Ecommerce Forum: MNP (Pierre D'Arbost)


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Ecommerce Forum: MNP (Pierre D'Arbost)

  1. 1. Easy bit
  2. 2. Hard bitIts tough times, we must set ourselves apart andthen there’s bars being set….John Lewis !Delivering the customer promise from order….to the next…
  3. 3. From this To thisThen and now
  4. 4. BP: One customer view in all channelsDon’t miss the opportunity of capturing in store sales data to enhance yourpersonalised online shopping experience.How many times have you missed the opportunity of cross selling an item from a crosschannel sale i.e. store purchase with an follow up email from customer DB central ?Can you truly offer multi-channel shopping without multi channel data capture ?
  5. 5. BP: One customer view in all channelsData structure, define your needs, discover all the customer touchpoints, don’t yet focus on data analytic tools, unless there is the rightdata…. it is pointlessDefine your customer promises, build these into marketing,build an operational platform that captures and can deliver the dataGet all customer data into one central place - accessible byStore (important for face to face), CS and websites to draw fromCustomer orientated leaders set an example for all to follow
  6. 6. BP: One inventory view in all channelsIdeal is to have store / warehouse / direct inventory all hooked up.Decide if transfer or fulfil from store is an optionExcess inventory ties up working capital.Consider the cost of inventory, warehouse costs, handling,transport etc. The extra effort on stock turn via KPI’s will paydividendsAged stock is a killer. Keep an eye on this, keep it movingotherwise is a crippler. Why not target obsolete stock againstcustomer profiles and get it sold.Use supplier inventory – JIT or DSV i.e Kurt GeigerRegular inventory checks deliver the customer promiseand keep costs down. Don’t do them twice a year.
  7. 7. BP: Order takingHave your staff place orders – let them be the hardest of criticsGet PayPal – ensures an uplift in conversion. Makes check out easyLive inventory check on all channels – manage expectations at all timesDon’t make a customer register before taking an order. Guest checkout is a must.
  8. 8. BP: Customer serviceListen, empathize, act.If international is a channel, do use multi lingual CSR’s (Duo example) offer out of hours& weekend support.Empower the team to help and take ownership until resolved.Ensure despatch emails contain relevant information i.e. back order delivery dates andmaybe…a link to top selling products on the website, could this be made dynamic ?Train CSR people, when confident with empowerment delivers great results,they are your frontline and brand ambassadorsBe honest, say sorry when wrong, think about why a customer is contacting you..Have you delivered your promise ?Innovate with new services i.e. e-stylist, video chat for advice,personal stylist, great conversion on up/cross sellDon’t make it hard ! Mobile phone example : High Street versus Apple
  9. 9. BP: Fulfilment & deliveryAs many delivery options as possible – exceed customerexpectations, keep an eye on cost. Is a fine balanceEnsure sales channels use dynamic delivery dates, itmanages customer expectations and for those orders taken ifscheduled delivery slipsTimed deliveries help conversion, empower team to upgradeto next dayCarrier label integrationReal time view of where order isPick, pack, ship – everything else can almost be automated.Are pick walks accurate with sortation of items ?Remember when a customer clicks order the timer hasstarted as has your commitment to a promise.
  10. 10. BP: MarketingPlan the marketing, the data capture needs, review periodically and evolve thecapture channels and platformOnline content personalisation is where its at. Start with basics like weather…Segment and target market, monitor, adapt and do it again. No more UZI !Never let a parcel leave without a promotion – surprising results.Raise the analytical bar – do not have silo’ed data, combine it, profile and benefit.Do you really want your marketing department to be sending emails to customerswho have bought the exact same thing being promoted ?
  11. 11. Special thanks to:Final words: Look after the customer and the business will take care of itself
  12. 12. Thank you for your time,Questions ?What we do:We help clients deliver their customer promiseWe help clients sell more and become more efficientHow we do itDeploy world class on premise & cloud based enterpriseretail platforms with ongoing exceptional service through asustainable client & innovation focused culture born fromour people‘s development and reward.pierre@mnp-media.comManaging Director
  13. 13. ACTIVEseries ERP – Multi channel platform overview (B2C & B2B) v1.1