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Presentation to the Ogilvy internal team as part of the regular Binary Club meetings. The deck covered how businesses can use social media intelligence to drive business activities - very relevant for both B2B and B2C companies as it's not just collecting data, but what you do with that information as a result.

The outputs list details a range of offerings Social@Ogilvy currently provides to clients.

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  • Just how much data is out there? Here are some basic numbers, and this is growing all the time.
  • How do you make sense of this data?How do you draw business insights out of it?How can you harness this data to help your clients?
  • Take content from all over the web based on the parameters you set and the information you want to find. Anything from news sites to Twitter to Facebook to forums to blogs and so on. But it is then what you DO with that information that makes a difference.
  • Social intelligence – IBM listening activities, competitor insights, determine where the opportunities for your brand online are by determining customer platforms of choice, key words and phrases that customers useLead mining – identifying sales opportunities through key word search, train your clients to respond and capture this new pipeline of opportunities; integrated with CRM to track customer journeyCustomer service – Sensis, Motorola, Jetstar: what are people saying about your brands and can you improve their experience through CRM systems; Radian6 Engagement ConsoleBuilding advocacy and influencer networks – identify customer champions and influencers/third party supporters who may build greater presence and awareness for your brand onlineCampaign analysis – assess the effectiveness of ad campaigns and their reach, response from customers, competitor insights, tweak key words and phrases used in campaignsProduct development – source ideas from online discussions to build new offerings; Monaco Bar, IKEANew business opportunities – understand more about the industries or individuals in those industries who you or your clients are looking to target through social media listeningIssues management – manage issues and crises as they unfold or even before through issues identification; LG recall example
  • Binary club - gathering customer intelligence

    1. 1. Gathering customer intelligence onlineHow + = better businessRoger Christie (@rogerchristie) – Senior Digital Strategist, Social@Ogilvy
    2. 2. 1. Social intelligence / insights2. Lead mining3. Customer service4. Building advocacy and influencer networks5. Campaign analysis6. Product development7. New business opportunities8. Issues management
    3. 3. Questions?Roger ChristieSenior Digital StrategistP: +61 2 8437 5337M: +61 431 718 018T: @rogerchristieE: