Using a substance abuse treatment program to come to terms with being an addict


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Using a substance abuse treatment program to come to terms with being an addict

  1. 1. Using a Substance Abuse Treatment Program toCome to Terms With Being an AddictFebruary 7, 2013| Last Updated on Friday, 03 May, 2013 16:31Before going into treatment, the thought of me being an addict/alcoholic never crossed my mind.“There was no way I was an addict”, “impossible for me to be an alcoholic”! I was in complete denial.I didn’t drink everyday so that didn’t make me an alcoholic and I didn’t use needles so I definitelywasn’t an addict.When my family convinced to me go to treatment, I didn’t agree to go because I thought I had aproblem or anything, I went so I could get away from my life. In my mind it was an all-expense paidvacation in sunny Florida without having to deal with anyone. The perfect getaway!“I just didn’t realize not having to deal with anyone else, meant that I was going to have todeal with myself.”In treatment for the first few weeks, I was still not convinced I had any substance abuse problems. Irefused to refer to myself as an alcoholic/addict. I would not share at meetings because then that wouldbe me admitting to my problems. There was still absolutely no possible way I had a problem. I’m notexactly sure what happened or when I decided to stop fighting the program of my treatment plan, buteventually, I just started doing what was asked of me.I participated in groups, completed all my assignments, read the books provided to us and acted as if Ihad come to terms with being an addict/alcoholic. Within the time of me pretending to have admittedmy substance abuse, I started to learn that I am, in fact, an alcoholic/addict. I used every day and whenI drank, I drank until I passed out. I was one hundred percent a true alcoholic and addict.Coming to Terms With AddictionI learned that the drinking and using was not my problem, it was the solution to my problems. I hadnever learned how to cope with the traumas that I had endured as a child and adolescent. I had finallycome to terms with who I really am. It was a true miracle, because now I was able to fully work onmyself and bring out the person I have been hiding for years.We are fully capable of turning our lives completely around. In life, not many people are given whatwe, as addicts/alcoholics, are given once we admit to our substance abuse. That’s the beauty in comingto terms with our addiction and alcoholism; we have the opportunity to change.