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Analytics: latest developments & guidance
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Analytics: latest developments & guidance


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. @timlb What’s New in GA (and what matters to you…)
  • 2. @timlb Started working on web sites in 1993 Specialise in optimising ecommerce web sites Using any methods that get results (Not just GA!)
  • 3. @timlb 70+ new launches in 2013 But what matters to YOU...
  • 4. @timlb It’s gone grey Power features still there: Custom reports Dashboards (Shortcuts)
  • 5. @timlb Theme: it’s the Products A take-away trinket: Product Reporting Do Now Start thinking about
  • 6. @timlb It’s all about Products Custom reports: Not latest feature Still best
  • 7. @timlb What sold each of those products? Drill down: Product Medium Campaign or Source/Medium Product or...
  • 8. @timlb Custom reports: get building Only include “need to know” Import to GA:
  • 9. @timlb Moving on the new stuff Traffic sources Content Conversions
  • 10. @timlb Do now Key New Concept Acquisition Behaviour Conversion
  • 11. @timlb Do now Real life? Acquisition Behaviour Conversion
  • 12. @timlb Example of new reports Acquisition Behaviour Conversion
  • 13. @timlb Familiar reports also get new focus Acquisition Behaviour Conversion
  • 14. Do now New: Channel Grouping @timlb
  • 15. @timlb Customise Channel Grouping Key point: New GA configured via admin = Less custom code on site
  • 16. Do now Customise Channel Grouping Tip: Drill down into (other) on report to spot what to customise Ideas: Fix in-house email medium (or mistakes) Special group for internal referrals @timlb
  • 17. Ignore for now!?! Be aware of Social Reports Beware „dark social‟ Just because nobody clicks through from Facebook doesn‟t mean they don‟t notice @timlb
  • 18. Maybe Demographics (needs code change) @timlb
  • 19. Maybe Demographics (needs code change) @timlb
  • 20. Try now but fiddly @timlb Content Grouping Group pages in ways which make sense to you Report on combined numbers for the group Get a much easier understanding of navigation Use in Custom Reports!!!! Super blog post on using groups:
  • 21. @timlb Try now but fiddly Set up Content Grouping Three methods: • • • Use URI pattern matching Use rules Add tracking code Tip: Time to Start Thinking About: Product Views
  • 22. Do now Visitor-based segments Loads of built-in configurations @timlb
  • 23. Do now Which channels bring high-value @timlb
  • 24. Do now Cohort segments @timlb
  • 25. Do now Not quite RFM (but getting there) @timlb
  • 26. Do now Dedicated e-commerce segments @timlb
  • 27. Do now Sequence segments @timlb
  • 28. Start thinking about Universal Analytics Multiple devices Store custom data Send data from other systems Upload extra data @timlb
  • 29. Start thinking about Universal Analytics Planning Tip: Time to think about Categories Extra product data Extra customer data and if you are changing: VAT @timlb
  • 30. Start thinking about Tag Management GTM Google Tag Manager: Not just for GA Use for other tracking code @timlb
  • 31. @timlb Ask me about... Custom reports Custom dashboards Segments Channel Grouping Content Grouping Automatic data exports Links from this presentation: (All lowercase and one word: screen pages clients timlb )
  • 32. @timlb Recipe for success Think about a task which you do every day or week Then ask the key question
  • 33. @timlb Recipe for success “If I knew ___________, then I would _______________.”