Can Designers Really Work Using a Tablet PC?


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Since the introduction of tablet PCs to the market, people are getting more and more convinced that this small device can help them out with a lot of things, even with their work.

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Can Designers Really Work Using a Tablet PC?

  1. 1. Can Designers Really Work Using a TabletPC?Since the introduction of tablet PCs to the market, people are getting more and more convinced thatthis small device can help them out with a lot of things, even with their work. You see a lot of peoplewilling to exchange cash for iPads for a variety of reasons. Some of them can be shallow and claimhaving a tablet PC will make them part of the “in crowd.” For others, they claim tablet PCs are a hugehelp with their profession. Even app developers have made apps that are productive in nature, with theaim of letting working people like designers be able to do their jobs wherever they are.Recently, app developing firm, Quark released an app called the DesignPad, aimed to help designers intheir work. This free app is supposed to help designers try and execute different layouts via multi-touchgestures, which is exactly the way the iPad works. There are pre-defined layouts already installed withthe app. However, the beauty of this app is that these defined layouts can be customized. Layoutsinclude designs for ads, posters, newsletters and brochures. Graphic and font artists are the mainaudience of this app.So, is this app worth exchanging cash for iPad? The DesignPad is a valuable teaching aid because itsusers get hands-on experience from the conceptualization of a design to choosing the right photos anddoing the layouts. For beginners, the pre-defined layouts make it easier for them to work, but for thosewho are already experienced designers, the fully customizable option of the layouts gives them theartistic freedom they need to have. The app has slider controls that can adjust columns, rows, andpicture sizes in the layouts. The designer can also customize fonts, colors and positions in the layouts.The great thing about the app is that you can also edit the design made in the app with the PC version ofit.Having a tablet PC can be useful for designers because they can easily record their ideas wheninspiration strikes. A tablet PC is like having a digital pen and paper that can record whatever ideas theyhave for initial design, which can later develop into full blown concepts. Other companies like Adobehave made app versions of their successful programs. Adobe Photoshop, a program that has becomesynonymous to retouched pictures, now has an app equivalent, the Adobe Photoshop Touch ($9.99).The company has also released a digital sketch board for artists, Adobe Ideas. Other design apps thathave become popular include the following:
  2. 2. TouchDraw ($8.99), a vector drawing appPalettes Pro ($5.99), a color scheme creating app
  3. 3. Fontbook ($5.99), a must for typography enthusiastsLiveView (free), an app that simulates the dimensions of a laptop or PC screen so designs would fitperfectly, and not look restricted to mobile devices
  4. 4. Inspiration can strike anywhere, so having a tablet PC that would operate easily is indeed helpful.Creative types can make their design on the tablet PC then save their work for future use. This willconvince designers that it is time to sell your iPads online.Article Source: