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Trends Journals Trends Journals Document Transcript

  • Trends Journals All New Websites! Trends in Biochemical Sciences is the lead- Trends in Biotechnology is unique in draw- ing monthly review journal in biochemistry, as ing together a wide readership of scientists evidenced in its growing Impact Factor. Every and engineers from the many disciplines of the issue contains succinct articles on the most applied biosciences. The journal reflects a view exciting recent developments in the fields of bio- shared by successful biotechnology companies physics, microbiology, plant sciences and medi- and leading academic research groups: biotech- cal science. The journal’s Opinion articles follow nology is the integrated use of many biological trends and innovative ideas, and the Update technologies—from molecular genetics to bio- section includes Research Focus articles and chemical engineering. The journal addresses Letters to the Editor. what is new, significant and practicable. Its suc- cessful blend of articles has made it one of the most highly regarded and highly cited review Total Average Global Circulation: 2,112 journals in the field. Impact Factor: 15.0* Total Average Global Circulation: 867 Impact Factor: 7.6* *Source: 2007 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports 40
  • Trends Journals Trends in Cell Biology is one of the leading Trends in Cognitive Sciences brings together review journals in molecular and cell biology. research in psychology, neuroscience, linguis- Its review articles monitor the breath and depth tics, philosophy, physiology, anthropology, and of current research in cell biology, reporting artificial intelligence. Short, authoritative Review on new developments as they happen and and Opinion articles and the Research Focus integrating methods, disciplines and principles. section present recent advances and latest In addition to Reviews, Trends in Cell Biology ideas. Essential reading for those working in the publishes Opinion articles, which follow trends cognitive sciences or in related specialist areas, and innovative ideas, and an Update section, Trends in Cognitive Sciences provides an over- which is designed to highlight recent research view of current thinking for scientists, students advances, providing insight into the implications and teachers who want to keep up with the of new developments as well as future latest developments in this rapidly expanding, perspectives and directions. multidisciplinary field. Total Average Global Circulation: 903 Total Average Global Circulation: 766 Impact Factor: 13.5* Impact Factor: 9.4* *Source: 2007 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports 41
  • Trends Journals All New Websites! Now the highest-cited journal in Ecology and Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism con- Evolutionary Biology, Trends in Ecology & tains polished and concise reviews, opinions, Evolution contains polished, concise and read- and discussions of topics at the cutting edge able reviews, opinions and letters in all areas of of the field. The articles incorporate clinical and ecology and evolutionary science. Trends in research perspectives and focus on the more Ecology & Evolution keeps scientists informed recent developments in each topic. The content of new developments and ideas across the full is lively and accessible to a broad audience range of ecology and evolutionary biology - from encompassing basic researchers, physician the pure to the applied, and from molecular to scientists, and clinical endocrinologists. Topics global. More than any other journal, Trends in include physiological function of hormones and Ecology & Evolution is the major forum for cov- the tissues that secrete them and recent devel- erage of all the important issues concerning opments in the metabolism field, from lipid biol- organisms and their environments. ogy to diabetes/insulin resistance. Total Average Global Circulation: 1,530 Total Average Global Circulation: 500 Impact Factor: 14.8* Impact Factor: 7.2* *Source: 2007 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports 42
  • Trends Journals Trends in Genetics is among the highest-cited Trends in Immunology plays an essential role monthly review journals in genetics, with articles in monitoring advances in the various fields of covering developmental biology to genomics. immunology, bringing together the results in an Every issue contains concise, informed, and accessible and engaging form. The backbone timely reviews as well as a Research Focus sec- of each issue is a series of succinct reviews and tion for comment on the latest developments, hypothesis-driven viewpoints. Together with the and the well-known Genome Analysis section other sections of the journal, including letters, featuring articles on the structure and evolution posters, and special issues they give the reader of genomes. Trends in Genetics’ readers use a complete picture of the diverse field of immu- the journal to keep up with the latest develop- nology. This broad perspective makes Trends in ments in both their own and related fields, and Immunology an invaluable information source for as a valuable resource for teaching. researchers, lecturers and students alike. Total Average Global Circulation: 1,412 Total Average Global Circulation: 2,023 Impact Factor: 9.7* Impact Factor: 9.5* *Source: 2007 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports 43
  • Trends Journals All New Websites! Trends in Microbiology provides a multidisci- Trends in Molecular Medicine is a leading plinary forum for the discussion of all aspects of biomedical review journal providing reviews and microbiology, from cell biology and immunology comment on the latest breakthroughs in basic and to genetics and evolution, and ranges across translational research. Articles are carefully com- virology, bacteriology, protozoology and mycol- missioned, peer-reviewed and edited to provide ogy. The journal provides succinct summaries, authoritative, critical and accessible insights into opinion, and discussion of the most exciting cur- the rapidly evolving field of molecular medicine. rent research in topics such as genomics, the The journal’s objectives are to facilitate the com- gamut of plant and animal host-pathogen inter- munication of emerging concepts and ideas and actions, host immune responses, characteriza- to provide a platform for discussion, analysis and tion and evolution of virulence determinants, cell debate for a diverse multidisciplinary audience of cycle and differentiation, symbiosis in plant and basic scientists and clinicians, with the common animal associations, environmental microbiol- goal of understanding the molecular basis of dis- ogy, population dynamics, sex and mutagen- ease with a view to new clinical practice. esis, and antibiotic resistance and production. Total Average Global Circulation: 446 Total Average Global Circulation: 696 Impact Factor: 7.2* Impact Factor: 7.6* *Source: 2007 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports 44
  • Trends Journals For over thirty years, Trends in Neurosciences The urgency of the need to control devastating has been among the leading current aware- disease motivates current research in parasitol- ness journals in basic neurosciences, publish- ogy within a diversity of disciplines from molecu- ing succinct and readable articles in a monthly lar biology to ecology. Trends in Parasitology magazine format. The field of neuroscience has aims to provide a point of access for com- an endless stream of exciting new develop- munication between workers in all disciplines, ments, but with our short Reviews, Opinions both in the field and laboratory. It has become and our shorter Research Focus articles, keep- a highly regarded review journal of international ing abreast of the latest ideas is easy. Aimed at importance, and to maintain its cosmopolitan researchers, students and teachers, our articles coverage, Trends in Parasitology not only com- are always authoritative, written by both leaders missions articles of interest to the specialist but in the field and rising stars. ensures they are written in a form accessible to readers in other fields. Its format and broad scope have made it an essential journal for para- Total Average Global Circulation: 1,804 sitologists worldwide. Impact Factor: 12.5* Total Average Global Circulation: 897 Impact Factor: 5.0* *Source: 2007 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports 45
  • Trends Journals All New Websites! Trends in Pharmacological Sciences is a Trends in Plant Science is the top monthly leading monthly review journal offering succinct review journal in plant science and plays an articles on the most exciting recent develop- essential role in monitoring advances in this fast ments in pharmacology and toxicology. Topics moving field with broad coverage of basic plant covered range from molecular to behavioral science, from molecular biology through ecol- pharmacology and from current techniques to ogy. The backbone of each issue is a series of theoretical pharmacology. Review articles are succinct, authoritative Reviews and hypothesis- lively, well-illustrated and peer-reviewed, ensur- driven Opinion articles enabling researchers, ing a balanced representation of the literature. students and teachers to follow trends and Opinion articles, an Update section and Letters important developments outside their special- of interest to readers are also published. The jour- ist area. The additional Update section provides nal has an established reputation as an essential a discussion forum for important issues at the reading for all pharmacologists and toxicologists, interface of academic research and society as from students to professors and directors. well as briefly highlighting recent advances in a particular research field. Total Average Global Circulation: 1,464 Impact Factor: 9.6* Total Average Global Circulation: 839 Impact Factor: 8.9* *Source: 2007 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports 46
  • Trends Journals Geographical Profile US/Canada UK/Europe Asia/Pacific Other Trends in Biochemical Sciences 37% 41% 20% 3% Trends in Biotechnology 21% 49% 27% 3% Trends in Cell Biology 30% 51% 18% 1% Trends in Cognitive Sciences 31% 46% 22% 0% Trends in Ecology & Evolution 38% 43% 16% 3% Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism 39% 43% 15% 3% Trends in Genetics 38% 41% 19% 2% Trends in Immunology 33% 44% 19% 3% Trends in Microbiology 31% 47% 20% 3% Trends in Molecular Medicine 25% 57% 15% 4% Trends in Neurosciences 35% 41% 22% 2% Trends in Parasitology 26% 48% 19% 8% Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 24% 50% 23% 2% Trends in Plant Science 21% 54% 22% 3% 47