Top 10 USA Business Future Trends 2015 - Roger James Hamilton


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Slides from the Top 10 Trends 2014 USA Tour, hosted in Los Angeles, August 2014. How will the waves of the future impact your business? Join Roger James Hamilton in upcoming events and entrepreneur accelerators around the world at

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Top 10 USA Business Future Trends 2015 - Roger James Hamilton

  1. Top 10 USA Future Trends 2015 Millionaire Master Plan Conference, USA with Roger James Hamilton
  2. Twitter: #MMPC2014 Facebook: millionairemasterplan
  3. What were you doing 30 years ago?
  4. 1984
  5. Eurasia was established when US and Imperial soldiers withdrew from continental Europe, thus the USSR conquered Europe against slight opposition
  6. Big Brother is the enigmatic dictator of Oceania, a totalitarian state taken to its utmost logical consequence – where the ruling Party wields total power for its own sake over the inhabitants.
  7. The world the media portrays is like the world of oppression and fear in George Orwell’s 1984. But there is another world of optimism and opportunity that exists.
  8. • Funding is more available than ever • Cost of entry is at an all time low • Startup incubators are everywhere • The world is now a single market • Women are a growing force as entrepreneurs New Era of Entrepreneurs
  9. New Era of Entrepreneurs
  10. New Era of Entrepreneurs
  11. New Era of Entrepreneurs
  12. The paradox of change Don’t be so busy looking for intelligence outside, you forget to grow the intelligence inside…
  13. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” ~ Arthur C Clarke
  14. “One of the definitions of sanity is the ability to tell real from unreal. Soon we’ll need a new definition.” ~ Alvin Toffler
  15. World Wide Wave WAVE 1
  16. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  17. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  18. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  19. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  20. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  21. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  22. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  23. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  24. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  25. Our connected world is moving from words to pictures to mobile, video and virtual worlds Here’s a case study of Vaughn Clair who pivoted into the world of mobile payments by building his brand as a ‘leading learner’ in the field.
  26. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  27. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  28. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  29. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  30. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  31. 1. Expectations have gone up 2. Attention has gone down “You can reach more, faster, further, than ever before” The move from quantity to quality If it’s good, it’s shared Impact Wave 1: World Wide Wave Action 1. Turn your site into a channel 2. Redesign for mobile 3. Create your 3 minute video Your Message Yourself 1. Become a leading learner 2. Tailor your daily news diet 3. Stay in your own flow
  32. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  33. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  34. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  35. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  36. Here’s how we launched a website, youtube channel, Facebook App and iPhone App from scratch, to 100,000+ subscribers and a New York Times bestselling book in six months.
  37. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  38. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  39. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  40. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  41. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  42. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  43. Wave 1: World Wide Wave
  44. Age of Engagement WAVE 2
  45. Engagement Marketing 3.0
  46. What you’re creating What you’re sharing Increase content Content-led Measured by actions Results in engagement falling over time Content Marketing Engagement Marketing What they’re creating What they’re sharing Increase connection Customer-led Measured by interactions Results in engagement increasing over time
  47. 1.23b active monthly 1.26b active 757m active daily 98% 60%
  48. 1. Create a scalable path to customer intimacy 2. Conversation vs Survey vs Assessment 3. Personality Assessments vs Progress Assessments 4. Measuring Interactions vs Measuring Actions 5. Success = Measuring & increasing what customers create, not what we create 6. Success = Measuring & increasing what customers share, not what we share 7. Create gold dust 7 Steps
  49. GOLD DUST 1. Automatically scalable 2. Zero cost or profitable 3. Takes none of your time
  50. TREASURE CHEST 1. Unique to you 2. More you share, the more you make 3. More you share, the more it grows
  51. 1. We’re in information overload 2. Engagement trumps content “The future of marketing is not in what content you create and share, but what content your customers and partners create and share.” Impact Wave 2: Age of Engagement Action 1. Create your own gold dust 2. Automate your measures 3. Reward your customers Your Marketing Yourself 1. Focus on attraction vs action 2. Enhance before expand 3. To get bigger, focus smaller
  52. Wave 2: Age of Engagement
  53. Wave 2: Age of Engagement
  54. Platforms like Amazon and Facebook use backward-facing engagement, based on your past history and habits. As an education platform, we use forward-facing engagement, based on assessments of who you are and where you are going - to create new habits instead of repeating old ones.
  55. Wealth = Value x Leverage
  56. Wu Xing Earth When? Fire Who? Wood What? Water Why? Metal How?
  57. Power of All WAVE 3
  58. Wave 3: Power of All
  59. Wave 3: Power of All
  60. Here’s a case study of two Simons who attended our event two years ago. Simon Dixon created a crowd funding platform. Simon Zutshi created the first crowd funded property fund on the platform.
  61. A tale of two Simons
  62. A tale of two Simons
  63. A tale of two Simons
  64. Another attendee from South Africa, Scott Picken, has created one of the first global crowd funding platforms for property.
  65. Wave 3: Power of All
  66. Wave 3: Power of All
  67. Wave 3: Power of All
  68. Wave 3: Power of All
  69. Wave 3: Power of All
  70. Wave 3: Power of All
  71. 1. All resources are available to you 2. The only limit is your own vision “The financing, resources & talent are readily available to get you from where you are to where you want to go. The question is, where do you want to go?” Impact Wave 3: Power of All Action 1. Outsource and automate 2. Choose best of class 3. Do one thing best. Your Team & Resources Yourself 1. Start without limits 2. Hire and fund by project 3. Test and measure relentlessly
  72. Wave 3: Power of All FINANCING •Kickstarter •Indiegogo •Rockethub •Pozible •Angellist
  73. Wave 3: Power of All TALENT •elance •oDesk •Freelancer •99designs •Fiverr
  74. Wave 3: Power of All AUTOMATION •Eventbrite •Kajabi •Post Affiliate Pro •Instant Customer •Paypal
  75. Globularization WAVE 4
  76. Globalization is trying to go global with one big company: The titanic strategy Globularization is going global through a network of collaborative, entrepreneurial companies: The fleet of ships strategy Globularization is beating globalization. You don’t make a bubble bath with one big bubble.
  77. Wave 4: Globularization
  78. Wave 4: Globularization
  79. Wave 4: Globularization
  80. Wave 4: Globularization
  81. Wave 4: Globularization
  82. Wave 4: Globularization
  83. We are now publishing all our products and platforms in multiple countries and multiple languages.
  84. Wealth Dynamics Poland
  85. Wave 4: Globularization
  86. 1. You can work from anywhere 2. You can learn from everywhere “Today, it’s easier to start a global business than a local business.” Why, What, Who, When, How Impact Wave 4: Globularization Action 1. Make it a compelling journey 2. Automate & outsource 3. Multi-language, multi-currency Your Company Yourself 1. Have a global mindset 2. Stay in your season 3. Be world class
  87. Wave 4: Globularization
  88. Wave 4: Globularization
  89. Wave 4: Globularization
  90. Wave 4: Globularization
  91. Wave 4: Globularization
  92. Wave 4: Globularization
  93. Wave 4: Globularization
  94. Wave 4: Globularization
  95. Wave 4: Globularization
  96. Wave 4: Globularization
  97. Infrared - Victim Red - Survivor Orange - Worker Yellow - Player Personal Flow Market Flow Indigo - Trustee Violet - Composer Ultraviolet - Legend Global Flow Green - Performer Blue - Conductor Wealth Lighthouse
  98. Infra-red: Victim Red: Survivor Orange: Worker Yellow: Player Green: Performer Blue: Conductor Indigo: Trustee Violet: Composer Ultraviolet: Legend DRIVER DESIGNER Personal Value Personal Leverage Social Value Social Leverage Resonance 9 Levels
  99. Materialization WAVE 5
  100. The phrase ‘3D Printing’ does not do justice to one of the biggest approaching waves. ‘Materialization’ will digitize products in the same way media has been digitize. This will democratize the creation and consumption of products in everything from consumer products, cars, planes to our homes, food and bodies.
  101. Wave 5: Materialization
  102. Wave 5: Materialization
  103. Wave 5: Materialization
  104. Wave 5: Materialization
  105. Wave 5: Materialization
  106. Wave 5: Materialization
  107. Wave 5: Materialization
  108. Wave 5: Materialization
  109. Wave 5: Materialization
  110. Wave 5: Materialization
  111. Wave 5: Materialization
  112. Wave 5: Materialization
  113. Wave 5: Materialization
  114. Wave 5: Materialization
  115. Intelligence Grid WAVE 6
  116. The power grid made energy ubiquitous and at the heart of our day-to-day lives. The intelligence grid is doing the same. The internet of things is triggering a wave which will be far bigger than the Internet has in the last 20 years.
  117. Wave 6: Intelligence Grid
  118. Wave 6: Intelligence Grid
  119. Wave 6: Intelligence Grid
  120. Wave 6: Intelligence Grid
  121. Wave 6: Intelligence Grid
  122. Augmented Humanity WAVE 7
  123. We are already merging our human intelligence with artificial intelligence. This merging of minds is now extending to a merging of human and artificial with our bodies. This will ultimately lead to our biology being fully digitized, programmable, repairable and replaceable.
  124. Wave 7: Augmented Humanity
  125. Wave 7: Augmented Humanity
  126. Wave 7: Augmented Humanity
  127. Wave 7: Augmented Humanity
  128. Wave 7: Augmented Humanity
  129. Wave 7: Augmented Humanity
  130. Wave 7: Augmented Humanity
  131. From Industry to Individual: 1. News & Entertainment 2. Media & Communication 3. Distribution 4. Retail 5. Education 6. Banking 7. Factories 8. Food 9. Medicine 10. Government Consquences Wave 6: Augmented Humanity Impact Power and responsibility are moving from the institution to the individual Education and empowerment are moving from opportunity to imperative “Our presence, awareness and capabilities are extending far beyond our physical limitations”
  132. Wave 6: Augmented Humanity Opportunity Information Connection Wealth Creation Power to Transform Greater Prosperity PLUS MINUS Overwhelm Distraction Isolation Wealth Gap Power to Destroy Greater Divide
  133. Experience Ecology WAVE 8
  134. As content and products go down in price, experiences are going up in price. Musicians are giving their music away for free and charging more for their concerts. Give away your best content for free, and charge for the experience.
  135. Spaceship Earth WAVE 9
  136. The coming space age is changing our relationship with our planet. By having access to unlimited space, energy and raw materials, we will have no need to continue to extract from and polute Spaceship Earth.
  137. Wave 9: Spaceship Earth
  138. Wave 9: Spaceship Earth
  139. Wave 9: Spaceship Earth
  140. Wave 9: Spaceship Earth
  141. Wave 9: Spaceship Earth
  142. Wave 9: Spaceship Earth
  143. World Wide Wealth WAVE 10
  144. “Humanity is taking its final exam. We have come to an extraordinary moment when it doesn’t have to be you or me anymore. There is enough for all.” ~ Buckminster Fuller
  145. We are reaching 2015 - The target date for the UN Millennium Goals. There is a new wave of positive change at hand, with new technologies and a connected world we did not have in 2000. What we collectively achieve in the next 15 years will depend on our level of collective consciousness.
  146. Wave 10: World Wide Wealth
  147. Wave 10: World Wide Wealth
  148. Wave 10: World Wide Wealth
  149. Wave 10: World Wide Wealth
  150. Wave 10: World Wide Wealth
  151. Wave 10: World Wide Wealth
  152. “Wealth isn’t how much money you have. Wealth is what you’re left with if you lose all your money.”
  153. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” ~ Arthur C Clarke
  154. “One of the definitions of sanity is the ability to tell real from unreal. Soon we’ll need a new definition.” ~ Alvin Toffler
  155. Thank you for reading. What action will you take? Connect with me at: rogerhamilton rogerjameshamilton