Watching out for new addictive substances


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Watching out for new addictive substances

  1. 1. Watching Out For New Addictive SubstancesApril 23, 2013| Last Updated on Thursday, 25 April, 2013 15:12In early recovery it’s important to watch out for new, designer drugs that can throw you off track andbring you back to the place that initially brought you into treatment. When you meet new people inrecover you may be tempted to learn about the drugs that they have tried, but don’t let your curiosityget the best of you because unfortunately designer drugs are highly dangerous. Designer drugs aremade from harmful compounds that can destroy your mind and body very quickly.There is no way to test to see what harmful substances can be added to these drugs and theyare often sold by people who do not care about your health and who will be harmfuladditives in the drugs in order to have you coming back for more.Designer drugs are often confused with being “legal” and this simply isn’t true. Oftentimes, the drugsare not regulated by the FDA because they are too new to have any research done on them, whichmakes them even more dangerous. The fact of the matter is that there are new designer drugs emergingall of the time and it’s important to be aware of what they are so that you don’t fall into the trap ofusing them “without knowledge” and therefore set yourself off of your recovery path.Spice is a synthetic form of marijuana that is also referred to as “K2”. In the past year, poison controlcenters have reported that there has been a 58% increase in the amount of phone calls that they receiverelated to people ingesting the harmful drug and becoming painfully ill because of it. Designer drugshave not been tested before and there is little to no research on how Spice actually affects the brain andthe body.Spice is often thought to be less dangerous than other types of drugs but the truth of thematter if that the effects are often life threatening.Spice has killed a number of people and it’s important not to think that they drug doesn’t not have lifethreatening affects. There have been many incidents of people taking the drug with no history andmental health problems or depression, and then killing themselves. This goes to show you that thesedrugs do terrible things to the mind and can change your perception of reality in a very negative way.It’s important to be informed when it comes to designer drugs because a lot of times people will marketthem as harmless and legal when this is simply not the case. Anything that alters the sober state thatyou are in is dangerous to your self-esteem, recovery and your overall progress.If you are having trouble overcoming an addiction to a designer drug there are people that can helpyou. Substance abuse treatment centers have special programs for specific types of drug use and canhelp you reclaim your life and start to feel better as well as detox from the harmful substances that youhave put into your body.