Careers for mb as in india's it industry


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Careers for mb as in india's it industry

  1. 1. Copyrights©TrividhPatel,CBAP®.Allrightsreserved.1Careers for MBAs in India’s IT IndustryBy Trividh Patel, CBAP®, MMS (JBIMS), BE (VJTI) - Nov 2012.I have come across many MBAs from top 10 as well as other leading b-schools, most of them were freshwithout any experience while others were with some prior work experience. Every MBA had one thing incommon, a dream of making it to the top! But after a year (or even after a few months!) in the IT industry theywere not sure how their careers are going to get shaped. They had confussion regarding their mid-term careergoals and which area they should be in. The dilemma faced by MBAs regarding their career path is not at allsurprising considering the structure and operations of an India’s IT companies catering to the clients fromoverseas markets such as US, UK, Europe, etc. I believe if every individual assess their strength, weaknesses,competencies, likes and dislikes before getting into a role than they can surely make their dream come true.In this paper, I take opportunity to present my observations regarding the roles an MBA can have in India’s ITindustry. I propose role of a business analyst for an MBA in an IT industry and a way to carve out a careerbased on their interest and aspirations. The views presented are entirely my personal opinions and are aimedto benefit MBA community.Roles for an MBA in the India’s IT industryIn an IT industry, roles are typically divided into two broad streams which include sales and delivery. Salesteam is composed of people responsible for acquiring new customers as well as generating additional businessout of their existing customers. Sales team is generally supported by a sales support team. In delivery, againthere are areas which include development, business analysis, project office, and quality assurance. An MBAcan get into any role depending on organizational requirements, however in long term they can shape theircareers as per their aspirations.Sales Support/Pre-salesMost of the time MBAs hired by IT companies are with no or some prior work experience, and often areinducted into sales support or pre-sales roles. Sales support role involves responding to Request for Proposals(RFPs) from various clients with a proposal, which typically contains a proposed solution, commercial termsand relevant organization specific project case studies. In this role, they work as a liaison between the deliveryand the sales team. In this role, over a period of time they acquire some understanding on softwaredevelopment lifecycle (SDLC), technology, business domain/ process, requirements etc. Most of the people inpre-sales aspire to get into sales or business development but not sure how as they are not exposed tocustomer facing roles and actual selling. Some of these them also aspire to become Project Manager but theylack in actual project management experience. Very few top-tier IT companies take pain (time and money!) totrain and groom such MBAs for the actual sales or project management roles (instead they prefer to recruitpeople with actual experience). Most of the times, MBAs in such pre-sales roles end-up in switching companiesin more or less the same role.
  2. 2. Careers for MBAs in India’s IT IndustryCopyrights©TrividhPatel,CBAP®.Allrightsreserved.2Project Management Office (PMO)Sometimes fresh MBAs hired by IT companies are also placed in Project Management Office (PMO) function.Project office role involves coordinating, tracking and reporting status on various projects and initiatives. Thisrole requires an MBA to liaise with various project managers and senior managers. In this role, over a period oftime they tend to develop some understanding on SDLC and processes of an IT company. People from this roletypically want to become Project Managers but again lack in actual project management and deliveryexperience.DevelopmentSome fresh MBAs also land up into tech-roles as developers, or in (automated) testing. Their role involvesdesigning, coding, or (automated) testing. Persons in these roles get solid development and deliveryexperience, and are natural candidates to become Project Managers. However, their knowledge ofmanagement studies (and MBA degree!) has no role to play until they land into such role.Business AnalysisMBAs are highly preferred as Business Analyst but only after some experience in the industry (can be in non-ITsuch as banking, financial services etc or in IT products/services in techno-commercial roles such as pre-sales,project office, functional testing, quality assurance etc). To become a BA, one has to demonstrate in-depthunderstanding on concepts of business analysis and skills on various business and requirement modellingtechniques such as process modelling, use case modelling etc. Very rarely IT companies recruit fresh MBAs forbusiness analysis roles.MBAs (or even non-MBAs) with substantialexperience in various industries such asmanufacturing, banking, financial services,retail etc are natural candidates tobecome Domain Consultants. Such peoplehave excellent industry knowledge butlack skills and knowledge on tools andtechniques to analyse problems andsynthesize solutions. Top tier IT companiesdo invest to enhance their skills but wouldlike someone who is already trained andhave hands-on experience in solutions.The role of a Business AnalystBusiness Analyst (BA) is the one who gathers, analyses, manages and communicates requirementsprovided by a large number of people at various levels across the entire organization. BA is responsiblefor capturing the actual needs of the stakeholders and recommending solutions to those needs.What is Business Analysis?Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change in an organization context by defining needs andrecommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders. (IIBA’s definition of Business Analysis - v3)
  3. 3. Careers for MBAs in India’s IT IndustryCopyrights©TrividhPatel,CBAP®.Allrightsreserved.3Career Options for a Business AnalystIf an MBA wants to become a Project Manager there is no substitute for project experience, which can beeither gained working as a developer/project lead for many years or working as Business Analyst for relativelyless number of years before gradually getting into project management. The reasons are quite evident fromthe role of the Business Analyst. A Business Analyst role is a customer interfacing role that involves interactionwith people from various levels of an organization. Business Analyst role not only provides complete projectlifecycle experience, but also provides an ability to define solutions requirements to meet business needs.Similarly, after gaining sufficient experiencein business analysis, a Business Analyst canalso get into sales & business developmentroles as they have good customer facingexperience.A business analyst with rich exposure tobusiness processes, products and solutions,and requirements for a specific businessdomain such as financial services, insuranceetc can also get into business/processconsulting.A Business Analyst with a substantialexperience can effectively performadvanced general business analysis rolessuch as Business Architect, or BusinessAnalysis Practice/COE Leader.Want to become a business analyst or a domain consultant?Get trained by an IIBA® Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®)Participate in business analysis training programs that are designed keeping in mind professional needs ofBusiness Analysts to help them enhance their skills with gradually increasing levels of expertise as theyprogress in their career.Fundamentals of Business AnalysisA course for those aspiring to start a career in business analysis.Level: Beginner to intermediate.Approach: Instructor led classroom discussions, case studies and hand-on exercises.Prerequisite: Bachelors degree with at least 2 years of industry experience, or a full-time MBA, MCA orequivalent.Duration: 3 days.This training program provides participant with the skills and techniques to effectively gather and analyserequirements. The participants will learn the fundamental concepts of business analysis and get hands-on onthe 10+ most essential business analysis techniques at an appropriate depth.
  4. 4. Careers for MBAs in India’s IT IndustryCopyrights©TrividhPatel,CBAP®.Allrightsreserved.4Other Business Analysis Training Programs• Advanced Use Case Modelling: A course for those who want to master requirements modellingwith use cases.• CCBA® / CBAP® Certification Prep Course: A course for those aspiring to get an IIBA® certification inbusiness analysis.For enrolment or for more details: Send email at AuthorTrividh Patel is a Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®, certification no.2001) by International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) with 12+ years ofexperience in an IT services industry. He has extensive experience in BusinessAnalysis, and has also worked in Presales, Project Management and BusinessTechnology Services.He has worked for some of the most reputed IT companies in India and hasexecuted projects for diverse set of organizations from different geographies such as India, USA, UK, Europe,Middle East and Japan.Professional webpage: IIBA®, CCBA® and CBAP®:IIBA® is an independent, non-profit professional association serving the growing field of business analysis. IIBA® is aregistered trademark owned by International Institute of Business Analysis. CBAP® and CCBA® are registered certificationmarks owned by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®).The CCBA® recipients are recognized for the investment they have already made in their business analysis careers. TheCCBA® is for experienced business analysts who have acquired core BA skills.A CBAP® recipient is an elite member of the business analysis community, and a recognized expert in identifying thebusiness needs of an organization in order to determine business solutions. The CBAP® designation is a professionalcertification for individuals with extensive business analysis experience.For more information, visit