2012 mcas yuma airshow(1)


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2012 mcas yuma airshow(1)

  1. 1. 2012 MCAS YUMA AIRSHOWMarketing Campaign
  2. 2. Sponsorship Packet Sponsorship package is created to demonstrate to new or past sponsors what the airshow is about, how we market and the benefits or being a sponsor.
  3. 3. 4.5x5.5 Postcards 4.5x5.5 postcards given to sponsors and businesses. Inserted in sponsorship package. Distributed in several events in Yuma. Spanish version also created for border distribution. 5,000 English 5,000 Spanish ------------------ 10,000 Total
  4. 4. 22x28 &11x17 Poster 11x17 posters
  5. 5. Billboards 18 billboards were set up around Yuma & Imperial County in multiple sizes. Billboards set up by Del Outdoor – Air show sponsor.
  6. 6. Walmart & Sam’s Club Displays Entrance, floor and freezer displays were place in 3 Walmart locations: Ave B, Pacific & 32nd Street. They were also set up at Sam’s Club on Pacific. Cut out was used not only at the Walmart and Sam’s Club but at Midnight at the Oasis and in the Somerton Festival
  7. 7. Walmart & Sam’s Coors Displays All Walmart’s participated in a contest, sponsored by Coors, on who could set up the best Coors and Miller Lite display. The winning store manager won a ride with Tora Tora Tora.
  8. 8. Official Airshow Program Program contains schedule, performers, static displays, information , airshow map and more. Interactive programs available on yumaairshow.com and on facebook app and the day of airshow. Program was given to sponsors and preferred seating ticket holders. Program was also sold to general public for $1. 5,000 copies printed.
  9. 9. Official Airshow Program AnalyticsSummary Views Per PageDownloads Unique page Views
  10. 10. Official Airshow Program Analytics – FB APPViews
  11. 11. Airshow Ticket Sales Ticket widget embedded in website. Created facebook app with ticket widget. Tickets sales hosted on Event Brite.
  12. 12. Airshow Ticket Sales Analytics – Event BriteSales by Ticket Type Overall SalesPages Views Attendee Geography
  13. 13. Airshow Ticket Sales Analytics – FB AppYuma Airshow - Views MCCS Yuma - ViewsUSMC Airshows -Views
  14. 14. Facebook Ads Facebook ads created to drive seat ticket sales.
  15. 15. Facebook Ad AnalyticsOverview Avg. CTR .039% | Best CTR .061%
  16. 16. Facebook Contests Apps Created facebook app photo contest that would allow fans to submit their photos from past air shows. Prizes awarded to the best and oldest photo. Created facebook app to Win a ride with Tora Tora Tora sponsored by Quechan Casino. Fans can select why they want to win and a random entry will be chosen. App also installed in Quechan’s facebook page.
  17. 17. Texas Roadhouse Contests Table displays created for Texas Roadhouse sponsor of one of the Win A Flight With Tora Tora Tora.
  18. 18. FB Photo Contest Analytics -ViewsYumaAirshow FB Likes Quechan Casino FB LikesQuechan Paradise Casino FB Likes
  19. 19. FB Photo Contest Analytics - LikesYumaAirshow FB Views Quechan Casino FB ViewsQuechan Paradise Casino FB Views
  20. 20. FB Tora Tora Tora Contest- ViewsYumaAirshow FB Views Quechan Casino FB ViewsQuechan Paradise Casino FB Views MCCS Yuma FB Views
  21. 21. FB Tora Tora Tora Contest- LikesYumaAirshow FB Likes Quechan Casino FB LikesQuechan Paradise Casino FB Likes MCCS Yuma FB Likes
  22. 22. Facebook Posts Updated facebook page with posts do drive fan interaction with facebook page and drive traffic to air show.
  23. 23. Facebook Posts - AnalyticsTop 10 Posts DemographicsTotal Tab Views
  24. 24. Email Marketing Email campaign was set up in Constant Contact and sent to active contacts to inform them of the 2012 airshow.
  25. 25. Email Marketing- AnalyticsEmail Stats
  26. 26. TV & Radio Spots TV spots were created to run on FOX 9, Time Warner, Entravision, KYMA 11 and KSWT 13 in English and Spanish Radio spots ran on KTTI 95.1, Star 100.9, Z93, KCFY 88.1, KAWC 88.9, La Campesina, Entravision.
  27. 27. Airshow YouTube Page Videos uploaded to YouTube page. Videos also posted to Yuma Airshow Facebook page.
  28. 28. Airshow YouTube - AnalyticsPerformance EngagementTop 10 Videos Demographics & Discovery
  29. 29. Airshow YouTube Page Videos uploaded to YouTube page. Videos also posted to Yuma Airshow Facebook page.
  30. 30. Airshow Website Used to as an information portal regarding anything airshow related; sponsorship information, performers, maps, program, seat ticket purchase, photos and much more.
  31. 31. Airshow Website AnalyticsUnique Visitors All Traffic – Top 10Organic Search Traffic Referral Traffic – Top 10
  32. 32. Yuma Sun Print Ads Yuma Sun Super Shopper ad (6x10) Yuma Sun ad (6x21)
  33. 33. El Desierto Print Ads El Desierto print ad 8.5x11
  34. 34. Flash Banners on Yuma Sun Site Banner ads booked on YumaSun.com & BajoEl Sol.com Multiple sizes created. Some linking to the airshow site as well as ticket purchasing site. Sizes Included: 728x90 300x250 160x600 982x300 728x180
  35. 35. Sponsor Banner Ads Static online banner ads for sponsors to use on their websites. Set created for Presenting Sponsors, Proud Sponsors and General Public Use. Each ad had a unique URL to track traffic. Sizes: 728x90px 160x600px 300x250px 180x50px
  36. 36. Airshow T-shirts Airshow T-shirts came in assorted colors: blue, white and tan. All t-shirts sold out
  37. 37. Sponsor Booths
  38. 38. Airshow Attendance70 The attendance at this year’s airshow increased approximately 67% from last60 years attendance.50 Attendance in 2011: 40,000 Attendance in 2012: 60,00040 201230 20112010 0 Attendance
  39. 39. Airshow Sales$16,000.00 Enter Text$14,000.00$12,000.00$10,000.00 $8,000.00 $6,000.00 2012 2011 $4,000.00 $2,000.00 $0.00