Utilizing group therapy to overcome addiction


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Utilizing group therapy to overcome addiction

  1. 1. Utilizing Group Therapy to Overcome AddictionMay 15, 2013| Last Updated on Friday, 17 May, 2013 12:22There are many steps that take place when developing a strategy to overcome substance abuse. Thehardest part for most people is admitting that they have a problem. In most cases you will find that theabuser will continuously make excuses in order to validate the fact that they use drugs. In other casesinstead of validating their reasons they begin to argue that they don’t abuse the drugs, they use themrecreationally and on a occasion, in way trying to convince the person they are speaking with andthemselves that they are in complete control of their use and can stop whenever they want.The problem with many of these cases is that the listener is more than likely a loved one who does notactually understand firsthand what the abuser is going through because they themselves aren’t drugabusers. Through much research it has been proven that a very helpful progression to a clean recoveryis through group therapy. There are many facilities who offer group therapy for both the drug abuserand their loved ones. When deciding to take the first step in admitting your problem you will thenrealize how many options and resources are at arms reach.Having SupportGroup therapy is one of the most successful ways for people to overcome many things. In a groupsetting you will find that you are not the only one struggling in this battle between yourself and youraddiction. This helps to relieve some of the stress and overwhelming feelings of being judged andembarrassed about your issues. Finding that you have similar issues in common with others in a groupsetting will naturally make you want to open up and discuss your own issues more openly, a greatbeginning to a hopeful ending.There is much importance in finding a group therapy program that works best for you, as previouslymentioned there are many options when considering group therapy. Family therapy could be a greatoption for those who are struggling with substance abuse and have their family as a support system, thiswill help keep the bad influences away and ensure that your family is still included in your life helpingto strengthen your ability to overcome your addiction.Group Therapy SessionThere are some people who unfortunately have no family or a supportive group of good influentialpeople to help them with their substance abuse treatment issues, for you there is another great option.Finding a group therapy session that others in similar situations go to can also be of great help andimportance to getting sober. Understanding that you are now there for one another helps tremendouslybecause you are all held accountable for your actions and the groups success.In group therapy there are many activities that are put into place in order to help each individual as wellas the group as a whole achieve a successful goal of becoming sober. Storytelling has a major impact ingroup settings, while listening to other’s stories you begin to realize how much you can relate to therest of the group. This builds rapport and a sense of familiarity and togetherness, which will then leaveeveryone feeling more inclined to sober up together as a “family.”