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Plenary Lectures
Plenary Lectures
Plenary Lectures
Plenary Lectures
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Plenary Lectures


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  • 1. Plenary Lectures 1. Don Bradshaw – Australia – “Environmental Endocrinology” 2. Julian Dow – UK – “Molecular-genetic approaches to neuropeptide signalling.” 3. Olivier Kah – France – “Evolution of GnRH hormones and receptors 4. Liliane Schoofs – Belgium – “Comparative neuropeptidomics in small animal models” 5. Carl Schreck – USA – “The endocrinology of stress: from the microscope to the macroscope” Symposia Chairs with contact email and State-of-the-art Speakers and topics. 1. Comparative Thyroid Endocrinology Chairs Samantha Richardson – Peter Klaren – State-of-the-art Speakers Theo Visser (Rotterdam) – “Membrane-bound thyroid hormone transporters”. Barbara Demeneix (Paris) – “Endocrine disruption of thyroid hormone action”. 2. Endocrinology of Feeding and Nutrition (Supported by the Society for Endocrinology) Chair Simon Luckman – State-of-the-art Speakers Michael Pankratz (Karlsruhe) – “Feeding behaviour in Drosophila”. John Speakman (Aberdeen) – “Energy homeostasis”. 3. Biological Clocks and Endocrine Function in Vertebrates and Invertebrates. (Supported by the British Society for Neuroendocrinology) Chairs Hugh Piggins – Johanna Meijer – State-of-the-art Speakers Chris Colwell (UCLA) – “PACAP/VIP signalling in vertebrate circadian models”. Johanna Meijer (Leiden) – “GABA signalling in different SCN clock compartments-sleep and behavioural feedback”. 4. New Insights into Urotensin Endocrinology from Fish to Man. (Supported by the Physiological Society)
  • 2. Chairs Nick Bernier – Cathy McCrohan – State-of-the-art Speakers Isabelle Lihrmann (Rouen) – “UII paracrine and endocrine function”. Steve Douglas (GSK, USA) – “UII in mammals and man”. Cathy McCrohan (Manchester) – “Fish caudal neurosecretory system – a model for study of neuroendocrine secretion”. 5. Endocrinology of Salt and Water Balance. (Supported by the Society for Experimental Biology) Chairs Yoshio Takei – Neil Hazon – State-of-the-art Speakers Yoshio Takei – “Exploring novel body fluid-regulating hormones in fish”. Geoff Coast – “Endocrine control of ion transport by insect renal tubules”. 6. Endocrine Disruption Chairs Vance Trudeau – Charles Tyler – State-of-the-art Speakers Tom Zoeller – “Environmental chemicals impacting thyroid hormone signalling in brain development-mechanisms and consequences”. Taisen Iguchi – “The power of comparative molecular approaches in understanding endocrine disruption”. 7. Pheromone and Other Chemical Communication. Chairs Peter Hubbard – Sandy Scott – State-of-the-art Speakers Jelle Atema (Woods Hole) – “Chemical communication in decapod crustaceans”. Lynda Corkum (Ontario) – “Chemical communication in the fresh water environment”. 8. Endocrinology of Calcium Homeostasis. Chairs Adelino Canario – Gert Flik - State-of-the-art Speakers Kristina Snuttan Sundell (Goteborg) – “Calcium regulation in teleost fish”. Michele Wheatly (Wright University) –“ The paradox of cellular calcium homeostasis during vectorial transfer: spatial and temporal regulation of Ca import/export proteins using the freshwater crayfish molting model”
  • 3. 9. Reproductive Endocrinology and Gamete Quality. Chair Oliana Carnevali – State-of-the-art Speakers Isidori Aldo (Rome) – “Quality of human sperm”. Penny Swanson (Seattle) – “Endocrine changes during puberty”. 10. Comparative Reproductive Neuroendocrinology Chairs Peter Sharp – Kazuyoshi Tsutsui – State-of-the-art Speakers Kazuyoshi Tsutsui (Hiroshima) – “The comparative biology of gonadotrophin inhibitory hormone and its receptors”. Alistair Dawson (Monks Wood) – “Photorefractoriness in birds – photoperiodic and non- photoperiodic control”. 11. Insect Neuroendocrinology in the Post-genomic Era. Chairs Ian Orchard – Dick Nassel – State-of-the-art Speakers Dusan Zitnan (Slovakia) – “Complex neuropeptide-receptor cascade controls insect ecdysis”. Cornelis Grimmelikhuijzen (Copenhagen) – “Comparative insect genomics and insect GPCRs”. 12. Immune and Endocrine Interactions. Chairs Lidy van Kemenade – Carl Schreck – State-of-the-art Speakers Nic Cohen (Rochester, USA) – “The pervasiveness of neuroendocrine-immune system interactions”. Takakashi Yada (Tokyo) – “Paracrine action of growth hormone in fish immune system”. 13. Peptide Hormone and Receptor Evolution. Chairs Dan Larhammar – Josef Vanden Broeck – State-of-the-art Speakers Dan Larhammar (Uppsala) – “Expansion of several peptide and receptor families in early vertebrate tetraploidizations”. Josef Vanden Broeck (Leuven) – “to be confirmed”. 14. Steroid Receptor Signalling.
  • 4. (Supported by the Society for Experimental Biology) Chairs Patrick Prunet – Nic Bury – State-of-the-art Speakers Peter Thomas (U of Texas) – “Non-genomic steroid receptor signalling”. Nic Bury (London) – “Molecular characterisation of corticosteroid receptor signalling: teleost fish as a model”. 15. CRF and CRF-related Peptides in Stress Adaptation from Invertebrates to Man. Chair Tamas Kozicz – State-of-the-art Speakers Robert Denver (U of Michigan) – “Comparative genomic and functional analysis of regulatory regions of vertebrate corticotrophin releasing factor genes”. Tamas Kozicz (Nijmegen) – “A novel central mechanism in stress adaptation: the Edinger- Westphal urotensin I neuronal system”. Nick Bernier (Guelph) – “UI and CRF-related peptides”. 16. Novel Neuroendocrine Peptides and their Receptors and Actions. Chairs Hubert Vaudry – Mike Conlon – State-of-the-art Speakers Manuel Tena-Sempere (U of Cordoba) – “Novel role of the KISS-1/GPR54 system in the control of reproduction”. Aaron Maule (Belfast) – “The FLP side of helminths”. Jae Young Seong (Seoul) – “Identification of amino acid residues directing differential ligand selectivity of mammalian and non-mammalian VIa type receptors for arginine vasopressin and vasotocin”.