Substance abuse treatment testimonial


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Substance abuse treatment testimonial

  1. 1. Substance Abuse Treatment TestimonialJanuary 4, 2013| Last Updated on Friday, 17 May, 2013 14:52Here at Lifescape Solutions, we truly enjoy when our clients submit a brief description as to why oursolutions made that much more of an impact than any that may have come before. The story below is adirect result of how Lifescape stands above any other substance abuse or trauma treatment program inFlorida!My Experience With Treatment ProgramsAfter going to multiple treatment centers, both in New Jersey and in Florida, I started to feel like therewasn’t anything left for me to learn about my addiction. After my 3rd or 4th stay I started to feelhopeless, I wasn’t hearing anything new, I felt like I had all the knowledge there was to know but I justwasn’t able to apply it. I was tired of therapist after therapist convinced that there was something thatmust have happened when I was young to make me turn to drugs. I can’t even begin to think of howmany therapy sessions I had where I just sat there searching for the right answer to give the therapist. Ihad an amazing childhood, nothing majorly traumatic happened to me, I was just an average kid thattook a detour somewhere down the road.My Mindset UnraveledI got really tired of arguing with therapists telling me I’m not telling them something, when the truth isI was being as honest as possible. But I was over it, I was tired of searching for why I had this problem,all I knew was that I had it and I wanted to beat it. “But we need to find out why you used first”, Iwould hear, not that I don’t feel that there has to be some type of searching done to find out the rootcause, but I couldn’t stay clean long enough to get to that point all I wanted to do was let go of the pastand focus on right now, what do I have to do to stay clean right now.My Move to FloridaI started to not expect anything out of treatment, I just wanted to get my 30 days in to get away frompeople, places and things for a little bit and then I’d give sobriety another chance. My last rehab I madethe decision to try staying in Florida, I wasn’t happy about it but I had nowhere to live back in NewJersey. This is when I came to Lifescape Solutions. I was expecting once again the same treatment I’vealready had, however after one day I felt refreshed, I was finally hearing something different.The biggest issue Lifescape helped me with was my low self-esteem, this was the main reason for amajority of my relapses. Michael Ross’ groups helped me gain confidence I never had, his motivationhas given me the strength to let go of my addiction, to leave it in the past, now is my time to get backon the right path and move forward. Today I know that there is nothing that I can’t accomplish, anygoals or dreams can become a reality if I make it a must have.Lifescape is big on spirituality which I never had much of in my life, the other treatment centers didn’treally talk about spirituality to much so I never thought it could have much of an impact on me. Todayspirituality is a huge part of my sobriety. I’m so grateful for Lifescape because there are so manydifferent perspectives on a higher power and spirituality in general, it helps me open my eyes to new
  2. 2. and different positive things.Lifescape Solutions is by far the best treatment I’ve received; I would recommend it to anybodystruggling with addiction and/or trauma. If you’re struggling, I’ve been there and I can tell you that itcan get better. Lifescape Solutions changed my life and the program is here to help change yours.