Why Pukeko Is Blue


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A book about Pukekos which includes a Myth written by Room 2 at Opiki School, NZ

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Why Pukeko Is Blue

  1. 1. Contents 1- Cover picture by Sean (ArtRage on Smartboard) 3- How Pukeko turned blue– a myth written by Mishayla, Phillip and Mitchel W. 12-13 Map of Pukeko’s journey 14- How Pukeko Turned Blue– A comicbook myth by Sean, Graeme and Gus 16- How Pukeko turned blue– a playscript written by Connie, Renee and Kate. 18- How Pukeko Turned Blue– A comicbook myth written by Tristan, Ethan and Gus. 21- Pukeko Facts 1 – by Oliver 24– Pukeko Collage of pictures 25- Pukeko facts 2 – by Connie 29- Pukeko Quiz 30- Word search 31- Pukeko Images Mosaic 32- Poster about saving your hearing. 33- Poster about saving your eyes. Included on the CD: • How Pukeko turned blue– an animated movie produced by Sasha, Sebastian and Zach • How Pukeko Turned Blue– an animated movie by Sam R, Moses and Jett • How Pukeko turned blue– an oral retelling of a mythical story written and recorded by Isabella, Sam W and JayeJay 34- Back Cover picture by Oliver and Rene 2
  2. 2. Oliver Written by Opiki Room 2 Illustrated by various Room 2 artists 3
  3. 3. In the beginning Pukeko was white. He was very greedy and stole food from the other birds and animals. Morgan 4
  4. 4. Ethan One day Pukeko was walking through the swamp when he saw a beautiful butterfly. He was jealous. “What a colourful butterfly. I wish I was that pretty,” said Pukeko. 5
  5. 5. Pukeko carried on walking through the swamp and saw a tui. “What a beautiful tui. I wish I was that fancy,” said Pukeko. Sean 6
  6. 6. Pukeko carried on walking and looked up and saw the bright blue sky. “What a lovely colour. I wish I was that bright,” said Pukeko. “I know I will fly up and steal it.” Jett Pukeko flew as high as he could but he couldn’t reach it because he wasn’t a good flier. 7
  7. 7. Sebastian Pukeko sulked and carried on walking. He came upon a puddle in the swamp and saw the blue sky reflected in it. “The blue is in the water. I can paint myself blue with this,” said Pukeko. Pukeko grabbed a feather, dipped it in the water and painted his feathers blue but he couldn't reach his bottom so it stayed white! 8
  8. 8. Rangi, God of the sky, saw what Pukeko had done and was CROSS that he had stolen his blue. So he decided to teach him a lesson. “I will boil up the water in the puddle so that when Pukeko returns he will burn himself!” rumbled Rangi. Moses 9
  9. 9. The next day when Pukeko jumped into the puddle. He burnt his legs and his beak so badly they turned red. Pukeko felt sorry for himself and went to hide in the long grass and flax. Rene 10
  10. 10. Zach So that is why Pukeko has blue feathers, a white bottom, red legs and beak and why he stays out of the water but keeps to the banks. 11
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  24. 24. By Connie 25
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  28. 28. Q1. What did Pukeko think about the tui? A. It was beautiful B. It was musical C. It was colourful D. It was brave Q2. Who wrote the play script? A. Gus, Sam E and Zach B. Connie, Renee and Kate C. Sam R, Sam E and Sam W D. Chantaye, Jett and Tristan Q3. How tall do Pukekos grow? A. 20cm B. Chicken sized C. 50 cm D. Goose sized (80cm) Q4. What do Pukekos eat? A. Cats and dogs tails B. Plants and insects C. Chocolate Cake and ice cream D. Frogs and small birds Answers on page 28 29
  29. 29. Answers to quiz on page 27: Q1. A Q2. B Q3. B and C Q4. B and D 30
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