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  1. 1. ro ge rho lm e so nline .co m http://ro gerho lmeso m/the-mo ney-effect-review/The Money Effect ReviewWednesday, April 17th, 2013 at 12:58 pmThe Money Ef f ectQuite simply The Money Effect will make you money! Is that tothe point or direct enough f or you? How do I know that T heMoney Effect will make you money? I’m glad you asked.Typically a good place to start is with the people behind themarque, so let’s start with the Co-Founders of the company.Andrew Murray and Michael Somerville. Two guys that have done their share of making money and helpingothers to do the same f or over a decade now.Let’s take a look at some of Andrew Murray’s street cred:#1 Recruiter out of over 150k Reps in Former CompanyReleased a FB product that sold over $140k in 6 days inMarch 2013Created Funnels and systems f or multiple 7 f igure EarnersMultiple 7 Figure Earner himselfLif estyle Ninja…(that’s my own twist cause I wanna be likeAndrew when I grow up)T he Co-Owner Co-Founder of T he Money Ef f ectT hat’s a very condensed list of accomplishments….Now let’s take a peek into Michael Somerville…hmmmCeo of Sendkick an email marketing service company. And re wCeo of EliteEarners.Com a Marketing Strategy Firm.
  2. 2. Has Rolodex of of f line clientele across several industries.Multiple Product Creator- FBMunkey, Pinteret.Started Marketing on Facebook in 2006.A Real Dude Who Comes f rom A Raw Perspective and Helps People.One T he Top Income Earners in f ormer MLM out of over 150k reps.Co-Creator Founder of T he Money Ef f ect.The Money Ef f ect is NecessaryWhy?T RAINING-…or Fronting depending on who your f ollowing. Mike !T he Money Ef f ect is necessary because although this certainly isn’ta new story, there are however, too many new stories everyday ofpeople across the board f ailing online due to many things. One of those things would be, lack of access andtraining on what’s f resh and in the now when it comes to workable strategies. Also a lot of the training (bydesign) is really dangling carrots.Full Disclosure-…or not.T he Money Ef f ect is necessary because, it seems that there’s a circle it appears of leaders who release onlyenough inf o to keep you and me coming back f or more but not enough f or the avg Joe to make it out of theMatrix. T he “training” is out dated and in most cases incomplete f or the newbie to compete.Simple-…or convoluted/ambiguousOne of the great things I’ve noticed about how Michael and Andrew put together training is that it’s very simpleand actionable. T hey don’t typically do 45 min videos with a white board that leaves you scratching your head.Inf ormation these days is digested better in smaller actionable steps.The Comp Plan-No Matrix, No PassUps! Whew got that out of my system, although I understand the concept behind it, doesn’tmake it the best model in my book. Why should my hard earned commissions go to someone else? Eventhough if you work hard like a good little marketer your downline will eventually “pass up” commissions to you, Istill don’t like it. Because that’s a f ull commission not a percentage of f of my work. Anyway T he Money Ef f ecthas no such system. Very Simple and clean…T he Money Ef f ect’s Levels Pay As Follows:
  3. 3. Level One – 50% (unlimited)Level Two – 20% (unlimited)Level T hree – 5% (unlimited)T his comp plan when understood just how truly simple and powerf ul it is, will lead myself and many others tomultiple 6 f igures in the coming months and over the next 3 to 5 yrs.The Money Ef f ect Is A Tot al Hybrid Af f iliat e Syst emT here’s nothing out on the market like T he Money Ef f ect. Again it’s a knowledge base f or learning how tomarket whatever company your in or af f iliate products your promote whatever you want to do of f line will becovered as well. From Blogging, Social Media, PPC, Solo Ads, CPA networks, Af f iliate Marketing, CreatingCapture Pages, Email Marketing Campaigns, Lead Conversions, Lead Generation, Video Marketing, SEO, IMTerminology/Glossory and on and on…etc. T hese guys will teach techniques and strategies that have beencovered up and coveted by some other income leaders out there.If your not getting what you need to succeed T ODAY, then Click Below and take a look at what T he MoneyEf f ect is about… My Friends times are changing f or the better, take action andtake back control of your business today.Roger Holmes510-457-8149Share on FacebookLike this post? Subscribe to my RSS f eed and get loadsmore!