Managing Online Brand Reputation by Iim Fahima Jachja


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Manage Online Brand Reputation presented by Iim Fahima Jachja, COO Virtual Consuting Indonesia and Digital Marcomm Specialist.

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Managing Online Brand Reputation by Iim Fahima Jachja

  1. 1. Zero online presence = Zero online reputation ?
  2. 2. Zero online presence # zero online reputation zero online presence can be bad reputation
  3. 3. Zero online presence can be bad reputation  No official information source from brand/ corporation when the consumers need them.  Our online presence is filled by other people, can be good or bad. The situation can be bad when the brand / corporation is having a crisis.
  4. 4. Reputation is what people think of you. You harvest what you’ve planted. What are the things that need to be planted Online?
  5. 5. Things need to be planted online 1. Website 2. Social Media Presence 3. Media and Conversation Monitoring
  6. 6. Website • Convenience: - easy of use and navigation - Fast response time - Familiarity - Relevant and accurate information • Content : - relevant, useful and updated information • Customer Care : customer support at all stages of the interaction is important, and can be provided through e-mail, online chat, toll-free telephone numbers, and FAQ pages (Frequently Asked Questions) to solve problems.
  7. 7. Social Media Presence Your constant involvement on the digital scene builds your online reputation
  8. 8. Social Media Presence Monitor: Listen what your consumers were saying about your product. Mingle: Jump into the conversation and mingle with customers. Measure: create specific programs or sales program only for fans/follower in social media.
  9. 9. Things to prepare before jumping into social media? Internal buy in Social media is not only marketing team’s responsibility, it’s a corporate responsibility. The involvements of senior managers, marketing, public relation, IT, human resource and legal team, plus the social media enthusiasts determine the success of brand / corporate social media.
  10. 10. Things to prepare before jumping into social media? Developing social media strategy - Market Research - Decide Where to Concentrate Our Effort - Plot Our Objective & Strategy - How to Measure Efforts
  11. 11. Things to prepare before jumping into social media? Socmed Team • Social Media Expert • Social Media Monitoring & Admin • Social Media Analyst • Content Developer • Creative Designer • Social Media Programmer
  12. 12. Media and conversation Monitoring • Google Alerts ( • Google Blog Search ( • Twitter Search ( • SocialMentions ( • Topsy ( • Facebook Search (
  14. 14. Building a Fit Online Brand Reputation from Zero Using the Hype of Social Media
  15. 15. Communication Background • SOYJOY is new product new category (price & taste) • Healthy product offering healthy benefit Education is very important, need a two way communications / interaction with Fast feedback.
  16. 16. Brand strategy before online communication • Traditional (TVC, Print Ad, Radio, POS) • Promotion team (sampling) • One way communication (traditional ads) • Slow and less efficient (sampling) A communication strategy needed not only to widens communication channels, but it also needs to answer existing challenges.
  17. 17. Before Online Communication
  18. 18. Before Online Communication • Minimum info on Soyjoy brand up to page 8 on search engine results. • An official info on Soyjoy was available on page 3 on the search result, the link leads to corporate site • Soyjoy content on Otsuka’s site doesn’t match Soyjoy’s image that was being build offline. • Indonesian consumers are not familiar with the term ‘Low GI’. (Soyjoy’s term on low sugar intakes indicator). • Many tv campaigns, still not enough online brand recognition.
  19. 19. Online Communication Challenge • To educate that Soyjoy is a healthy snack that doesn’t make you fat. • To educate Soyjoy’s Low GI mission.
  20. 20. Online Communication Objectives • Building an integrated online presence • Building Soyjoy awareness • Education on Low GI based on the ongoing umbrella campaign • Building engagement with Soyjoy’s consumers
  21. 21. KPI • will deliver Soyjoy’s image according to its offline campaign • To put on page 1-3 search engine result with the keyword ‘Soyjoy’ • To create engagement and conversation on social media • To put on page 1-5 search engine result with keywords related to ‘low GI’
  22. 22. Website Strategy - Wireframe Wireframe (Consumer Insight + Information Architecture + Online Behavior)
  23. 23. Website Strategy - Design Design (Brand + Consumer Insight + Information Architecture + Online Behavior)
  24. 24. Website Strategy – High GI Fact
  25. 25. Awareness & Social Media Conversation STRATEGY
  26. 26. Insight Most of the time, healthy life remains a resolutions
  27. 27. SOYJOY HEALTHYLICIOUS The First Indonesia Online Reality Show
  28. 28. RESULT
  29. 29. • 7200 registrants in 2 weeks • 13. 450 Twitter mentions in this 5 months. Followers : 1.517 Following : 1.714 • 42 Publicity on blogs • 14.8514 comment on Koprol • Appear on 60 medias online offline with PR Value Rp. 2 Billion • All conversation and publicity: 40% positive, 55% neutral, 5% negative
  30. 30. Related Keyword Search
  31. 31. appear 2nd after on Google result with the keyword ‘soyjoy’.
  32. 32. Google search for keyword ‘Soyjoy Healthylicious’ has 1950 results.
  33. 33. appeared as the only website with Indonesian language on the 1st page Google Search, with keywords ‘what is low GI’
  34. 34. appeared as the only website with Indonesian language on the 1st page Google Search, with keywords ‘apa itu low GI’
  35. 35. No.1 on page 1 Google Search with keyword ‘definisi low GI’
  36. 36. On page 1 Google Search with keyword ‘makanan low GI’
  37. 37. No.1 on page 1 Google Search with keyword ‘cemilan low GI’
  38. 38. Thank You Iim Fahima Jachja Online Marketing Communication Strategist COO Virtual Consulting Email: Twitter: @iimfahima