Analysing sound from film and tv


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  • The film that we have chosen is Inception and we picked out the hallways fight scene due to its intense music and SFX.The Director of this film is Christopher Nolan who also directed films such as Batman and Momento.He is also in production of Man of Steel which is a Superman EPIC!Inception was released 2011
  • We have chosen the hallway fight scene where the corridoor rotates due to the Van being rammed off the road while the team are incepting a dream
  • DiegeticDoor openingLift bellScreech Gun soundsCharacter soundsRain Window smashingGun shotFight soundsNon – DiegeticThe musical scoreDespite there not being a lot of non-diegetic sound most of the sound diegetic sound has been enhanced in post production.
  • Ambient sounds – Lift bell when it arrives. Doors opening and closing. Footsteps. Characters movements = hitting against the walls etcMusic – Non Diegetic theme music played low to build up tension and then becomes louder in action scenes.SFX – most of the sounds that you here in the scene have been enhanced in post, obvious SFX are Gunshots, Combat hits and Vehicle Crashing.
  • Most sound was adding in during Post Production but on set their were Mics to catch the Panting and Footsteps of the characters.
  • Car screetchesGun shotsWindows smashesCar crashMusical scoreFightingLift bell
  • The sound that we hear throughout the scene establish the intensity of the sequence due to the atmospheric musical score and character grunts and heavy breathing. As well as this, the sounds of the cars screeching gives the impression that the scene has a lot of pace and tension.
  • Analysing sound from film and tv

    1. 1. Melvyn and Aaron
    2. 2. IntroCeption ;)  Christopher Nolan
    3. 3. The Scene  http://www.youtu vDba2nMv_U
    4. 4. Diegetic and Non Diegetic Sound  Non – Diegetic DiegeticSound whose source is visibleon the screen or whose source Sound whose source is neitheris implied to be present by the visible on the screen nor hasaction of the film:voices of characters been implied to be present insounds made by objects in the the action:story narrators commentarymusic represented as coming sound effects which is addedfrom instruments in the story for the dramatic effectspace ( = source music) mood musicDiegetic sound is any soundpresented as originated from Non-diegetic sound issource within the films world represented as coming from the a source outside story space.
    5. 5. Ambient Sounds, Music and SFX 
    6. 6. How Was it Recorded 
    7. 7. The sounds added in Post-Production 
    8. 8. Setting the Scene 
    9. 9. Anything else?  Despite the fact that this scene is only 2 minutes long, you can see how important sound is to the sequences as it clearly sets the mood, tone and atmosphere. It proves that its not just about the visuals and cinematic approach but it is also paramount that sound is a key component to film.