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  2. 2. Traduction simultanée en Français English Simultaneaous Translation Traducción simultánea en Español Scientific Committee Anti-Aging Medicine Aesthetic Surgery Aesthetic Dermatology Etienne E. Beaulieu, Prof - Paris, France Antoine Paraskevas, MD - Paris, France Nicolas Bachot, MD - Paris, France Claude Dalle, MD - Paris, France Fabio Ingallina, MD - Catania, Italy Koenraad de Boulle, MD - Aalst, Belgium Thierry Hertoghe, MD - Brussels, Belgium Fat Symposium Jean-Luc Levy, MD - Marseille, France Mario Krause, MD - Hanover, Germany Philippe Blanchemaison, MD - Paris, France Phillip Levy, MD - Geneva, Switzerland Octavio Viera MD - Las Palmas, Spain Gustavo Leibaschoff, MD - Buenos-Aires, Argentina Etienne E. Beaulieu Claude Dalle Thierry Hertoghe Antoine Paraskevas Fabio Ingallina Nicolas Bachot Koenraad de Boulle Mario Krause Octavio Viera Philippe Blanchemaison Gustavo Leibaschoff Jean-Luc Levy Phillip Levy Faculty Members Aesthetic Dermatology & Surgery Anti-Aging Medicine Dr Aiach Gilbert Plastic Surgeon France Pr Al Khalili Faris Cardiologist Sweden Dr André Pierre Dermatologist France Dr Baranova Helena Anti-aging Practitioner France Dr Bachot Nicolas Dermatologist France Dr Calabrese Pasquale Neurologist Switzerland Dr Belhaouari Lakhdar Plastic Surgeon France Dr Carly Dominique Gynaecologist Belgium Dr Bellonias Evangelios Plastic Surgeon Greece Dr Chaturvedi Anoop Anti-aging medical Doctor USA Dr Benslimane Fahd Plastic Surgeon Morocco Dr Dalle Claude Anti-aging medical Doctor France Dr Bichet Jean-Christophe Plastic Surgeon France Dr de Jaeger Christophe Geriatrist, Gerontologist France Pr Bjerring Peter Dermatologist Denmark Dr Delabos Alain Nutritionist France Dr Blanchemaison Philippe Phlebologist France Dr Galimberti Damiano Aesthetic Practitioner Italy Dr Bonvallot Thierry Plastic Surgeon France Dr Pedro Galo Anti-aging medical Doctor Mexico Dr Braccini Frédéric Cervico-facial Surgeon France Dr Gellman Charles Psychiatrist France Dr Cassuto Daniel Plastic Surgeon Italy Dr Giampapa Vincent Plastic Surgeon & Anti-Aging MD USA Dr Cohen Joël Dermatologist USA Dr Golkova Monika Neurologist Czech Republic Dr de Boulle Koenraad Dermatologist Belgium Dr Greguric Matesa Sanja Dermatologist Croatia Dr De Felipe Inigo Dermatologist Spain Pr Haberland Nils Neurologic Surgeon Germany Dr Evenou Philippe Dermatologist France Dr Hastert Véronique Anti-aging medical Doctor France Dr Fusade Thierry Dermatologist France Dr Hertoghe Thérèse Endocrinologist Belgium Dr Gallucci Marco Plastic Surgeon Italy Dr Hertoghe Thierry Anti-aging medical Doctor Belgium Dr Garde Claude Angeiologist France Dr Jurasunas Serge Doctor of naturopathic medicine Portugal Dr Goisis Mario Cosmetic Surgeon Italy Dr Konturek Stanislaw J. Gastroenterologist Poland Dr Guigné Ewa Dermatologist France Dr Kyriazis Marios Geriatrist United Kingdom Pr Haneke Eckart Dermatologist Germany Dr Lacic Miodrag Endocrinologist Croatia Dr Hilton Saïd Dermatologist Germany Dr Lohninger Alfred Gynaecologist Austria Dr Ingallina Fabio Plastic Surgeon Italy Dr Loton Hadrien Anti-aging medical Doctor Switzerland Dr Kanodia Raj Plastic Surgeon USA Prof. Marotta Francesco Gastroenterologist, Nutrigenomic Expert Italy Prof. Lafontan Max Research Director France Dr Martinez del Campo Miguel Anti-aging medical Doctor United Kingdom Dr Leibaschoff Gustavo Cosmetic Surgeon Argentina Dr Micans Philip Pharmacologist United Kingdom Dr Letessier Serge Dermatologist France Dr Monro Jean Environmental Medicine United Kingdom Dr Levy Jean-Luc Dermatologist France Dr Muhlberger Ruben Anti-aging & Aesthetic Practitioner Argentina Dr Levy Phillip Dermatologist Switzerland Dr Musy Gilles Orthopedic Surgeon France Dr Mansoor Sohail Dermatologist United Kingdom Dr Nadjafi-Triebsch Christa Gynaecologist Switzerland Dr Maréchal Thierry Anti-aging & Aesthetic MD France Dr Pazzaglia Gianluca Oncologist Italy Dr Montoneri Sebastiano Plastic Surgeon France- Italy Dr Poetsch Bernhard Endocrinologist Austria Dr Nanfito Francesco Plastic Surgeon Italy Dr Polimeni Ascanio Endocrinologist Italy Dr Oliveres-Ghouti Catherine Dermatologist France Dr Rueff Dominique Anti-aging medical Doctor France Dr Paraskevas Antoine Plastic Surgeon France Dr Slee Adrian Aesthetic Practitioner United Kingdom Dr Petit Philippe Mesotherapist France Pr Spiru Luiza Geronto-psychiatry Romania Dr Porumb Serban Plastic Surgeon Romania Pr Stejskal Vera Anti-aging Practitioner Sweden Dr Raspaldo Hervé Facial plastic Surgeon France Dr Thomas Gilles Gynaecologist, Aesthetic Practitioner France Dr Ribé Natalia Aesthetic Practitioner Spain Dr Trossel Robert Anti-aging Practitioner The Netherlands Dr Sarfati Isabelle Plastic Surgeon France Dr Virag Ronald Vascular Surgeon France Dr Soudant Etienne Chronobiologist Research Director France Dr Vogelaar Emar Pharmacist The Netherlands Dr Town Godfrey Dermatologist United Kingdom Pr Weber Bernard Virologist Luxembourg Dr Van der Lugt Claudia Doctor in Cosmetic Medicine The Netherlands Pr Wolf Alfred Gynaecologist Germany Dr Vigneron Jean-Luc Dermatologist France Dr Vleggaar Danny Dermatologist The Netherlands Dr Wahl Gregor Dermatologist Germany Dr Wassmer Benjamin Biophysicist France Workshops and Contributing lectures / Ateliers et communications libres Dr Amar Jean-Albert Dermatologist France Dr Meyer Ludger Plastic Surgeon Germany Dr Belmontesi Magda Dermatologist Italy Dr Peuchant Christine Mesotherapist France Dr Benadiba Laurent Plastic Surgeon France Dr Peyronnet Bernard Dermatologist France Dr Dallara Jean-Marie Dermatologist France Dr Prager Welf Dermatologist Germany Dr Dersot Jean Marc Dental Surgeon France Dr Quezel-Guerraz Jérôme Aesthetic Practitioner France Dr Deutsch Roger CEO, Cell Science Systems USA Mr Richter Erick Alexander Industry The Netherlands Dr Fatemi Afschin Surgeon Germany Dr Selianina Olga Dermatologist Russian Federation Dr Grand-Vincent Anne Aesthetic Practitioner France Dr Signorini Massimo Plastic Surgeon Italy Dr Khanna Bob Cosmetic Dental Surgeon United Kingdom Dr Sito Giuseppe Plastic Surgeon Italy Dr Lajeunie Alain Aesthetic Practitioner France Dr Strand Anders Dermatologist Sweden Dr Laudoyer Yves Cervico facial Surgeon France Dr Tan Kok Leong Plastic Surgeon Singapore Dr Machalova Gabriela Dermatologist Slovakia Dr Tveten Stein Plastic Surgeon Norway Dr Marthan Jules Aesthetic Practitioner France Dr Zenker Sabine Dermatologist Germany Dr Marti Gimenez Maria Isabel Plastic Surgeon Spain
  3. 3. English simultaneous translation Traducción simultánea en Español Traduction simultanée en Français SCHEDULE AT-A-GLANCE - EMAA 2008 BLUE AUDITORIUM ROOM MAILLOT WORKSHOPS WORKSHOPS Room Room AMPHI BLEU SALLE MAILLOT ROOM 241 ROOM 251 Fat Aesthetic ROOM 242 B 242 A 204 11.00 am Registration - Badges pick up / 11h00 : Inscriptions - Retrait des badges WORKSHOP 1 FAT AESTHETIC CUTTING-EDGE ESSENTIAL ANTI-AGING ATLEAN 2.00 pm THE ART OF TREATMENTS ONCOLOGY MEDICINE IN THE GP OR 4.00 pm BOTULINUM TOXIN The Art of Body Shaping PREVENTION FRIDAY 17 SPECIALIST OFFICE WORKSHOP 2 & Skin Tightening FOR EVERY PHYSICIAN SCITON 4.00 - 4.30 pm BREAK - VISIT THE EXHIBIT HALL THE ART OF HORMONE THERAPY WORKSHOP 3 WORKSHOP 4 4.30 pm TEOXANE ANTEIS 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm MEDICAL FOR THE GP AND 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm 6.30 pm WORKSHOP 5 WORKSHOP 6 EDUCATIONAL EDUCATIONAL AESTHETIC NON-ENDOCRINOLOGIST WOSAAM BOARD LASERING RESTYLANE TRAINING 1 TRAINING 2 NUTRITION - REVIEW LASERS ANTI-AGING 7.30 am Registration - Badges pick up • DERMATOLOGY IN WORKSHOP 7 WORKSHOP 8 THE ART CUTTING-EDGE 8.30 am THE ANTI-AGING OFFICE Aesthetic AQUALIFT OF FACIAL ANTI-AGING 10.30 am • STRESS MANAGEMENT TIPS WORKSHOP 9 WORKSHOP 10 INJECTABLES MEDICINE VIDEO DEMO THAT ANY PHYSICIAN CAN GIVE REVITACARE DERMACEUTIC 10.30 - 11.00 am BREAK - VISIT THE EXHIBIT HALL THE ART OF SEXOLOGY: SEXUAL WORKSHOP 12 CUTTING-EDGE INFORMATION SATURDAY 18 11.00 am SURGICAL BREAKTROUGHS WORKSHOP 11 BIOFORM 1.00 pm REJUVENATION FOR THE AVERAGE TEOXANE WORKSHOP 13 WORKSHOP OF THE FACE PHYSICIAN’S PATIENTS LCA PHARMA LEG LENGHTENING 1.00 - 2.00 pm BREAK - VISIT THE EXHIBIT HALL THE ART OF FITNESS HORMONE THERAPY: WORKSHOP 14 CONTRIBUTING 2.00 pm LASERS MAKING HEALTHY PEOPLE FILORGA WORKSHOP 15 LECTURES IN 4.00 pm AND LIGHT HEALTHIER WITH CORRECTIVE WORKSHOP 16 ALLERGAN AESTHETICS THERAPIES HORMONE THERAPIES TUXEDO 4.00 - 4.30 pm BREAK - VISIT THE EXHIBIT HALL THE ART OF WORKSHOP 18 WORKSHOP 17 4.30 pm SURGICAL & EXTENDING THE BORDERS RESTYLANE ANTEIS 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm 6.30 pm MEDICAL OF ANTI-AGING MEDICINE EDUCATIONAL EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP 20 WORKSHOP 19 WOSAAM BOARD RHINOPLASTY VIVACY TRAINING 3 TRAINING 4 ANTI-AGING - REVIEW AA-MEDICAL SYSTEMS INJECTABLES MESO/CARBOXYTHERAPY 8.00 am Registration - Badges pick up SCHIZOPHRENIA IN THE 9.00 am - 12.00 pm GENERAL MEDICINE THE ART OF GENERAL PRACTITIONNER 9.30 9.30 TO HELP YOUR OFFICE 9.00 am ANTI-AGING EXAM BECOME MORE SUNDAY 19 10.30 am OFFICE: ARE ALL PATIENTS WORKSHOP 21 WORKSHOP 22 SKINCARE MACROLANE ATLEAN BOARD CERTIFICATION ANTI-AGING SCHIZOPHRENICS? PRACTICE IN NUTRITIONAL 10.30 - 11.00 am BREAK - VISIT THE EXHIBIT HALL MEDICINE • LONGLIFE NUTRITIONAL WORKSHOP 23 FAT AESTHETIC THE ART OF 12.30 pm - 15.30 pm 11.00 am MEDICINE IN THE GP AND Aesthetic TREATMENTS DESTRESS BREAST WORKSHOP 1.00 pm SPECIALIST OFFICE WORKSHOP 24 The Art of Body Shaping EXAM CONTOURING & Skin Tightening BOARD CERTIFICATION VIDEO DEMO • LIFESTYLE Aesthetic AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY AND SURGERY FAT SESSION IN ANTI-AGING AESTHETIC WORKSHOPS & LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS ANTI-AGING SESSIONS MEDICINE PRE-COURSE EDUCATIONAL TRAININGS Programs conducted in English HORMONE PRE-COURSE Friday October 17 Friday October 17 Saturday October 18 Saturday October 18 October 15 & 16 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm 8.30 am - 6.00 pm 1 AESTHETIC 2 ANTI-AGING 3 AESTHETIC 4 AESTHETIC ANTI-AGING ROOM 242B ROOM 242A ROOM 242B ROOM 242A PRE-COURSE LASERS & GOBAL ANTI-AGING INJECTABLES TECHNIQUES MESOTHERAPY & HORMONE THERAPY SPECIALTY AFFILIATED TECHNIQUES MEDICINE FOR FACE REJUVENATION CARBOXYTHERAPY Fellowship in How to practice efficiently Products review, areas to Technology and material Products review, safe & efficient treat and specific protocols. Hormone Therapies review, most used and and safely. From patients techniques for best results. anamnesis, laboratory tests How-to-do and efficient efficient techniques. How-to-do with live demos techniques for best results - Course Coordinator: to do, safe treatments to How-to-do with live demos live demos Thierry Hertoghe, MD, Belgium propose Course Coordinators: Expert in Hormone Therapies Course Coordinator: Course Coordinator: Course Coordinator: PHILIPPE PETIT, MD, France President WOSAAM, World Former Pdt International Society of Anti-Aging Medicine JEAN LUC LEVY, MD, France CLAUDE DALLE, MD, France SOHAIL MANSOOR, MD, UK Society of Mesotherapy. Educational Director of the President EUROSCIA, Dermatological Surgeon GUSTAVO LEIBASCHOFF, MD, More information at Laser Montpellier University European Scientific Society WOSAAM Scientific Board Argentina www.euromedicom.com Diploma of Anti-aging Member Pdt Intl Union of Lipoplasty Program conducted in English Educational Trainings: Be careful! Limited seats / Cours d’enseignement : Attention ! Nombre de places limités
  4. 4. FRIDAY OCTOBER 17 / VENDREDI 17 OCTOBRE English simultaneous translation Traducción simultánea en Español Traduction simultanée en Français BLUE AUDITORIUM / AMPHI BLEU ROOM MAILLOT / SALLE MAILLOT AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY & AESTHETIC SURGERY ANTI-AGING MEDICINE 2.00 pm 2.00 pm THE ART OF BOTULINUM TOXIN ESSENTIAL ANTI-AGING MEDICINE IN THE GENERAL PRACTITIONER OR L'ART DE LA TOXINE BOTULIQUE SPECIALIST OFFICE / MÉDECINE ANTI-AGE FONDAMENTALE CHEZ LE Chair: Phillip LEVY - Koenraad DE BOULLE MÉDECIN GÉNÉRALISTE OU LE SPÉCIALISTE Chair: Gianluca PAZZAGLIA - Anoop CHATURVEDI Facial anatomy: Fundamental in achieving efficient and safe results Biological age: The 5 most important biological age measurements to Anatomie du visage : les bases pour obtenir des résultats efficaces et make in the GP office / L’âge biologique : les 5 mesures biologiques sûrs HERVÉ RASPALDO, FRANCE les plus importantes à faire chez le médecin généraliste FRANCESCO MAROTTA, ITALY Is there any differences among world products? Y-a -il des différences parmi les différents produits ? Hormone: The 10 most important hormone tests to do PIERRE ANDRÉ, FRANCE Hormones : les 10 tests hormonaux les plus importants à faire THIERRY HERTOGHE, BELGIUM Safety aspects of botulinum toxins in cosmetic use Sécurité des toxines botuliques pour l'usage esthétique Nutrition: The 10 most important nutritional tests to do INIGO DE FELIPE, SPAIN Nutrition : les 10 tests nutritionnels les plus importants à faire EMAR VOGELAAR, THE NETHERLANDS Botulinum toxin cosmetic use: A dermatologist's point of view Usage esthétique de la toxine botulique : le point de vue du Nutrition: The 10 most important nutritional treatments dermatologue GREGOR WAHL, GERMANY Nutrition : les 10 traitements nutritionnels les plus importants ROBERT TROSSEL, THE NETHERLANDS Botulinum toxin cosmetic use: A plastic surgeon's point of view Usage esthétique de la toxine botulique : le point de vue du Obesity management: How to improve hormones, weight, cholesterol chirurgien plasticien and physical outlook / La gestion de l’obésité : comment améliorer les LAKHDAR BELHAOUARI, FRANCE hormones, le poids, le cholestérol et l’aspect physique GIANLUCA PAZZAGLIA, ITALY What did we learn from the previous speakers? Hormone: The 4 safest hormone treatments to prescribe Qu’avons-nous appris des précédents orateurs ? Hormones : les 4 traitements hormonaux les plus sûrs à prescrire KOENRAAD DE BOULLE, BELGIUM PHILLIP LÉVY, SWITZERLAND ANOOP CHATURVEDI, USA Chelation therapy in the office: Why and how to do it? La thérapie par chélation au cabinet : pourquoi et comment la faire? RUBEN MULHBERGER, ARGENTINA . 4.00 - 4.30 pm : Coffee break - Meet the exhibitors / Pause - Visite de l’exposition . 4.30 pm 4.30 pm THE ART OF MEDICAL AESTHETIC SAFE HORMONE THERAPY FOR THE GENERAL PRACTITIONER AND L’ART DE L’ESTHÉTIQUE EN MÉDECINE NON-ENDOCRINOLOGIST / LA THÉRAPIE HORMONALE PRESCRIPTIBLE Chair: Nicolas BACHOT - Eckart HANEKE PAR LE MÉDECIN GÉNÉRALISTE ET NON ENDOCRINOLOGUE Chair: Faris AL-KHALILI - Ascanio POLIMENI Skin Aging: What are the targets Le vieillissement cutané : quelles sont les cibles ? Female hormones: The effect of sex hormones on NICOLAS BACHOT, FRANCE the female heart, lipids and blood vessels, both generally and clinical applications Aesthetic request and patient’s psychological profile Hormones féminines : les effets des hormones Demande en esthétique et profil psychologique du patient sexuelles sur le coeur, les lipides et les vaisseaux ECKART HANEKE, GERMANY sanguins, approche générale et applications cliniques FARIS AL-KHALILI, SWEDEN The aging face: How to manage patient expectations? Le vieillissement du visage : comment gérer les attentes des patients ? DHEA: Safe DHEA therapy for women and men SERGE LETESSIER, FRANCE DHEA : le traitement sûr par DHEA pour les hommes et les femmes DOMINIQUE CARLY, BELGIUM Treating ethnic skin: Aesthetic particularities (laser, peel) Traitement des peaux “ethniques” : particularités esthétiques (laser, peeling) Melatonin treatment of aging women: Doses, side effects and how to SOHAIL MANSOOR, UK manage them / Traitement à la mélatonine de la femme vieillissante : doses, effets secondaires, comment les gérer DOMINIQUE CARLY, BELGIUM The correction of negative facial expressions La correction des expressions négatives du visage Thyroid treatment: Treating thyroid deficiency with thyroid hormones PHILIPPE EVENOU, FRANCE and iodine / Traitement thyroïdique : soigner les déficiences de la thyroïde avec hormones thyroïdiques et iodine Rejuvenation of aging hands: No to forget! THIERRY HERTOGHE, BELGIUM Rajeunissement des mains vieillissantes : à ne pas oublier ! SOHAIL MANSOOR, UK Pregnenolone treatment of memory loss Discussion Traitement à la prégnénolone des pertes de mémoire ASCANIO POLIMENI, ITALY Testosterone therapy: Minimal therapy to provide Thérapie à la testostérone : le traitement minimum à prescrire THÉRÈSE HERTOGHE, BELGIUM 6.30 pm End of the 1st day - Fin du 1er jour
  5. 5. FRIDAY OCTOBER 17 / VENDREDI 17 OCTOBRE English simultaneous translation Traduction simultanée en Français Workshops Room 241 Workshops Room 251 Room 242B AESTHETIC WORKSHOPS FAT AESTHETIC TREATMENTS ANTI-AGING MEDICINE 2.00 pm 2.00 pm WORKSHOP 1 PROPOSED BY THE ART OF BODY SHAPING & SKIN TIGHTENING CUTTING-EDGE ONCOLOGY: L’ART DU REMODELAGE DE LA SILHOUETTE PREVENTION FOR EVERY PHYSICIAN ATLEAN ET DU RAFFERMISSEMENT DE LA PEAU ONCOLOGIE DE DERNIÈRE GÉNÉRATION : PART 1 : FAT AND CELLULITE LA PRÉVENTION POUR TOUS LES MEDECINS STIEFEL Chair: Philippe BLANCHEMAISON - Gustavo LEIBASCHOFF Chair: Nils HABERLAND LABORATORIES Physiopathology of cellulite and fat Shark cartilage and cancer Facial remodelling with Atlean™ Physiopathologie de la cellulite et du tissu graisseux Le cartilage de requin et le cancer Remodelage facial avec Atlean™ PHILIPPE BLANCHEMAISON, FRANCE SERGE JURASUNAS, PORTUGAL Are there any links between skin aging and cellulite? BOB KHANNA, UK Cellulite et peau vieillissante : y-a-t-il un lien ? The most important genetic typing tests to do to PHILIPPE BLANCHEMAISON, FRANCE detect cancer predisposing polymorphisms and what to do about it? / Les plus importants tests Human adipose tissue biology questions: Balancing génétiques pour détecter les polymorphismes hopes and hypes for the future of stromal cells from prédisposant au cancer et que faire à ce sujet ? 3.00 pm human adipose tissue / Questions de biologie sur le BERNARD WEBER, LUXEMBOURG tissu adipeux : espoirs et exagérations d’équilibrage WORKSHOP 2 PROPOSED BY pour le futur des cellules stromales du tissu adipeux After cancer remission or cure: What nutritional MAX LAFONTAN, FRANCE treatments next? / Après une rémission de cancer ou sa guérison : quels traitements nutritionnels SCITON What happens to adipose cells after lipolysis & ensuite ? SERGE JURASUNAS, PORTUGAL adipocyte lysis ? / Qu’advient-il des cellules graisseuses New advances in combination skin après lipolyse & lyse adipocytaire ? MAX LAFONTAN, FRANCE Can stem cell therapy increase the risk of cancer? rejuvenation and fractional laser La thérapie des cellules souches peut-elle Why is Liposculpture a good treatment for the treatment augmenter les risques de cancer ? localized fat? / Pourquoi la Liposculpture est-elle un NILS HABERLAND, GERMANY Nouvelles avancées dans le rajeunissement cutané avec les bon traitement pour la graisse localisée ? Breast cancer: Are hormones protective or cancer traitements combinant le laser GUSTAVO LEIBASCHOFF, ARGENTINA promoting ? /Cancer du sein : les hormones fractionnel Oral and topical treatments in cellulite. protègent-elles ou augmentent-elles les risques ? LUDGER MEYER, GERMANY Traitements oraux et topiques de la cellulite CLAUDE DALLE, FRANCE ETIENNE SOUDANT, FRANCE Hormonal therapies that may reduce cellulite Thérapies hormonales qui peuvent réduire la cellulite THIERRY HERTOGHE, BELGIUM ROUND TABLE: Cellulite treatments PANEL SPEAKERS . 4.00 - 4.30 pm : Coffee break - Meet the exhibitors / Pause - Visite de l’exposition . Workshops Room 241 Workshops Room 251 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm AESTHETIC WORKSHOPS AESTHETIC WORKSHOPS EDUCATIONAL TRAININGS 4.30 pm Room 242B Room 242A WORKSHOP 3 PROPOSED BY WORKSHOP 4 PROPOSED BY AESTHETIC ANTI-AGING 1 2 TEOXANE ANTEIS LASERS & AFFILIATED TECHNIQUES GOBAL ANTI-AGING MEDICINE Advanced course of face remodeling Advanced face and neck treatment with TEOSYAL with Esthélis and Fortélis Technology and material review, How to practice efficiently and Cours avancé de remodelage facial Traitement avancé du visage et du cou most used and efficient techniques. safely. From patients anamnesis, avec TEOSYAL How-to-do with live demos laboratory tests to do, safe treat- avec Esthélis et Fortélis ments to propose GIUSEPPE SITO, ITALY STEIN TVETEN, NORWAY Course Coordinator: Course Coordinator: JEAN LUC LEVY, MD, France Educational Director of the Laser CLAUDE DALLE, MD, France President EUROSCIA, European 5.30 pm Montpellier University Diploma Scientific Society of Anti-aging Program conducted in English Program conducted in English WORKSHOP 5 PROPOSED BY WORKSHOP 6 PROPOSED BY 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm Room 204 LASERING Q-MED RESTYLANE MiXto Sx - Fractional CO2 Revolution Restylane SubQ Masterclass: TM Become a WOSAAM Board Certified Physician MiXto Sx - La révolution du CO2 Introducing new opportunities with in Nutritional Medicine fractionnel sharp needle World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine Restylane SubQ™ Mastercalss : Your position as a WOSAAM Board Certified Physician in DANIEL CASSUTO, ITALY Présentation de nouvelles opportunités Nutritional Medicine will enhance your status in the eyes of your JEAN-MARIE DALLARA, FRANCE avec l’aiguille biseautée patients and colleagues with a titled position in a major international scientific society. ANDERS STRAND, SWEDEN NATALIA RIBE, SPAIN Board Certification in NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE - REVIEW Exam will be held on Sunday Oct. 19 from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm in room 242B 6.30 pm End of the 1 day - Fin du 1 jour st er
  6. 6. SATURDAY OCTOBER 18 / SAMEDI 18 OCTOBRE - morning / matin English simultaneous translation Traducción simultánea en Español Traduction simultanée en Français BLUE AUDITORIUM / AMPHI BLEU ROOM MAILLOT / SALLE MAILLOT AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY & AESTHETIC SURGERY ANTI-AGING MEDICINE 8.30 am 8.30 am THE ARTOF FACIAL INJECTABLES DERMATOLOGY IN THE ANTI-AGING OFFICE L'ART DES PRODUITS DE COMBLEMENT POUR LE VISAGE DERMATOLOGIE DANS LE CABINET DE MÉDECINE ANTI-ÂGE Chair: Koenraad DE BOULLE - Joël COHEN Chair: Sohail MANSOOR What's new in collagen and hyaluronans? Eczema: Nutrients that may reduce it Quoi de neuf dans les collagènes et hyalurones ? Eczéma : les nutriments qui peuvent le diminuer SOHAIL MANSOOR, UK SAÏD HILTON, GERMANY How to combine aesthetic and anti-aging treatment in your practice Comparing poly-lactic acid, betacalciumtriphosphate and calcium Comment combiner les traitements esthétques et anti-âge dans votre pratique GILLES THOMAS, FRANCE hydroxyapatite in facial revolumizing Comparer l’acide polylactique le bétacalciumtriphosphate et Skin improvment with collagen peptides l’hydroxyapatite de calcium dans la restauration des volumes du Amélioration de la peau avec les peptides de collagène visage DANNY VLEGGAAR, THE NETHERLANDS ERIK ALEXANDER RICHTER, THE NETHERLANDS Managing complications with facial fillers Mesotherapy: A potent tool against gray hair and presbytia? Gestion des complications avec les produits de comblement Mésothérapie : un outil puissant contre les cheveux blancs et la JOEL COHEN, USA presbytie ? PHILIPPE PETIT, FRANCE 10.00 am What makes injectable hyaluronic acids different? Qu’est-ce qui différencie les acides hyaluroniques injectables ? SPEAKER TBA STRESS MANAGEMENT: TIPS THAT ANY PHYSICIAN CAN GIVE GESTION DU STRESS : CONSEILS DU MÉDECIN Facial contouring of the male face: Specific feature Chair: Alfred LOHNINGER - Pasquale CALABRESE Les contours du visage chez l’homme : techniques spécifiques HERVÉ RASPALDO, FRANCE Diagnosis of stress and emotional disturbances with Heart-Rate- Sharp-needle technique for injection of large-particle stabilized Variability in the doctor’s office (Life-Fire-Project) / Diagnostic du hyaluronic acid gel in aesthetic facial contouring stress et des perturbations émotionnelles avec la variabilité de la Technique d'injection avec aiguille biseautée d’un gel d’acide hyaluronique fréquence cardiaque dans le cabinet du médecin (Life-Fire-Project) stabilisé à large particules pour les contours du visage ALFRED LOHNINGER, AUSTRIA NATALIA RIBÉ, SPAIN Stress and dementia: How stress affects What did I learn from the previous speakers? cognition Qu’ai-je appris des précédents orateurs ? KOENRAAD DE BOULLE, BELGIUM Stress et démence : comment le stress affecte la conscience PASQUALE CALABRESE, SWITZERLAND . 10.30 - 11.00 am : Coffee break - Meet the exhibitors / Pause - Visite de l’exposition . 11.00 am 11.00 am THE ART OF SURGICAL REJUVENATION OF THE FACE SEXOLOGY: SEXUAL BREAKTHROUGHS FOR THE AVERAGE PHYSICIAN’S PATIENTS L'ART DU RAJEUNISSEMENT DU VISAGE PAR LA CHIRURGIE SEXOLOGIE : LES AVANCÉES EN SEXOLOGIE POUR LES Chair: Antoine PARASKEVAS - Thierry BONVALLOT PATIENTS DU MÉDECIN TYPE Chair: Thierry HERTOGHE - Véronique HASTERT Understanding the aging mecanisms of the face, in order to treat them (video) / Comprendre les mécanismes du Hormone: Oxytocin treatment of anorgasm veillissement du visage pour mieux les traiter (vidéo) Hormones : le traitement de l’anorgasmie par l’ocytocine ANTOINE PARASKEVAS, FRANCE - FABIO INGALLINA, ITALY THIERRY HERTOGHE, BELGIUM Combination approach for maximum results Hormone: Testosterone treatment of low libido women Traitements combinés pour un maximum de résultats Hormones : le traitement par la testostérone de la SEBASTIANO MONTONERI, ITALY - FRANCE libido faible chez la femme THIERRY HERTOGHE, BELGIUM Rejuvenation of the periorbital area using fat grafting and fillers : My Hormone: Testosterone treatment of young men with low sexual technique performance / Hormones : traitement par testostérone des faibles Rajeunissement de la zone péri-orbitale par greffe graisseuse et produits performances sexuelles chez l’homme jeune de comblement : ma technique ANTOINE PARASKEVAS, FRANCE PEDRO GALO, MEXICO Silicone implant for lip enhancement / Implants de silicone pour Prevention and repair of penis aging l’embellissement des lèvres SERGE LETESSIER, FRANCE Prévention et réparation du vieillissement du pénis VÉRONIQUE HASTERT - RONALD VIRAG, FRANCE Are extensive face-lifts still useful? / Les grands liftings du visage sont-ils toujours d’actualité ? THIERRY BONVALLOT, FRANCE Metabolic and nutritional balance of female sexuality Equilibrage nutritionnel et métabolique de la sexualité féminine Mini invasive surgical techniques: The state of the Art VÉRONIQUE HASTERT, FRANCE Techniques chirurgicales “mini-invasives” : l’état de l’Art MARCO GALLUCCI, ITALY . 1.00 - 2.00 pm : Lunch break - Meet the exhibitors / Pause déjeuner - Visite de l’exposition .
  7. 7. SATURDAY OCTOBER 18 / SAMEDI 18 OCTOBRE - morning / matin English simultaneous translation Traduction simultanée en Français Workshops Room 241 Workshops Room 251 Room 242B AESTHETIC WORKSHOPS AESTHETIC WORKSHOPS ANTI-AGING MEDICINE 8.30 am 8.30 am WORKSHOP 7 WORKSHOP 8 PROPOSED BY CUTTING-EDGE ANTI-AGING MEDICINE AQUALIFT LA MEDECINE ANTI-AGE DE DERNIÈRE GÉNÉRATION Chair: Marios KYRIAZIS AESTHETIC WORKSHOP Breast filling with AQUALIFT™, new generation filler for face and body New prospects in hormone therapy A practical aesthetic symposium will be Injection de la poitrine avec Les nouvelles perspectives en thérapie hormonale presented by a leading company AQUALIFT™, nouvelle génération de CLAUDE DALLE, FRANCE of the industry comblement pour le corps et le visage Major progresses in stem cells based on treatment of over KOK LEONG TAN, SINGAPORE 750 patients Curriculum to be defined Progrès majeurs sur les cellules souches basés sur plus de 750 patients traités 9.30 am NILS HABERLAND, GERMANY WORKSHOP 9 PROPOSED BY WORKSHOP 10 PROPOSED BY Juvenile anti-aging medicine: starting prenatally… Médecine anti-âge pédiatrique : commencer prénatalement... ADRIAN SLEE, UK REVITACARE DERMACEUTIC Forefront directions for the next generation of anti-aging Facial and capillary rejuvenation Mask Peel: Controls seborrhea and refines skin physicians optimized by mesotherapy texture / Contrôle la seborrhée et raffine la texture Principales orientations pour la prochaine génération de de peau médecins en anti-âge MARIOS KYRIAZIS, UK Rajeunissement facial et capillaire Milk Peel: Smoothes outlines and imparts optimisé par la mésothérapie Recent advances in nutritional therapies radiance to the complexion Avancées récentes des thérapies nutritionnelles OLGA SELIANINA, RUSSIA Lisse les contours et donne du rayonnement ADRIAN SLEE, UK au teint Cosmo Peel: Provides true facial rejuvenation Apporte un réel rajeunissement facial Spot Peel: Reduces radically hyperpigmentation Réduit radicalement l’hyperpigmentation JÉROME QUEZEL-GUERRAZ, FRANCE . 10.30 - 11.00 am : Coffee break - Meet the exhibitors / Pause - Visite de l’exposition . Workshops Room 241 Workshops Room 251 Room 242B AESTHETIC WORKSHOPS AESTHETIC WORKSHOPS ANTI-AGING MEDICINE 11.00 am 11.00 am WORKSHOP 11 PROPOSED BY WORKSHOP 12 PROPOSED BY CUTTING-EDGE ANTI-AGING ANTI-ÂGE DE POINTE TEOXANE BIOFORM Chair: Claude DALLE Hand rejuvenation with Radiesse™ Orthopedic lenghtening & hormones; encouraging results: A 2 Full face rejuvenation and lift Rajeunissement des mains avec years study technique with Teosyal™ dermal filler Radiesse™ Allongement osseux et hormones ; des résultats encourageants - Etude sur 2 ans GILLES MUSY, FRANCE BERNARD PEYRONNET, FRANCE Rajeunissement facial et technique de lift avec Teosyal™ Melatonin: The beneficial molecule or illusion ? Mélatonine : molécule bénéfique ou illusion ? JULES MARTHAN, FRANCE 12.00 pm STANISLAW J. KONTUREK, POLAND WORKSHOP 13 PROPOSED BY What's hormetic: A new way in anti-aging ? Qu’est-ce que l’hormétique : une nouvelle voie pour l’anti-âge ? CLAUDE DALLE, FRANCE LCA PHARMACEUTICAL HYALUDERM REVITALIZE Skin hydratation and revitalizing by injection 12.00 pm HYALUDERM REVITALIZE, Hydratation ANTI-AGING WORKSHOP et revitalisation de la peau par GILLES MUSY, FRANCE injection Pro & hormone therapy to enhance leg lenghtening surgery CHRISTINE PEUCHANT, FRANCE Précurseurs et thérapie hormonale pour optimiser la chirurgie du rallongement des jambes . 1.00 - 2.00 pm : Lunch break - Meet the exhibitors / Pause déjeuner - Visite de l’exposition .
  8. 8. SATURDAY OCTOBER 18 / SAMEDI 18 OCTOBRE afternoon / après-midi English simultaneous translation Traducción simultánea en Español Traduction simultanée en Français BLUE AUDITORIUM / AMPHI BLEU ROOM MAILLOT / SALLE MAILLOT AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY & AESTHETIC SURGERY ANTI-AGING MEDICINE 2.00 pm 2.00 pm THE ART OF LASERS AND LIGHT THERAPIES FITNESS HORMONE THERAPY: MAKING HEALTHY PEOPLE HEALTHIER L'ART DES TRAITEMENTS PAR LASER ET LUMIÈRE WITH BETTER CORRECTIVE HORMONE THERAPIES Chair: Jean Luc LÉVY - Godfrey TOWN THÉRAPIE HORMONALE PHYSIQUE : DONNER AUX GENS UNE MEILLEURE SANTÉ AVEC DE MEILLEURES THÉRAPIES HORMONALES CORRECTIVES How to begin an aesthetic laser médicale activity? Chair: Thierry HERTOGHE Comment commencer une activité médicale avec les lasers esthétiques ? PIERRE ANDRÉ, FRANCE Energy enhancement with hormone therapies (HT) A Review of home use laser and intense light devices Augmentation du dynamisme avec la thérapie hormonale Revue des lasers et lumières intenses à usage non médical HADRIEN LOTON, SWITZERLAND GODFREY TOWN, UK Strong mood and stress resistance improvement with HT LED and skin diseases Amélioration du moral et de la résistance au stress avec la thérapie LED et maladies de peau JEAN-LUC VIGNERON, FRANCE hormonale THÉRÈSE HERTOGHE, BELGIUM The keys to understand non ablative fractional resurfacing Obesity management: How to improve hormones, weight, colesterol, Les clés pour comprendre les technologies fractionnelles non ablatives and physical outlook JEAN-LUC LÉVY, FRANCE Gestion de l’obésité : comment optimiser hormones, poids, cholesterol et aspect physique GIANLUCA PAZZAGLIA, ITALY Energy, pulse width and density: The role of each parameter in microfractional CO2 laser resurfacing Improving sexual performance in women with HT Energie, largeur d’impulsion et densité : le rôle de chaque paramètre dans Augmenter les performances sexuelles chez la femme avec la thérapie le resufaçage par laser CO2 microfractionnel DANIEL CASSUTO, ITALY hormonale MIGUEL MARTINEZ DEL CAMPO, UK Interstitial Laser Skin Tightening (ILST): Concept and rational Remise en tension de la peau par laser interstitiel (ILST) : concept et Heavy metals that make hormones therapies inefficient raisonnement BENJAMIN WASSMER, FRANCE Les métaux lourds qui rendent les thérapies hormonales inefficaces Photodynamic therapy VERA STEJSKAL, SWEDEN Thérapie photodynamique PETER BJERRING, DENMARK Treatments of scars with laser Traitements des cicatrices par laser THIERRY FUSADE, FRANCE . 4.00 - 4.30 pm : Coffee break - Meet the exhibitors / Pause - Visite de l’exposition . 4.30 pm 4.30 pm THE ART OF SURGICAL AND MEDICAL RHINOPLASTY EXTENDING THE BORDERS OF ANTI-AGING MEDICINE L'ART DE LA RHINOPLASTIE CHIRURGICALE ET MÉDICALE REPOUSSER LES FRONTIERES DE LA MÉDECINE ANTI-AGE Chair: Gilbert AIACH - Fabio INGALLINA Chair: Vincent GIAMPAPA Rhinoplasty : My philosophy Nuclear receptors and the relation between food, longevity and cancer Rhinoplastie : ma philosophie GILBERT AIACH, FRANCE Les récepteurs nucléaires et la relation entre la nourriture, la durée de vie et le cancer DAMIANO GALIMBERTI, ITALY Evolution and current trends in rhinoplasty Evolution et tendances en rhinoplastie Mimicking calorie restriction of the cellular level with personalized SERBAN PORUMB, ROMANIA DNA testing. The latest approach to optimal aging and health Restriction calorique au niveau cellulaire Rhinoplasty: Special tricks and tip surgery for the nasal tip VINCENT GIAMPAPA, USA Rhinoplastie : raffinement et astuces en chirurgie de la pointe nasale HERVÉ RASPALDO, FRANCE Food, inflamation and the aging process The Macs Lift - French experiency from Belgian technic Nourriture, inflammation et processus de vieillissement Le Macs lift - Expérience française d’une technique belge ROGER DEUTSCH, USA EVANGELIOS BELLONIAS, GREECE New breaktroughs in progesterone therapy for men How to manage the difficult noses? Nouvelles avancées dans la thérapie à la progestérone pour les hommes Comment traiter les nez difficiles ? FABIO INGALLINA, ITALY CHRISTA NADJAFI-TRIEBSCH, SWITZERLAND Surgical and non-surgical nasal contouring - 27 years of experience Techniques chirurgicale et non-chirurgicale du contour nasal - 27 années Evaluation of thyroid functions in vitiligo patients Evaluation des fonctions thyroïdiennes chez les patients atteints de d’expérience RAJ KANODIA, USA vitiligo SANJA GREGURIC MATESA - MIODRAG LACIC, CROATIA The new non invasive rhinoplasty - Is it for real ? Medical rhinoplasty Burnout syndrome: The neurobiology of chronic stress, fatigue, concept exhaustion, being broken / Syndrôme d’épuisement : la neurobiologie La nouvelle rhinoplastie non-invasive - Est-ce une réalité ? Concept de du stress chronique, fatigue, épuisement, dépression rhinoplastie médicale FRÉDERIC BRACCINI, FRANCE ALFRED WOLF, GERMANY 6.30 pm End of the 2nd day - Fin du 2e jour
  9. 9. SATURDAY OCTOBER 18 / SAMEDI 18 OCTOBRE - afternoon / après-midi English simultaneous translation Traduction simultanée en Français Workshops Room 241 Workshops Room 251 Workshops Room 242B AESTHETIC WORKSHOPS AESTHETIC WORKSHOPS CONTRIBUTING LECTURES 2.00 pm 2.00 pm WORKSHOP 14 PROPOSED BY WORKSHOP 15 PROPOSED BY CONTRIBUTING LECTURES COMMUNICATIONS LIBRES FILORGA ALLERGAN Chair: Laurent BENADIBA - Serge LETESSIER Avant premiere: Presentation of the New Perspectives on the aging face A noninvasive approach to tissue tightening using multicentric study on anti-aging optimising lift and volume nonablative RF MARIO GOISIS,ITALY mesotherapy with NCTF Nouvelles perspectives pour optimiser le Meso-Peel injection technique advanced lifting et les volumes du visage vieillissant Efficacy and tolerability of botulinum neurotoxin course type A without complex proteins (Xeomin®) Avant-première : Présentation des résultats WELF PRAGER, GERMANY • Welcome and Introduction / Introduction de l'étude multicentrique sur la mésothérapie • The Consumer pathway to facial treatment Healthy Gum – Healthy life - anti-âge avec le NCTF L’accès au traitement facial pour le patient How to keep your teeth life long ? Techniques d'injection Meso-Peel MASSIMO SIGNORINI, ITALY JEAN-MARC DERSOT, FRANCE PHILIPPE PETIT, FRANCE • The role of muscle and fat compartments 3.00 pm in the aging face / Le rôle du muscle et des Correction of post rhinoplasty imperfections with HA YVES LAUDOYER, FRANCE compartiments graisseux dans le visage WORKSHOP 16 PROPOSED BY vieillissant LAKHDAR BELHAOUARI, FRANCE Adverse reaction after lip filler – A case report TUXEDO CORPORATION • Volumising: A complete facial approach GABRIELA MACHALOVA, SLOVAKIA Volumisation : une approche faciale complète A novel collagen-stimulating system for the skin Remake™, the first safe long-lasting GREGOR WAHL, GERMANY (Airgent ) TM SABINE ZENKER, GERMANY degradable filler beyond classical fillers • Practical Perspectives / Perspectives pratiques Remake™, le premier comblement de longue DEMONSTRATION 7-day facial rejuvenation durée biodégradable, au-delà des • Summary - Perspectives to take away LAURENT BENADIBA, FRANCE comblements classiques Résumé - Perspectives à connaitre Female alopecia & hair transplantation MARIA ISABEL MARTI GIMENEZ, SPAIN MASSIMO SIGNORINI, ITALY JEAN-ALBERT AMAR, FRANCE . 4.00 - 4.30 pm : Coffee break - Meet the exhibitors / Pause - Visite de l’exposition . Workshops Room 241 Workshops Room 251 AESTHETIC WORKSHOPS AESTHETIC WORKSHOPS 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm 4.30 pm EDUCATIONAL TRAININGS WORKSHOP 18 PROPOSED BY WORKSHOP 17 PROPOSED BY Room 242B Room 242A Q-MED RESTYLANE ANTEIS 3 AESTHETIC 4 AESTHETIC Esthélis - Fortélis Extra fillers and INJECTABLES TECHNIQUES MESOTHERAPY & Restylane Vital™ range: Introducing a new Mésolis rehydration products FOR FACE REJUVENATION CARBOXYTHERAPY Restylane opportunity The ideal combination for the global Gamme Restylane VitalTM : Présentation de treatment of facial aging Products review, safe and efficient Products review, areas to nouvelles opportunités de traitement avec Esthélis - Fortélis Extra fillers et Mésolis techniques for best results. treat and specific protocols. produits de réhydratation How-to-do and efficient Restylane How-to-do with live demos techniques for best results - La combinaison idéale pour le traitement live demos MAGDA BELMONTESI, ITALY du visage vieillissant Course Coordinators: ANNE GRAND VINCENT, FRANCE Course Coordinator: PHILIPPE PETIT, MD, France SOHAIL MANSOOR, MD, UK Former Pdt International 5.30 pm Dermatological Surgeon Society of Mesotherapy WOSAAM Scientific Board Member GUSTAVO LEIBASCHOFF, MD, WORKSHOP 20 PROPOSED BY WORKSHOP 19 PROPOSED BY Argentina Program conducted in English Pdt Intl Union of Lipoplasty AA-MEDICAL SYSTEMS VIVACY Program conducted in English New protocols for the treatment of STYLAGE™ : the first intradermal anti- cellulite, stretch marks, laxity, facial aging oxidant remodelling gel with hyaluronic 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm Room 204 and localized obesity acid The best combinations for a great result Characteristics, indications, results Live demonstrations with carboxytherapy Become a WOSAAM STYLAGE™ : le premier gel intradermique and mesotherapy Board Certified Physician d'acide hyaluronique anti-oxydant pour le in Anti-Aging Medicine Nouveaux protocoles pour le traitement de remodelage World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine la cellulite, des vergetures, de la laxité, du Caractéristiques, indications, résultats. vieillissement facial et de l’obésité localisée Your position as a WOSAAM Board Certified Physician Les meilleures combinaisons pour un in Anti-Aging Medicine will enhance your status in the ALAIN LAJEUNIE, FRANCE eyes of your patients and colleagues with a titled résultat optimal. Démonstrations en direct position in a major international scientific society. de carboxythérapie et de mésothérapie Board Certification in ANTI-AGING MEDICINE - REVIEW Exam will be held on Sunday Oct. 19 from 12.30 to 2.30 pm GUSTAVO LEIBASCHOFF, ARGENTINA in room 242B 6.30 pm End of the 2nd day - Fin du 2e jour