2010 November - Mobile 2.0, Berlin: Future of Mobile


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  • Storyline: Introduction of eBuddy
  • Storyline: Mobile is huge, 4x PC ownership, 3X TV ownership
  • Storyline: Apart from mobile being huge, the mobile internet will be huge as well Mobile internet will be bigger than the normal web in about 2014
  • Storyline: We see that mobile is growing extremely quick We have grown to 17M active users in only a few years
  • Storyline:Products available for Mobile: eBuddy for iPhone (free and paid version), eBuddy for Android, eBuddy Mobile Messenger and eBuddyLite Messenger
  • Storyline: So, how can we generate long-term and sustainable revenues from all these users? In this presentation we will share our view on the most important technologies which will bring revenues and our experiences.
  • Storyline: Mobile targeting possibilities: age, gender, handset, operator, time, location
  • Storyline: Location based advertising will be important on a long term Similarly to what Google adsense did for search, mobile advertising will create an enormous market of SME’s advertising their services Example: pizza place around the corner is able to sell its previously unsold inventory to the consumers nearby
  • Storyline:- The Brick & Mortar model will be copied to the online world as well We’re expecting that appstores will be the method of choice of distributing mobile content App stores offer easy billing and shelf space
  • Storyline:- We see OEMS, OS vendors, Operators and independent parties launching app stores on Mobile- Appstores are coming to your Browser, TV, tablet and desktop as well- We expect to see app stores emerging on the web and desktop software as well- More than 40 appstores right now, Consolidation in the market is required
  • Story line:- We’re present in all big appstores- GetJar is the main source of downloads, - eBuddy is the most popular aggregated IM app in all 77 countries in the Android market- eBuddy is the highest ranked independent IM app in 42 out of 69 countries
  • Story line: On Getjar we have 68M downloads (Nov 2010), 2nd place after facebookiPhoneAppstore: Number 37 in Social Networking
  • Story line: On Getjar we have 68M downloads (Nov 2010), 2nd place after facebookiPhoneAppstore: Number 37 in Social Networking
  • Storyline: The next billion internet users will come from the emerging markets People in the emerging markets will skip the fixed internet and jump directly into mobile
  • Storyline: The emerging markets can be very lucerative as well. We see decent advertising rates in Asia. We see very good eCPM’s from Indonesia, which are as a high as most western counrties
  • Story line:All together: 2,3b impressions (september 2010) J2ME: 547,151,000Lite: 1,414,973,000iPhone: 267,103,000
  • Story line:Working with eBuddy: H&M, Vodafone, Samsung, O2, T-Mobile, Nokia, Peugeot, KFC, Burger King, Blackberry, Philips, Sony
  • Storyline: Add Revenue Share: eBuddy forecasts its mobile ad revenue in 2010 to be 1/3 of total ad revenue (mobile & web). Estimation that Mobile Ads in 2010 are far less than 20% of total ads.
  • Storyline:
  • 2010 November - Mobile 2.0, Berlin: Future of Mobile

    1. 1. Rogier van den Heuvel VP Worldwide Sales The future of mobile advertising
    2. 2. eBuddy is the world’s largest independent IM provider
    3. 3. About 2/3 of the world’s population is already on mobile Mobile is BIG
    4. 4. Mobile internet will soon be larger than desktop internet Source: Morgan Stanley
    5. 5. 0.8M Aug 10 17M Aug 09Aug 08Aug 07 Annual growth: 176% (active mobile users) eBuddy sees huge growth in mobile users
    6. 6. Available on almost every phone
    7. 7. Sending an SMS is more than 100x more expensive than a Ping message How to generate long-term and sustainable revenues?
    8. 8. Reach your audience by targeting
    9. 9. Location based advertising will create an enormous long tail
    10. 10. App stores are here to stay
    11. 11. Tablet Desktop Game consoles Mobile Browser Personal entertainment systems We envision app stores on all platforms TV
    12. 12. eBuddy is downloaded 100M times Nokia OVI (J2ME) Android Market (Android) App Store (iPhone) GetJar (J2ME) eBuddy website (J2ME)
    13. 13. Second most popular app ever on GetJar
    14. 14. 68M downloads on GetJar; second most popular app ever 1.9M downloads in the Android Market; most popular aggregated IM app in all 77 countries 9.5M downloads in the iTunes store; most popular aggregated IM application 5M downloads in the OVI store; most downloaded IM app
    15. 15. Emerging markets will be the source of growth
    16. 16. UK Indonesia The ad revenues in the emerging markets are higher than you might expect Average mobile eCPM for eBuddy
    17. 17. eBuddy serves 2,5b ads per month Ads are served in 200+ countries worldwide Mobile Advertising is happening…
    18. 18. eBuddy has experience with
    19. 19. eBuddy forecasts its mobile ad revenues to be 1/3 of total ad revenue in 2010 Web Mobile
    20. 20. Mobile advertising is set to be worth $5B by 2015… What will YOUR share be?