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Great presentation but the Netscape/Sun/iPlanet vision in 1999. What have we done since then

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  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Speaker Notes:   Thanks for inviting us to share the iPlanet vision with you.   I’m________ and I’ll spend the next 45 minutes detailing our strategy and solutions for empowering companies to exploit the enormous potential of e-commerce by deploying Smart Services that will continually drive value and create sticky experiences for your customers. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 I’ll talk about the evolution from a traditional economy to a digital economy. I’ll explain the need for a well-defined infrastructure and architecture for the development of e-business applications. I’ll describe what we believe is the most comprehensive, scalable, and open platform for providing a never-ending stream of business-building Internet services. I’ll outline how this platform plays out in today’s digital enterprise…and give you a glimpse into what we see as the future of this infrastructure. Then I’ll offer proof that the iPlanet Platform works in the real world…where we’re already helping some of the most successful companies reap the rewards of the Net Economy. Finally, I’ll demonstrate why the iPlanet organization is best qualified to lead this evolution. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Every One--from kids to kids, from businesses to businesses, from enterprise to enterprise is online. And every thing from devices in your auto to smart hand held devices that move with you, are involved in creating this new untethered global communication experience. Bottom line: The Internet today is not just about delivering web services, but delivering Smart Services that allow you to constantly drive customer value.  iPlanet’s vision, mission, strategy and goals reflect today’s Smart Services reality. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 (3 Slide Build) What’s at stake here? The numbers speak for themselves. Jupiter Communications has estimated that B2B e-commerce will zoom from $336 million in 2000 all the way to $6.3 trillion by 2005. (Click) .
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 The GartnerGroup expects the volume of non-financial goods and services sold through B2B e-commerce to reach $7.3 trillion by 2004...that’s 7 percent of the forecast global economy of $105 trillion. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Forrester predicts global Internet trade will reach $6.8 trillion in 2004 both B2B and B2C combined. These numbers should raise the pulse of even the most mild-mannered IT professional as they figure out how to deal with such meteoric expansion. Clearly, there’s no stopping this train the world of business is headed down the digital track full-speed ahead. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Why do businesses go online? Simply because it’s very good business. Some are looking for new ways to slash operating costs. Others want to drive revenue. All need to boost shareholder value by attracting and retaining a “community” of loyal, profitable customers – for life. Even before e-commerce even hit full throttle, a typical company lost 50 percent of its customers every five years. Now customers are fleeing at an even faster pace. If they don’t have a satisfying experience at your site, they simply go elsewhere. So it’s really about creating “sticky” experiences for your customers which you can do by deploying Smart Services.   The companies that successfully exploit the Web to attract, nurture, and build customer loyalty, sales, and profits are the ones who will make waves in the Net Economy. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 (Auto-Build) While each business needs to craft its own online strategy for driving revenue and cutting costs, there is one common denominator—community. There’s no better way to tap the potential of e-business than to create, grow, maintain and capitalize on a community of customers, partners, suppliers, employees, or developers. Think about it, if you can profile and customize your services by making your services smart, you will dramatically increase their stickiness by adding customer preferences, location and preferred devices used at any given time.   It doesn’t matter how big your community is – hundreds of people or millions. (Click )
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 It also doesn’t even matter how your customers get there – by PC or workstation, by wireless handheld or cell phone.   The only way to fully capitalize on that community is to develop a rich, highly personalized user experience. To keep them coming back for more by offering them more -- more relevant information…more convenience… more value. All the time you are increasing switching costs. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 This is the first fundamental of e-business success.   In just a few years, we’ve moved from the pre-Internet era of EDI with its expensive, proprietary networks…to static Web sites displaying brochure ware…to online ordering and payment…to outbound selling…to Internet-based trading communities…to e-procurement and the emergence of today’s digital marketplaces.   What has this evolution done to user experience? It’s dramatically raised expectations. A year or two ago, a rich user experience meant ordering from an online catalog or viewing your bank statement via the Web. Today, visitors are looking for more …a lot more. They want a highly personalized experience. They want high-level interaction. They want deep access to data. They want control. They want security. They want value. This is what we call “sticky” experiences. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Large and small enterprises alike are looking for a steady stream of new, value-added services designed to increase revenue and decrease costs. What type of services do they demand? Everything from allowing an employee to change the beneficiaries of a 401K plan to supporting a complete electronic marketplace. They want to buy, sell, bill, trade, communicate, and collaborate. And they want to do it now. Which means businesses need to add content and develop, assemble and deploy new services in Internet time. In fact, the pressure to add new Internet services is staggering. One year ago, a service provider could introduce a new service every six months and still lead the pack. Today, they need to bring a new service to market every 30 days just to stay even. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Just as important, business services need to be massively scalable. You never know how many hits are coming your way or when they’re going to land. So companies have to be ready to scale the overall size of their sites, plus handle spikes in volume of users, transactions, and data – without impacting online business or the quality of users’ experience.   Internet Gratis, an provider of free e-mail service in Brazil, based its hardware and software configuration on an initial forecast of 500,000 users in the first year. But after just two weeks, this ISP was adding as many as 12,000 new members a day. And it was apparent that the initial configuration wouldn’t satisfy the groundswell of demand. So Internet Gratis switched to the iPlanet Web Server and Firewall, and the Sun Solstice™ Internet Mail Server. Within one week they had successfully migrated their first 300,000 users. And less than a year later they’ve reached the 4 million user mark – thanks to iPlanet solutions. (Click) 
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 None of the above is possible unless the e-business solutions are built on an open architecture. In the world of e-business, you never know when the next great idea will emerge…or who it will come from. It could be a partner or a competitor or a customer. Or a 16-year-old hacker working in his attic. When you build your platform on open source code, you don’t have to worry about it. You can leverage great ideas no matter whose they are. With iPlanet, you won’t be locked into a restrictive architecture when the next content management, aggregation, authentication, or bill presentment and payment software comes along.  Not only do open standards position your company for future growth and rapid change, they ensure maximum flexibility in terms of choosing the best products, vendors, and partners to turn dot-com dreams into reality. There you have the fundamental requirements for doing business on the Net. So what’s missing? (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Businesses are searching for an organizing principle that enables them to compete successfully in the net economy, and to fully participate in digital marketplaces and rapidly deploy Smart Services.   You need an e-business platform that will help you make the most of your existing information assets and business relationships, and serve as a launching pad to take advantage of new opportunities in the net economy. All without re-inventing the wheel or re-architecting your IT environment every time a new business need or technology comes down the pike. Nobody can afford to do that and still stay in business. You need a solution that unites all the disparate networks, applications, systems, and business practices into a coherent technology platform. One that ties it all together – data, information access, collaboration, business processes.   iPlanet has that solution. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 What kind of platform are we talking about here? A comprehensive platform for conducting every aspect of business online. That platform is emerging, and it includes all the key elements for doing e-business worldwide…for capitalizing on the e-business opportunity. Our solution is based on the premier software foundation we’ve defined -- iPlanet’s Platform. It’s designed to sit on top of the traditional network, systems and OS layers we have today, and provide the core environment necessary to handle the complex demands of the Net Economy. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 The components that make up this platform are based entirely on Internet standards like J2EE, XML, LDAP, and IMAP, which means corporations and service providers can interchange, outsource, and support any combination of components. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 And the applications that plug into this new Platform will gain all of its built-in scalability, reliability, security, and policy attributes. So you can effectively deliver individual, customized services to all users. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 We believe that over the next several years, this platform will enable you to stop viewing new applications in terms of which OS or hardware they were designed for altogether and build them for the Net instead. Now what does the iPlanet Platform look like? (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 You are looking at the most complete stack that will allow you to tap directly into the power and potential of the Net Economy and deliver Smart Services to anyone, anywhere, on any device.   When you run your e-business on the iPlanet Platform, you can count on these fundamental critical elements:   First, massive scalability. Our platform can scale to support your growth, even phenomenal growth, as proven by our many ISP clients.   Second, open architecture. This ensures that you can choose best-of-breed applications that interoperate flawlessly.   Third, rapid deployment of incremental services. The key to your profitability and competitiveness is the ability to rapidly add incremental services before your fiercest competitor does. And in the emerging Wireless Net Economy, deploying “Smart Services” quickly spells profitability.   Finally, the iPlanet Platform provides a rich user experience, allowing businesses to provide personalized, customized services that enrich the user experience and ultimately build customer loyalty. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Let’s start at the bottom …with our Unified User Management Services . This is the foundation for centrally managing user account information in extranet and e-commerce applications…and it’s one of the most critical layers of the stack. It’s powered by our Directory Server, and it provides a single point of account control for user profiles, access policies, preferences, and security credentials…things like passwords and digital certificates. Why is it so important? Because it allows you to create and manage the user experience. It dramatically simplifies administration, and streamlines online activities including one-click account creation, customer self-services, single Web sign-on, and more. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Next, iPlanet’s Web, Application, and Integration Services layer offers the most robust, scalable platform for developing, deploying and integrating best-of-breed applications and Internet services. This is basically a reliable, high-performance infrastructure that makes it easy to manage and deliver a more personalized user experience. It includes our app server, Web server, all our Forte products and other EDI solutions, as well as process automation and workflow tools. And it delivers plenty of scalability, reliability, and performance. In fact, our Web server runs CNN, registering over 20 million page views per day -- as many as 200 million hits. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Our Communication Services layer is something you won’t find in most platforms. But it’s indispensable because it includes all those functions that actually help create community or build interest groups within a community. We’re talking about a wide range of feature-rich services here -- e-mail, web mail, calendar, instant messaging, unified messaging, and wireless services too. iPlanet’s Communication Services are designed from the ground-up to support the most demanding enterprise and service provider environments. This layer gives you the ability to deliver on the promise of anyone, anywhere, anytime messaging – using any device. Already, millions of licensed users rely on iPlanet’s communications services. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 We talked about the value of user experience, and our Portal Services enables you to create and manage the kind of online experiences that build legions of insanely loyal, profitable customers. This is the only full-service platform designed specifically to provide support for creating portals that aggregate, integrate, and personalize services based on user role/identity, user-preferences and system-generated information. This is all about integrating corporate information systems…enabling customers, suppliers and partners to take part in B2B commerce… providing authorized access to core business processes and applications via a standard Web browser…and making wireless communication services like e-mail and calendar a snap. A complete e-commerce platform must include Portal Services. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 At the top, Commerce Services allow market makers to quickly build reliable, open, extensible digital marketplaces that bring buyers and sellers together to conduct commerce, take advantage of content, and interact with the community. Commerce Services provide a range of components you can use to aggregate catalogs, run forward and reverse auctions, negotiate pricing online, present and pay bills, orchestrate trades, and much more. Our goal is to provide the software infrastructure that will run every digital marketplace. This will allow market makers to focus on domain expertise while iPlanet focuses on enabling technologies. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 No company is better qualified to help businesses create a competitive advantage than iPlanet. When you run your e-business on the iPlanet Platform, you have the four basic elements to successfully grow your business, stay competitive, deploy “Smart Services” and provide strong customer value. Those 4 elements as outlined before are: massive scalability, open architecture, flexibility and rich user experience. (Click)  
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 What can the iPlanet Platform do for your business? How can it help you succeed in the Net Economy?   The best way to answer those questions is to show you -- by tracing the evolution of an e-commerce Web site based on the iPlanet platform. Perhaps the easiest place to start is with a basic site – composed mostly of product brochures and graphics translated into an electronic format. A simple Web server is all it takes to create a presence. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 But let’s say you want to go further…to tailor the experience for different audiences: your customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. First, you need to know who’s coming, so you can manage and control who has access, and what databases, applications, and services they have access to. That means they need to be listed in a directory...like iPlanet’s massively scalable Directory Server (UUM). (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 And, of course, you need to protect the privacy of your information assets by adding security services like certificate management and authentication. (Click) 
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 As soon as you are ready to do business logic, add applications and tie into back-end systems you have to add an Application Server. Without it you can’t get to this level of integration. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Where do you go next? It really depends on who you are and what’s important to the success of your business. Many companies, for example, use the Web to empower employees and the sales force, or to collaborate with partners and suppliers from anywhere, at anytime, using any device – from a workstation to a wireless handheld or cell phone. That calls for Messaging, Calendar, Wireless Access…maybe instant messaging – all available from iPlanet and our service providers. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Once that capability is established, it’s time to do business on the Web. iPlanet offers a suite of products that enable companies to share information with partners…buy products and services…sell products and services…and bill for products and services – all electronically. For example, if you want to set up a procurement solution and add online bill presentment, BillerXpert, as part of this suite of products will allow you to do it. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 With all these tools in place -- content serving, application serving, collaboration tools, and transactions – how do you tie together all these services? Our Portal Server does that. It can deliver content – both local and syndicated through protocols like ICE. It can serve up applications -- web enabled and hardware/OS-dependent. It can provide a conduit for collaboration. And it can enable transactions through a single interface that can be customized by both the administrator and the individual user to suit their specific needs. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Finally, at the highest level is the open digital marketplace – which can literally transform the way a you do business by migrating traditional business processes to the Net. That includes integrating back-office functions… streamlining supplier and client communication…and replacing paper-based functions. This level enables community and membership services, catalog services, pricing, negotiation, auctions, an enhanced portal, and most important, a fully satisfying user experience.   iPlanet’s MarketMaker software gives business the power to create and operate the next generation of open digital marketplaces.   That’s what the iPlanet Platform does for your business. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 While our Platform is at the heart of the iPlanet vision, we couldn’t deliver complete solutions for powering the Next Wave of the Net Economy, without our partners. E-Commerce is a team sport and no successful organization can go it alone.   From Business Application and ERP Software Partners like People Soft and SAP-- to infrastructure Partners like BMC Software and Computer Associates who provide the additional components for successful implementation….   From Portal Service Partners like Double Click and Net Genesis who extend the functionality of portals with unique applications--to Commerce Partners like Portal and Trilogy who provide the Internet specific commerce solutions-- to System Partners like HP and IBM and Sun.   And then there are our Communications and Content partners like AOL.com, Peregrine and Nortel Networks --to our key Global Integration Partners, Andersen Consulting, Gap Gemini Ernst & Young.   The list is long and growing constantly. (Click)  
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 A platform as robust as iPlanet’s requires a full complement of services and support to help our customers make the most of our breakthrough technology and deliver Smart Services. iPlanet Learning offers the most comprehensive portfolio of training on our products and solutions. We have over four times the number of certified, licensed e-commerce instructors than any other “pure-play” competitor. And we offer a broad range of expert-based training options to fit each customer’s learning style and content requirements. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Customer Support ensures that iPlanet customers, partners, and employees are fully supported in their quest for success in the Net Economy. Our technical support and product upgrade program helps enterprise customers get the most out of their iPlanet products. And our highly trained, experienced support engineers bring an in-depth working knowledge of the Internet, intranets, and Web-based technologies that is unmatched in the industry. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Finally, our Professional Services organization -- the consulting arm of iPlanet -- helps customers worldwide find and implement Internet technology solutions to e-business challenges. It doesn’t matter whether a company has embraced open standards or needs help migrating from proprietary systems. Our experts can help customers in all phases of Internet initiatives, from strategy and planning to integration and deployment. iPlanet people have the skills, maturity, and commitment customers need to compete in the Net Economy. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 The future is all about one thing—making it easier for enterprises large and small to develop, assemble, and deploy a continuous stream of Smart Services that allow you to get closer to the customer—all the while distancing yourself from your competition.   We have the platform, the partners, and the support services in place to deliver Smart Services and to deploy them in rapid time to market.   Every thing from directory services and authentication services to billing, buying, trading and selling. It’s all available from iPlanet and from our partners—service providers with the tools, the knowledge, and the experience to take standard business practices and bring them together on the Web. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Now what about iPlanet in the real world?   Not only is the iPlanet Platform a solid concept, our customers have proven that it works in the only place it really matters – the e-business marketplace. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 CentreCom Industry : Internet Telephony -- ASP Problem : Develop communication services to offer consumers and mobile users a streamlined way to access e-mail, calendar, faxes, and paging in a single unified message store. Solution : CentreCom has built a robust and powerful platform support system based on iPlanet technology. This enables them to serve hundreds of thousands of current telephone subscribers. And it gives them the opportunity to offer unified communications to millions of potential customers around the world. CentreCom chose iPlanet systems because of their massive scalability, reliability, and performance that’s second to none. For example, our BillerXpert system not only met CentreCom’s need for Web presentation of phone bills, it shaved 6 to 8 months off the company’s projected time to market. CentreCom also liked the fact that iPlanet systems can be customized to meet their ever-changing business needs. So They can quickly add services that differentiate CentreCom from the competition – like their “click-to-call” application that lets Web users talk with a live human being right from their computer. Products : Messaging, Calendaring, Directory, Meta-Directory, Customer Netcenter, E-Commerce Applications – including BillerXpert. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Telstra.com Industry : Telecommunications and Information Services Problem : This Australian telecom company wanted to establish itself as an online messaging hub by bringing together its yellow pages, white pages, and ISP business in a single place – Telstra.com. They were looking for a strategic partner to help them develop exciting content, messaging and integrated services online – everything from Wireless Application Protocol (WAP-based) e-mail to ISP mail, Web mail, and unified messaging. Solution : iPlanet has delivered everything Telstra.com was looking for – an open, scalable, interoperable system that lets individual users create a personalized space on the Web. Telstra.com is now one of the most comprehensive information and application-rich services available to Australians. It gives users anywhere, anytime access to e-mail, news, information, weather, lotteries, and sports scores – all from their WAP mobile phones. WAP will eventually allow Telstra.com customers to use any appliance to access their world: mobile phone, television, telephone, or computer. In iPlanet, Telstra has found a partner with a broad technology offering…an organization willing to work with them to bring this potentially lucrative business to markets. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 We’ve combined the know-how, experience, and strength of three world-class organizations—Sun, Netscape, and AOL into a single alliance, with a single goal—to provide innovative, standards-based e-commerce solutions that empower customers to succeed in the Net Economy.   Through the iPlanet Platform, the ultimate pay-off promised by e-commerce is achievable—i.e. complete automation of all your enterprise-wide, business-to-business and business to customer transactions. All with seamless integration of all your applications and services. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 We draw on proven, open-standards-based software servers from Netscape – the creator of the first Internet browser and one of the most widely recognized names on the Net. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 We capitalize on world-class infrastructure hardware and software from Sun, a company that’s long believed “the network is the computer.” Sun is no stranger to the Internet, open standards, or scalable solutions. In fact, 70% of Internet traffic runs on Sun servers. (Click)  
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 And we take advantage of AOL’s consumer insight and reach. Nobody knows more about how to create community…deliver a rich user experience…build customer loyalty…or handle traffic and scale than AOL – the only successful multi-brand, multi-national Online Service Provider. (Click)    
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 In messaging, iPlanet is number one, with over 150 million mailboxes worldwide. (Source: iPlanet licenses sold). In the directory and LDAP space, we've been number one practically since day one. We have over 300 million seats sold (Source: iPlanet licenses sold). Our Certificate Management Server product has sold some 50 million seats worldwide. (Source: iPlanet licenses sold).   Finally, our Calendar Server has captured more than 75 million seats. (Source: iPlanet licenses sold). (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 57% of the Fortune 100 use iPlanet E-Commerce Software. In the Financial Services world, seven of the Top 10 commercial banks use iPlanet E-Commerce Software. In the Telecommunications sector, nine out of ten of the biggest Fortune 500 Telecoms run on iPlanet. What’s more, some of the hottest dot-com companies are building their enterprises on iPlanet E-Commerce Software products. Finally, the world’s leading wireless companies believe in us. (Click)  
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 And we are proud of this long list of impressive customers.
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Our Application Server has been rated #1 by DH Brown & IDC.   Our Portal Server has been defined “near perfect” by e-Week .   Our Directory Server has won the Network World Blue Ribbon award.   Our Web Server is PC Magazine Editor’s Choice , is rated 5-star by Internet.com, and won Network Computing’s Well-Connected Award . Our Calendar Server has received a “Hot” rating from InfoWorld.   And iPlanet Forte Fusion v2.0 was named Application Development Software of the Year at the prestigious Computing Awards for Excellence 2000 – solid proof that iPlanet has the tools to integrate back-end legacy applications to the Web. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 At iPlanet, we have the technology, the platform, the partners, the experience, and the vision to help any organization thrive in the next generation of the Net Economy to deliver Smart Services. Technology. Our commitment to open standards guarantees that businesses can incorporate the best-of-breed solutions – no matter where they come from, who builds them, or what platform they’re built on. Platform. An inherent quality of the iPlanet Platform is that it enables businesses to launch new and advanced Internet services far more quickly, and deliver a higher quality experience than any other platform. Businesses can embrace new ideas whenever they come along…while protecting their current IT investment. Better yet, the iPlanet Platform is massively scalable. It’s designed to keep pace with the growth of any business – no matter how big it gets. Partners. We work with an extensive range of major systems, infrastructure, portal, communications, and integration partners, giving businesses the flexibility to pick the best-of-breed solutions, and work with the companies and organizations they know and trust. Experience. iPlanet solutions dominate the landscape at forward-thinking companies and leading industries. We’re a proven commodity. Vision. We’re the only organization with a coherent, cohesive vision and strategy for enabling the rapid development, assembly, and deployment of scalable Internet services – today and in the future. (Click)
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09 Finally, and most important, the iPlanet Platform is not only here to stay, it’s here today ready to power the Next Wave of The Net Economy by helping you rapidly deploy Smart Services.    
  • iPlanet Overview 11/06/09
  • I Planet Overview

    1. 1. Powering the Next Wave of the Net Economy
    2. 2. <ul><li>The Net Economy </li></ul><ul><li>How to Succeed in E-Business </li></ul><ul><li>Internet Service Deployment Platform </li></ul><ul><li>The iPlanet Vision </li></ul><ul><li>iPlanet in the Real World </li></ul><ul><li>Why iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions </li></ul>
    3. 3. Everybody’s Online
    4. 4. The Opportunity Is Huge 2005 2000 2002 2003 2004 2001 Jupiter Communications
    5. 5. The Opportunity Is Huge 2005 2000 2002 2003 2004 2001
    6. 6. The Opportunity Is Huge 2005 2000 2002 2003 2004 2001
    7. 7. Why Businesses Are Going Online <ul><li>Decrease Costs </li></ul><ul><li>Increase Revenue </li></ul><ul><li>Boost Value </li></ul>
    8. 8. Community
    9. 9. Community
    10. 10. How to Succeed in E-Business 1. Deliver a Rich, Personalized User Experience Brochureware Online Ordering Outbound Selling Internet-Based Trading Communities Digital Marketplaces
    11. 11. How to Succeed in E-Business 2. Develop Services Rapidly Buy, 1. Deliver a Rich, Personalized User Experience Sell, Bill, Trade, Communicate, Collaborate
    12. 12. How to Succeed in E-Business VISITORS 2. Develop Services Rapidly 1. Deliver a Rich, Personalized User Experience 3. Provide Massive Scalability 0 0 0 0 0 2 6 0 8 0 0 0 0 0 8 7 3 5 0 0 0 0 1 1 6 7 2 0 0 0 0 4 3 2 2 8 0 0 0 0 8 8 1 9 5 0 0 0 2 9 3 4 1 0 0 0 0 7 5 3 6 4 1 0 0 1 6 0 9 8 3 4 0 0 5 2 9 8 3 7 2 0 0 9 0 2 8 6 2 7 0 2 3 6 5 8 3 7 1 0 6 8 5 3 5 7 1 9 0 9 7 4 0 6 2 7 3 3 8 6 7 6 4 2 8 3
    13. 13. How to Succeed in E-Business 4. Employ Open Architecture 2. Develop Services Rapidly 1. Deliver a Rich, Personalized User Experience 3. Provide Massive Scalability
    14. 14. The Missing Link – The Platform “ For the development of e-business applications to the mainstream, a well-defined infrastructure and architecture for e-business must emerge.” Gartner Group D. Smith, D. Plummer, Y. Natis, G. Phifer Research Note, January 3, 2000
    15. 15. The Internet Environment iPlanet Platform Traditional Operating Systems Network and Systems Infrastructure
    16. 16. The Internet Environment Traditional Operating Systems Network and Systems Infrastructure iPlanet Platform
    17. 17. The Internet Environment Services Services Services Services ervices Services Services Traditional Operating Systems Network and Systems Infrastructure iPlanet Platform
    18. 18. The Internet Environment Services Services Services Services Services Services Services Traditional Operating Systems Network and Systems Infrastructure iPlanet Platform
    19. 19. Unified User Management Services Portal Services Application and Integration Services Communication Services Commerce Services Traditional Operating Systems Network and Systems Infrastructure
    20. 20. Unified User Management Services Portal Services Application and Integration Services Communication Services Commerce Services
    21. 21. Unified User Management Services Portal Services Application and Integration Services Communication Services Commerce Services Traditional Operating Systems Network and Systems Infrastructure Portal Services Application and Integration Services Communication Services Commerce Services Network and Systems Infrastructure
    22. 22. Unified User Management Services Portal Services Application and Integration Services Communication Services Commerce Services Traditional Operating Systems Network and Systems Infrastructure Unified User Management Services Portal Services Communication Services Commerce Services Traditional Operating Systems Network and Systems Infrastructure
    23. 23. Unified User Management Services Portal Services Application and Integration Services Communication Services Commerce Services Traditional Operating Systems Network and Systems Infrastructure Unified User Management Services Portal Services Application and Integration Services Commerce Services Traditional Operating Systems Network and Systems Infrastructure
    24. 24. Unified User Management Services Portal Services Application and Integration Services Communication Services Commerce Services Traditional Operating Systems Network and Systems Infrastructure Unified User Management Services Portal Services Application and Integration Services Communication Services Traditional Operating Systems Network and Systems Infrastructure Commerce Services
    25. 25. Unified User Management Services Portal Services Application and Integration Services Communication Services Commerce Services Traditional Operating Systems Network and Systems Infrastructure
    26. 26. How It Works
    27. 27. How It Works
    28. 28. How It Works
    29. 29. How It Works
    30. 30. How It Works
    31. 31. How It Works
    32. 32. How It Works
    33. 33. How It Works
    34. 34. Our Partners
    35. 35. Service and Support <ul><li>Expert Training </li></ul><ul><li>Over 30 Curriculum Paths </li></ul>
    36. 36. Service and Support <ul><li>Technical Support </li></ul><ul><li>Product Upgrade Program </li></ul>
    37. 37. Service and Support <ul><li>Strategy and Planning </li></ul><ul><li>Integration and Deployment </li></ul>
    38. 38. Vision
    39. 42. Why iPlanet?
    40. 43. Why iPlanet?
    41. 44. Why iPlanet?
    42. 45. Why iPlanet?
    43. 46. <ul><li>Mailboxes: 150 Million </li></ul><ul><li>LDAP: 300 Million </li></ul><ul><li>Certificate Management Server: 50 Million </li></ul><ul><li>Calendar Server: 75 Million </li></ul>Why iPlanet?
    44. 47. Why iPlanet? <ul><li>57% of the Fortune 100 </li></ul><ul><li>7 of the Top 10 Commercial Banks </li></ul><ul><li>9 of the Top 10 Telecoms </li></ul><ul><li>The Hottest Dot-Coms </li></ul><ul><li>Leading Wireless Companies </li></ul>
    45. 48. Unparalleled Customer Base
    46. 49. Computing Awards for Excellence Application Development Software of the Year Why iPlanet? “ near perfect” #1 Application Server
    47. 50. <ul><li>Technology </li></ul><ul><li>Platform </li></ul><ul><li>Partners </li></ul><ul><li>Experience </li></ul><ul><li>Vision </li></ul>Why iPlanet?
    48. 51. Why iPlanet? Because We’re Ready to Power the Next Wave of the Net Economy
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