Flock Browser is Web 2.0
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Flock Browser is Web 2.0

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This is a presentation of how the new Flock browser is everything Web 2.0.

This is a presentation of how the new Flock browser is everything Web 2.0.

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  • Flock 2.0 better than Google Chrome


    Flock 2.0 better than Google Chrome

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  • 1. Brought to you by: Rohan Vaswani, Tiffany Flaherty, Zayd Noaman, Brandon Fetzer
  • 2. Why Flock was Chosen
    • We were recently recommended to use the Flock browser through a friend. After playing around and exploring with Flock we saw its potential as a major Web 2.0 platform. Flock allows its users to stay connected to their accounts on social network sites while browsing the web which is an interesting and useful concept in today’s network based society.
  • 3. The Birthplace?
    • Flock was founded in 2005 based in Redwood
    • City, CA and developed by Flock, Inc.
    • Flock is built on top of the open-source for
    • Mozilla Firefox.
  • 4. What Flock does
    • “ Flock is focused on fundamentally evolving the
    • browser, bringing a refreshing new approach to how
    • people use and participate on the web and simplifying
    • social and web-based applications by bringing them
    • one step closer to the user and integrating them
    • directly into the browser. Our goal is to give Flock’s
    • users maximum control over their web experience.”
    • - Shawn Hardin, CEO
  • 5. Flock’s Money Makers
    • “ We have teamed with Yahoo! to monetize our search. Yahoo! is the search
    • default and every time a Flock user uses that search and clicks a sponsored
    • link, we get a cut.” Also “Flock is a partner friendly product and company and
    • Flock is a powerful platform for distribution and marketing partners who
    • receive a custom browser optimized for their business to drive engagement
    • and incremental revenue from their communities both on and beyond their
    • site.”
    • Evan Hamilton, Flock Community Ambassador
    • Flock is also funded by Bessemer Venture Partner, Shasta Ventures,
    • Catamount Ventures and prominent angel investors
  • 6. Flock Integrations
    • Flock allows its users to sign on to and navigate their
    • accounts via Facebook, Digg, Flickr, YouTube, Yahoo!
    • Mail, Gmail, AOL mail, Photobucket, Picasa Web
    • Albums, Delicious, Ma.gnolia, Twitter, Pownce, and
    • others.
  • 7. The “Next Big Thing”
    • Flock definitely has the potential to be the next big thing in Web
    • 2.0 applications. Flock integrates the use of a web browser and
    • the ability to stay connected to one’s social networks. You can
    • still search the web and see who’s changing their Facebook page,
    • who just sent you an email, or you can upload pictures from the
    • web right to your blog.
  • 8. Highs and Lows
    • The Good:
    • Flock is intuitive. The different applications, such as photosharing, facebook, email, blogging, are easily
    • and jointly located. Flock still enables the browser. When a user doesn’t want to focus on the media
    • side bars they can close them and focus on a single web page. Flock also offers short tutorials for new
    • users to help them adjust to its applications. Makes navigating through the applications easier than
    • using the applications themselves. There are no pop-ups while using Flock. It is faster than using
    • Mozilla Firefox. You can use one account to open all your networks and, for security purposes, there is a
    • master account that if you don’t have the password other users can’t login.
    • The Bad:
    • In order to use Flock a user needs to download it; it’s not just provided
    • on a computer. On some computers the flash player needed to view files won’t
    • download, thus the file cannot be seen. Other minor glitches. May need other software to run
    • applications.
    • The Ugly:
    • If a user doesn’t have an account with the networks supported by Flock, using Flock is
    • useless and inefficient to that user.
  • 9. Web 2.0 Features
    • Flock allows users to:
    • -access community social networks
    • -upload and share content
    • -have a rich user experience
    • -blog
  • 10. The Real Thing An insider’s view to the NEXT BIG THING
  • 11. Compared to…
    • Regular web browsers.
    • Flock uses tabs within the browser but you can also
    • use the media side bars which shows updates on
    • news, facebook, photosharing, email, RSS Feeds, and
    • other social networking applications.
    • Compared to Digsby, Flock focuses more on social
    • networking while Digsby has more email and
    • instant messaging applications.
  • 12. Comparison to Similar Products
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