events
  • 39. As much about the process as about the product
  • 40.
  • 41. Government not afraid to get in the act either
  • 42. Some questions: What data do you have which can be explored? There will be development talent interested in working with you, can you find them? Can you tap the creative talents of your staff in new ways?
  • 43. tightening your tribe anyone producing works of art needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living Kevin Kelly
  • 44. don't be afraid of Google-time
  • 45. We all need to find our Frank Eliason(s)
  • 46. Invest £10.99 in them
  • 47. Or even better, hand them your copy
  • 48. The challenge Collaboration isn't always easy but with the right guidance, understanding of roles together with a common language and purpose It can be very powerful indeed
  • 49. The opportunity Can this group convene an extraordinary conversation about the relationship between the arts and new technology? I think yes. What are we waiting for?
  • 50. Photo & video credits YouTube WeCan08 usnowfilm flickr goliat_von_gestern aleksiaaltonen codepo8 Pigsaw mikitusa enabledbydesign lenny&meriel Other
  • 51. Us Now
  • 52. A revolution doesn't happen when a society adopts new tools. It happens when society adopts new behaviours Clay Shirky | NESTA Connect twitter: @rohan_london