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The importance of sober supports in a substance abuse treatment program
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The importance of sober supports in a substance abuse treatment program


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  • 1. The Importance of Sober Supports in aSubstance Abuse Treatment ProgramApril 2, 2013| Last Updated on Thursday, 02 May, 2013 13:08The journey of a recovering addict can be one the most challenging experiences in a person’s life whohas been dependent on substances and alcohol. Facing one’s own weakness and realizing one’s ownstrengths are all part of the process. When an addict leaves a 12 step program, it is essential to developa healthy sober support system. A healthy support system includes knowing the right people who areliving a truly genuine positive lifestyle, knowing when to ask for help, continuing meetings, andexercising mental strengths such as patience and compassion.People need each other. Humans are naturally inclined to yearn for connection and understanding. It ishard for a addict to realize that they cannot be friends with whom they were once friends with, becausethey are still living a life that the addict is trying to move on from. They might feel overwhelmed byloneliness, for fearing they are disconnected from everything they once knew. But it is important toremember that while entering a clean lifestyle, that there are other people who are understanding andsupportive such as family, clean friends, and recovering addicts.Therefore it is imperative to start developing the right relationships with the right people and practicinghealthy habits that will lead to a lifelong recovery. Choosing the right people involves trulyunderstanding how that person lives and how the recovering addict feels around them. People whosurround themselves around others who are healthy both psychically and mentally will give a constantexample of staying positive and moving forward.It is important to have support from friends and family, but psychological research shows that having aconnection with other recovering addicts helps tremendously. To aid in the sense of well being, humanstend to be at ease with one another when people can be relative to one another and having a deepconnection of understanding.Recovering addicts understand each other’s pains and can help each other with copingtechniques, critical thinking, as well as exchange insights of strength and hope.It’s a good idea for a recovering addict to look for a “home group.” Finding a home group that iscohesive encourages recovering addicts to attend regularly, offering a helping hand, and engaging incommunication therapy and opening doors to make social connections for friendships and support.In order to develop a healthy sober support system, an addict should practice strengthening personalaspects of his or her’s life. Having an exercise routine and eating healthy sets the fundamentals ofpromoting positive self motivation. When they “talk the talk, and walk the walk” it gives them a boostin self esteem ,and following thereafter, an increase of their own self awareness of being able to bestrong and support themselves.Another factor while building a sober support system is to let go of pleasures that may hinder one’sability to let go of additive tendencies towards sex. Sex is an instant gratification and can hold back theaddict from truly strengthening their will. Also, it allows room for self reflection and keeping the focuson themselves without jeopardizing their hard earned recovery.
  • 2. Lastly, having a sober support system means being a good friend. Recovering addicts can take whatthey have learned from the meetings they have attended and offer honesty, assertiveness and empathy.Being patient is virtuous and they should remember all those who have been patient with them in thepast and pass on the support and connection to those who are beginning their recovery process. Theoutcome is rewarding all around. The feeling of being weak and alone will be replaced with a newfound strength within themselves having a sober support system with friends and family.