Fast Forward your Business 2014 Virtual Conference


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Slides from the 2 hour virtual conference, January 2014: The 3 Top Trends to impact your business this year.

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  • Roger, I'm happy to offer to be one of your facilitators if you'd like. I've created & facilitated most of my life. As Creator of Secrets to Youth, a Rejuvenation Program & Lifestyle, I've shown Clients how to rejuvenate up to 35 years within a year. With new scientific discoveries, it possible to do more quickly now. As a Child Prodigy, Bolshoi Ballerina, Harvard Scholarship Recipient, Cranial Sacral Specialist, Consultant to MD's, Therapist to World Class Athletes, etc., I choose to be/do my best always. I've created thousands of Personal Unfolding Seminars & Trainings as love to share my discoveries & experiences with others. I'd be happy to speak to you about doing '2 Youthful Secrets to Look, Feel & Be 20+ Years Younger' and/or '7 Youthful Secrets to Start Your Day'. Please email me at: or call me if you have a USA number at 949.878.7100. I'm in Southern CA, Pacific time. Oh, maybe I should add...I used my Secrets to Youth Program to regain my speech and ability to walk after injuried in a hit & run collision. I'm now focused to regain my ballerina body. Roxi Lamb
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Fast Forward your Business 2014 Virtual Conference

  1. 1. with Roger James Hamilton January 2014 Ask questions on Twitter: Add tag #FFyB2014 Ask questions on Facebook:
  2. 2. Ask questions, share resources, make connections
  3. 3.
  4. 4. • Funding is more available than ever • Cost of entry is at an all time low • Startup incubators are everywhere • The world is now a single market • Women are a growing force as entrepreneurs A New Era for Entrepreneurs
  5. 5. A New Era for Entrepreneurs
  6. 6. What one action will you take RIGHT NOW to double your outcome in 2014? What’s your big question?
  7. 7. Think Global
  8. 8. Think Global
  9. 9. Think Global
  10. 10. Think Global
  11. 11. Think Global
  12. 12. Think Global
  13. 13. Wave 1 Reprice Everything
  14. 14. • 3D printed products • Robots everywhere • Virtual realities • Vertical farms • 100% solar power • Stay young forever Everything is restructuring
  15. 15. Content is increasingly free
  16. 16. Products are falling in price
  17. 17. Products are falling in price
  18. 18. Investing in experiences is increasing
  19. 19. Investing in experiences is increasing
  20. 20. Investing in experiences is increasing
  21. 21. Recreating your product pathway
  22. 22. Recreating your product pathway
  23. 23. Wave 2 The End of Content Marketing
  24. 24. The growth of engagement marketing
  25. 25. • Interactions vs Actions • Increase vs decrease click thrus • Conversation & trust • What customers create vs what you create • What customers share vs what you share The growth of engagement marketing
  26. 26. The growth of engagement marketing
  27. 27. The growth of engagement marketing
  28. 28. Wave 3 Print your own money
  29. 29. The growth of virtual currencies
  30. 30. The growth of virtual currencies
  31. 31. The growth of virtual currencies
  32. 32. Creating your own loyalty market
  33. 33. Setting your priorities
  34. 34. Setting your priorities
  35. 35. Join us at a live Fast Forward event