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Low cost marketing tools
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Low cost marketing tools


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For small business owners. Low cost and no cost marketing tools you can use to grow your new business.

For small business owners. Low cost and no cost marketing tools you can use to grow your new business.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Low Cost Marketing Tools
  • 2. What We’ll Cover in This Seminar
    • What is marketing?
    • Targeting your market
    • How to identify your key differentiators
    • Low costing marketing tools
    • Building your brand
    • Developing a marketing message
  • 3. Marketing Rules
    • You must know your target market
    • You must develop a marketing plan
    • You must allocate a marketing budget
    • Your marketing must be consistent
    • You must be patient
    • You are in the marketing business
    • You must measure the effectiveness of your marketing
    • You must use technology
  • 4. Marketing Rules
    • Use free online media to help you connect with clients
    • Train your employees to offer excellent service
  • 5. What is Marketing?
    • Marketing is everything you do to get customers to purchase your product or service
    • It includes:
      • Advertising
      • Customer service
      • Public relations
      • Packaging
      • Pricing
      • Promotion
  • 6. Market Research
    • To succeed you need to know as much as possible about your market and customer
      • Who are your competitors?
      • How much do they charge?
      • What are their strengths?
      • What is the size of the market for your product or service?
      • What do customers think about your product or services?
  • 7. Market Research
      • What trends are taking place in your industry?
      • What are your customer’s needs?
      • What are the growth opportunities in your industry?
  • 8. Target Your Market
    • When you market your business you don’t want to use a shotgun approach
    • If you market to everyone you end up connecting with no one
    • Know your customer
    • Know how much they earn
    • Know their lifestyles
    • Know their buying patterns
    • Know where they live
  • 9. Target Your Market
    • Know what influences their buying decisions
    • Know what newspapers, magazines, websites they read
    • Find small target markets that you can dominate and become the expert in
  • 10. Marketing is not an event, but a process . . . It has a beginning, a middle, but never an end, for it is a process. You improve it, perfect it, change it, even pause it. But you never stop it completely. - Jay Conrad Levinson
  • 11. Why Should Customers Buy From You?
    • What is your competitive edge?
    • What is your irresistible offer?
    • What differentiates you from your competitors?
    • To survive and grow a business you must offer something different, unique or special
    • Example
      • Unique payment plan, money back guarantee, free support, only pay if there are positive results, try before you buy etc.
  • 12. One Page Marketing Plan
    • Your target market – ideal customer
    • Your marketing goals
    • Marketing tools you will use
    • Time you will allocate to each
    • Your monthly marketing budget
    • Your monthly marketing to do list
    • Maybe 2 pages
  • 13. Use an Expert
    • Spend some money on design. You want to look like a pro
    • Create marketing materials that attract your customers attention
  • 14. Develop a Tagline
    • Make it memorable
    • Make it relevant
    • Make it original
    • Examples
      • Just do it... Nike
      • If it absolutely has to be there overnight.. FedEx
      • That was easy .. Staples
      • We try harder … Avis
  • 15. Low Cost Marketing Tools
    • Creativity more important than budget
    • Plan to allocate sufficient time
    • Use tools you know will reach your target market otherwise you are wasting resources
  • 16. Word of Mouth
    • Word of mouth is probably the best way to grow your business on a budget. You want your customers to rave about you
    • Offer brilliant service
    • Always arrive on time
    • Do the job right every time
    • Get testimonials from your satisfied customers
    • Encourage people to tell their friends about your business
  • 17. Develop a Referral System
    • Identify clients, groups or companies that can refer you/your products or services to new clients
    • Discuss your referral plan with them. You may have to educate them about your products and services
    • Identify how you will reward people for referrals
    • Contact the referral
    • Develop a strategy to sell to the referral
    • Contact and reward the referrer
  • 18. Networking
    • Attend events that your potential or current clients attend
    • Tradeshows, Chambers of Commerce. BNI, Conferences
    • Take business cards with you to events
    • Ensure you meet as many people as possible
    • Learn to ask people you meet many questions
    • When you introduce yourself ensure that you make your introduction interesting
  • 19. Publicity and Public Relations
    • Develop a strategy to get free publicity for your business
    • Publicity is great for credibility, brand building
    • Develop great press releases or get an expert to assist you
    • To get free media
      • Write a catchy headline
      • Include Who, What, When, Where and How
      • Ensure it’s newsworthy – 1 st , unique, local
  • 20. Publicity and Public Relations Contd.
    • Get involved in community projects
    • Support local causes
    • Get your employees in building relations with your community
  • 21. Advertising That Works
    • Target your advertising
    • Develop great headlines
    • List the benefits of your product or service
    • Include testimonials from happy clients
    • Tell them what to do to buy your product or service
  • 22. Some of The Most Powerful Words in Advertising
    • Free
    • You
    • Results
    • Immediate
    • Guarantee
    • Proven
    • Discover
    • Act now
    • Safe
    • Limited
    • New
    • Bargain
    • Exclusive
    • Save
    • Love
    • Fresh
  • 23. Website
    • Develop a website that reflects the business image you are trying to convey
    • Ensure that you determine exactly what you want your clients to do on your website
    • Have a great website designed with the customer’s needs in mind
    • Keep it simple and make it easy to navigate
    • Market your website
  • 24. Email Newsletter
    • Design an email newsletter
    • Develop a great title “ Simple tax saving tips”
    • Include interesting useful content
    • Use email broadcasting service like Vertical response or Constant Contact to send out your bulk email, they have great templates
    • Newsletters enable you keep your business name in front of customers
  • 25. Social Media
    • Face book: Use Face book to develop an online community of customers
    • Linked-in : Develop a list of contacts on LinkedIn and regularly communicate with them
    • You Tube : Use it to demonstrate your products or services. You can link it to your website or Blog
  • 26. Social Media Contd.
    • Twitter : Use it to allow clients to follow what you’re doing. It’s a great way to educate your clients and show your expertise
    • Pod casts: Use them to educate and inform your clients
  • 27. Special Promotions
    • People love free gifts - Offer free gifts as a reward for making purchases
    • Do regular holiday and seasonal promotions
    • If you sell a retail product, do product demonstrations and taste-testing in retail stores
  • 28. Trade Shows
    • They can be a great way to show your products and services. To ensure trade shows are effective:
    • Select the right trade show
    • Design a great display
    • Hire the right people to help you at the show
    • Develop a marketing strategy for the trade show
    • Run a competition to encourage people to give you their contact details
  • 29. Trade Shows Contd.
    • Collect a database of contacts you can follow up or send your newsletter to
    • Ensure that you follow up on all leads
    • Measure the results of the trade show before you decide to return
  • 30. Educate Your Customer
    • Free seminars are a great way to educate your customers about the services you offer
    • Develop interesting seminar topics
    • Rent an room or use your own board room
    • Market your seminar to your database
    • After the seminar follow up with clients that are interested in doing business with you
  • 31. Strategic Partnerships
    • Find non competing companies that can sell your products or services
    • Ensure the business has similar goals
    • Ensure it’s a win-win deal
    • Ensure you have an agreement in writing
    • To register for the next BizLaunch seminar in your area go to