Rogue Element Mini-Portfolio


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A mini-portfolio of our work. To see more, go to

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Rogue Element Mini-Portfolio

  1. 1. rogue element INC 5.5% Russia 2.9% 3.4% United Kingdom 10.1% 22.9% Germany United States China 2.2% France 4.6% 2.9% Japan Italy 2.6% Mexico 4.0% India 5.0% Brazil p o s i t i v e ly c h a r g e d p o r t f o l i o ( ) Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 160 1 36% Growth 111,209,271 72% Growth 120 81,618,331 97% Growth 80 47,346,874 67% Growth 24,043,303 40 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 ( ) Source: Infonetics Research, February 2006
  2. 2. t h e at l a n t i c p h i l a n t h r o p i e s 1 .1 2 0 0 5 a n n ua l r e p o r t r o g u e e l e m e n t inc
  3. 3. s o c i e t y o f ac t ua r i e s b r a n d i n g m at e r i a l s r o g u e e l e m e n t inc
  4. 4. 3 a r t s c l u b o f c h i c ag o .1 l e g ac y p r o j e c t m at e r i a l s r o g u e e l e m e n t inc
  5. 5. u n i v e r s i t y o f c h i c ag o l aw s c h o o l w e b s i t e r o g u e e l e m e n t inc
  6. 6. golinharris brochure $154,537,406 A third concern for business is blossoming right 5.5% Russia 2.9% alongside the new media. Call it new activism. Its clearest 3.4% United Kingdom 10.1% 22.9% Germany United States China 2.2% manifestation is the rise of non-governmental organizations $114,668,984 France role.4.6% 2.9% Japan digit Italy or NGOs. According to a UN report, there are nearly 40,000 150 one 2.6% Mexico only 4.0% international NGOs, and even more national ones. More $77,916,903 India sam 125 worl than two million currently operate in the U.S., most starting $64,747,007 brin $63,660,965 $57,720,957 5.0% $56,968,636 $56,786,083 worl Brazil in the last 20 years. By the middle of this century that 100 $49,177,477 is e $48,159,537 PDA number could double. a co 75 sold As tight budgets force a retreat by governmental of fu mes 50 agencies from many corners )of the public arena, NGOs ( conv mes are more than ready to jump into the breach — many Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 25 gam barc driven by their own non-negotiable social, political indi or 0 20% Growth alert religious agendas. They are growing in power and they 160 133,633,938 text Wal-Mart Aventis Ford Wells ExxonMobil Citigroup Verizon JP Morgan General AT&T 36% Growth 201 111,209,271 72% Growth 120 Fargo Chase Electric have the tools to change the equation. If a company feels 81,618,331 peop 97% Growth 80 By 2 47,346,874 67% Growth wronged by a newspaper or TV station, it can always of c 24,043,303 40 threaten to pull its ads. Try that with a blog. Look voic at 0 ( ) 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 sing what “Free Republic,” a conservative internet forum, ( ) Source: Foundation Center, May 1, 2006 Source: Infonetics Research, February 2006 did to Dan Rather and CBS. How about what “Smoking Gun” did to Oprah and her endorsement of James Frey’s Low “A Million Little Pieces?” Priority 4% There are no secrets in this brave new world. But it isn’t big brother that is watching. It’s the people. Every Excellent/Good 24% Medium Priority activist group, no matter how small, has the weapons in r o g u e e l e mFair/Poort inc en 27% 37% hand to attack a major corporation and sometimes bring it to its knees. Insight and experience dealing with NGOs will be a valuable asset in the protection of corporate High Priority 69%
  7. 7. t i m e l i n e t h e at r e s u b s c r i p t i o n m at e r i a l s r o g u e e l e m e n t inc
  8. 8. s o c i e t y o f ac t ua r i e s f l a s h t i m e l i n e r o g u e e l e m e n t inc
  9. 9. r o g u e e l e m e n t inc
  10. 10. pa r t i a l c l i e n t l i s t Advocacy & Sustainability Commercial & Professional Services education the Atlantic Philanthropies Brainbench DePaul University theatre School carnegie endowment for int’l Peace cityescape Garden center Gamma Phi Beta Foundation environmental Defense Full catering George Mason University Philadelphia Retina endowment Fund GolinHarris northwestern University RAcHnA (Research, Advocacy and J. Gabrielle Meyer communications Ragdale Foundation communication in Himalayan Areas) Magnes communications University of chicago Law School Shadur communications, LLc Healthcare Robb Preis Photography Humana, inc. Arts Scheufelen north America 3Arts club of chicago the Philadelphia Retina endowment Fund Society of Actuaries SWB Music/Marc Lionetti Synovate Publishing timeLine theatre company tobin communications inc. Brookings institution Press Wilbat Glass Studio U.S. Figure Skating McDougal Littell Westland Printers real estate Beach Heaven Marcia cegavske Realty retail table talk tommy Hilfiger USA r o g u e e l e m e n t inc
  11. 11. rogue element INC t o p o s i t i v e ly c h a r g e yo u r i m ag e , c o n tac t u s . w w w. r o g u e - e l e m e n m Positively charged design. 4 0 43 n o r t h r av en s wo o d av en ue | suit e 202 | chic ago, il 6 0 6 13 | t e l 7 7 3 8 8 0 9 5 2 5 | fa x 7 7 3 8 8 0 9 5 26 | w e b rogue - element .com