how to toilet train puppy


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how to toilet train a puppy cheek out

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how to toilet train puppy

  1. 1. ==== ====how to toilet train a ====If you are wanting to know how to toilet train a puppy quickly here is one top tip that will help thesituation no end.The best way to toilet train a puppy is to buy a puppy crate. Lots of owners will not get a cratebecause they think it may be cruel, but buying a puppy crate and allowing your dog to have this forthe rest of its life would be one the most kindest things you could do for your puppy/dog.Dogs have and still do live in the wild where they are used to living in dens, these are smallconfined areas that feel safe from predators. Have you ever seen a dog scared they generally runbehind the back of the sofa or under the kitchen table, not ideal but they are closing their spacedown so its like their den. Providing a small environment for your puppy will always make themfeel safe.For toilet training a puppy quickly you could not ask for anything better in a crate, your puppy hasnow got an environment where it feels so safe he/she will sleep there without a problem as long asyou introduce a crate carefully to it. Puppys will never like to piddle where they sleep so when in acrate environment they will always hold on longer.Some accidents will still happen this is not foolproof but you will find a lot less piddles having themin the crate than leaving your puppy out of the crate so they can piddle anywhere in the middle ofthe night and never get any bladder retention.When letting your puppy out of the crate always let them straight out in the garden, if they squatjust before getting out try your best to stop them by saying NO in a low guttural voice and directthem straight outside.Try not to pick your puppy up out of the crate, its great to start training your puppy to follow yourinstruction rather then just putting them outside.Toilet training your puppy will always have mishaps its only natural until they get the idea thatoutside is going for a piddle and their bladder gets stronger, so dont forget to keep an eye out andregularly take them outside.One last tip, if you come across a piddle in your house that you have not noticed, dont take yourpuppy to it and tell it off, they have no idea what you are telling them off for. You always have tocatch your puppy in the act then it will understand what you would like it to do.
  2. 2. Need more help with toilet training your puppy?Learn EXACTLY how over 200,000 dog owners used some powerful and easy to use techniquesto solve many dog and puppy issues here ===>> Source: ====how to toilet train a ====