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The benefits of aftercare in a substance abuse treatment program
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The benefits of aftercare in a substance abuse treatment program






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The benefits of aftercare in a substance abuse treatment program Document Transcript

  • 1. The Benefits of Aftercare in a SubstanceAbuse Treatment ProgramApril 12, 2013| Last Updated on Thursday, 25 April, 2013 15:56When it comes to staying sober, having an aftercare plan is essential to your recovery. Aftercare enablesyou to stay vigilant and successful as your work towards repairing damaged relationships anddiscovering what it is that you want out of life. In order to do this in the most effective way possible it’sgood to enroll in a dedicated aftercare program that focuses on the need of the clients.The period of time following treatment can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Theyare often unable to cope with the feelings and emotions that they were once able to suffocate throughthe use of drugs and alcohol. Having a strong aftercare plan also enables you to be able to find anetwork of sober supports that you can turn to in your time of need.It’s important to develop these relationships early in recovery because this is the time whenyou will need to lend on the experience of others the most.If you are unsure of how to go about establishing a sober support network, your aftercare specialist willbe able to help you do so and they will most likely offer workshops and seminars on building a sobernetwork.Aftercare is also highly important to developing a manner of living by which you can properly processemotions and deal with issues as they arise. People who are in recovery don’t always have the bestcoping skills and therefore it’s important to harness these and other skills through the aftercareworkshops and seminars that are being offered to you. The aftercare that you chose to be a part ofshould employ only the best professionals when it comes to substance abuse treatment.If you aren’t sure whether or not a substance abuse treatment aftercare program is reputable or not it’simportant that you take the time to do a little research so that you can determine what the best programfor you is. Make sure that the program you chose will cater to your individual needs. In order to besuccessful in recovery it is crucial that you find a way to communicate with the professionals thatyou’re working with about your specific needs and wants. Aftercare is also important when it comes tohelping people transition into the “outside” world.Oftentimes, treatment serves as a sort of glass house that keeps people protected from therealities that await them in the “real world”.Aftercare can help people deal with the issues they will be faced with in a productive manner, ratherthan resorting to old and unhealthy coping mechanisms that are unable to help a person live happilyand healthily. If you are considering an aftercare program, you are taking the right steps towardsprotecting your future against the temptations of drug use and alcohol abuse. In the long run you aretaking the steps to ensure that you will live a productive life and a spiritual life that will be extremelyself-fulfilling.